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Homoeopathy – The Savior Post-Surgery…..

Abstract: Homeopathy, just like any other medical sciences has its scope & limitations. In certain cases, surgery may be advised where Homeopathy shall fail to generate beneficial results. In such cases too Homeopathy has a wonderful role to play pre & post surgery. Surgery may give rise to various surgical complications & discomfort. Homeopathy has a huge range of medicines which can be advocated effectively in preventing such surgical complications & also in decreasing the discomfort & promoting speedy cure.
Yes, Homeopathy does prove to be a savior in several cases not only pre-surgery but also post surgery. In medical cases, where Homoeopathy has a limitation to cure, surgery is definitely sorted as a resort but then in such cases too, Homeopathy definitely has a role to play pre & post surgery. Post surgery Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed to facilitate cure, reduce discomfort, enhance speedy recovery, augment healing and prevent surgical complications.
Surgery fails to exhibit the ability to cure. Successful surgery does not necessarily indicate that the person is “cured.” Through surgery, results of the disease are removed but the cause giving rise to the disease results is not tackled. Surgery fails to alter the underlying pathological processes which gave rise to the condition. The morbid functioning that produced the ailment remains unchanged by surgery.  Hence, post surgery too, there are chances that people may re-experience their ailments and re-occurrence may occur.
Surgery alone is never curative but is only palliative. Post surgery that disappears is only the result of the disease hence; homeopaths fail to consider that a curative process has taken place. At times, there are chances of a more serious pathology developing post surgery after the initial complaints have been eradicated. This is considered by Homeopathy as a result of surgery where probably the original ailment is suppressed.
Benefits of Homeopathy post surgery are abundant, that cannot be covered in a single article. Homeopathy has a huge reservoir of medicines that can be indicated for numerous symptoms & discomforts arising post surgery. All Homeopathic medicines are harmless & are successful in providing great benefit to the patient post operation.
Prescribing in Homeopathy is always based on the fixed Homeopathic laws and principles, considering the totality of characteristic symptoms. It is never based on the “name” of the disease. Homeopathy gives importance to the symptoms expressed by a person & not to the so-called name of the disease. Selection of the remedy, potency and dosage needs to be individualized. However, there are homeopathic remedies that are regarded as almost “specifics” for certain ailments & they are highly effective in several people suffering from the same ailment. These remedies are found to have an affinity for a particular organ or tissue and hence, considered as “specifics” for that particular organ, tissue or system. Hence, post-surgical treatment can be commenced with such specifics, but the characteristic symptom picture expressed by every patient too needs to be observed carefully so that the remedy and dosage can be adjusted according to the individual reaction of the patient.
Surgery tends to cause varied healing reactions in each patient and, in case of complications, there are different factors that decide the individual symptom picture that follows. Each reaction of a patient is dependent on the constitution, sensitivity and miasmatic background.
Below are mentioned few homeopathic medicines generally prescribed in certain clinical conditions which are commonly experienced post-surgery:
Arnica – Indicated in any case of trauma and shock and it is the first remedy to be considered before and after surgery. It is helpful in preventing shock; controlling hemorrhage; reducing swelling and pain; preventing soreness, inflammation, suppuration and promoting healing of wounds. It aids in arresting bleeding post surgery.
Phosphorus – This remedy can be thought off when Arnica fails to work. It is an effective remedy used to stop hemorrhages after operations, including tooth extraction and delivery. Blood is bright red, thin and not coagulated; bleeding is intermittent.
Arsenicum Album – Used when profuse bleeding gives rise to immense weakness along with the presence of burning pains, restlessness & anxiety.
Cinchona – Indicated in patients with profuse bleeding and general loss of fluids leading to weakness.
Ipecac – Suited when nausea is accompanied with profuse bright red blood bleeding.
Sabina officinalis – Especially suited to protracted uterine bleeding, particularly after abortion or parturition, and when there is bleeding of bright red fluid blood with dark clots, accompanied by labor-like pains.
Trillium pendulum – Is indicated to arrest profuse bleeding after tooth extraction & is useful when the uterus is bleeding after parturition. Blood is bright red and bleeding is worse on motion.
Few surgical procedures, particularly abdominal or gynecological operations, classically slow or arrest normal bowel function. The following remedies may offer relief from constipation –
China – Useful when there is a large accumulation of fecal matter that is difficult to expel, and particularly if the patient is instead, experiencing small amounts of diarrhea.
OpiumIs suitable when there is reflectoric damage of bowels and elimination functions or even ileus after operation or trauma. It is helpful in removing the side effects produced by aesthetics.
Raphanus – Indicated when there is constipation with no urge for stool and/or with painful gas in the upper left part of the abdomen.
Bismuthum – It is of great use when vomiting appears after an abdominal operation (particularly after laparotomy), in post-operative vomiting, especially of liquids, with great anguish of mind and restlessness.  Vomiting occurs as soon as water reaches the stomach, or as soon as it gets warm in the stomach.
Ferrum metallicum – Indicated in postoperative vomiting induced by and occurring immediately after eating or at night. Especially indicated when vomiting occurs after tonsillectomy. There is intolerance of eggs.
Ipecac – Effective for constant nausea with vomiting especially when vomiting fails to give any relief.
Nux vomica – It is beneficial in violent ineffectual retching which does not lead to vomiting.
Phosphorus – Aids in preventing or treating nausea after surgery when the patient has a strong desire for ice cold drinks.


