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Book Review of "Evidence-based Research of Homoeopathy in Gynaecology" by Dr Girish Gupta

Evidence based
Evidence-based Research of Homoeopathy in Gynaecology” was released in the inaugural session of 25th All India Congress of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai on 2nd December 2017.
Present on the dias on this were Vice-President of CCH Dr. Arun Bhasme, Past President of CCH Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi, Director General CCRH, Dr. R. K. Manchanda, Padamshree Dr. V. K. Gupta, President of IIHP Dr. M. A. Rao, International President of LMHI Dr. Alok Pareek, Chairman, Organizing Committee Dr. R. K. Kumaresan and Chairman Global Hospital Dr. Ratnakar.
Aiming to help doctors with evidence-based literature, Dr Girish Gupta, chief consultant of Gaurang Clinic and Center for Homoeopathic Research, has written a book ‘Evidence-based Research of Homoeopathy in Gynaecology’.  This book is a first of its kind in the country on the role of homoeopathic treatment in several gynecological disorders, most of them surgical, like uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, fibro-adenoma of breast, nabothian cysts, cervical polyp and PCOD.
The book is an effective tool in convincing the non-believers of homoeopathy. Also, the bookstores are flooded with theoretical books but there is immense scarcity of published methodical research work in book form. Therefore, it will be useful to students, both undergraduate and post-graduate and to practitioners who wish to learn the skills of performing research and writing the paper.

  • Uterine Fibroid
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Breast lesions
  • Nabothian cyst
  • Cervical polyp

Dr Girish Gupta’s long struggle and hard work from a two-room clinic in 1982 to a Research Centre with the addition of the Clinical Pathology and Medical Mycology laboratories and renamed as Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research (GCCHR) in 1996 has defined the presentation of the book. Dedicated research and perseverance towards an aim has been the guiding