Aconitum – Indicated in very intense & intolerable pains; making the patient scream with pain & driving the patient to despair. It is generally accompanied by anguish and fear.
Allium cepa – Comes to rescue when stitching, burning, tearing, thread-like, violent pains are neuralgic. This remedy is suitable in cases of injured nerves due to amputation or surgical intervention.
Bellis perennis – Useful for shock and trauma to internal deeper tissues or organs. This remedy is beneficial in surgery of the abdominal, gynecological and pelvic organs. It is a useful remedy for heavily bleeding wounds.
Berberis vulgaris – Indicated in post-operative pains of the lumbar region.
Coffea – This drug is known as one of the best pain relievers when pain is accompanied by nervous excitement and intolerance of pain.
Ruta graveolens – Is of great help in bone and periostal pain in and after surgery (including dental surgery) or when there is deep stiffness felt in the joints and muscles after surgery.
Staphysagria – Useful in clean cuts from surgical incisions or mechanical injuries from sharp cutting instruments, particularly when followed by colic and pain. It is usually indicated when neuralgic pain persists in the area of surgical incision, especially if the operation concerns the abdominal area. It is a good remedy given to prevent peritonitis following abdominal surgery.
Arnica – Indicated for any bruised, sore sensations. It helps in hastening the recovery of the soft tissues that have been damaged.
Ledum palustre – Helpful post surgery in relieving bruise and swelling around the eye & also in reducing pain and swelling after surgery in varicose veins.
Rhus toxicodendron – Effectively used after any surgery in relieving stiffness, soreness, and restlessness. Generally prescribed after operations on tonsils and adenoids, appendectomy, and dental surgery.
Bellis perennis – Indicated post abdominal surgery and when deep internal tissues have been traumatized.
Calendula – Indicated to heal wounds or incisions.
Calendula Helps to prevent and treat infection of surgical wounds.
Hypericum – Effective for hastening the healing of wounds, aiding to prevent infection and healing the nerve which in turn alleviates pain. Hypericum further, helps in relieving any itching of the wound as it heals. This remedy is specifically indicated for nerve-rich areas.


Some of the drugs indicated are Aceticum acidum, Amylenium nitrosum, Antimonium tartaricum, Carbo-vegetabilis, Iodium & Nux moschata.


There are chances of thrombosis occurring on the 7th-9th day post surgery and it can be prevented when appropriate prophylactic is administered. Chiefly indicated remedies are Apis, Arsenicum Album, Both-l, Lachesis, Kali mur, Natrum sulp and Vip.


Bedsores arise mainly due to the static position and immobility after an operation. Some of the remedies administered for this condition are Acid Flour, Arnica, Calendula, China, Hydrastis Canadensis, Petroleum & Pyrogenium.
The list of homeopathic drugs which can be prescribed in conditions arising post surgery is endless. Homeopathy has a vast scope in post operative cases. For obtaining optimum benefits, the above-mentioned remedies should be prescribed considering the totality of symptoms & the individual characteristics of the case.

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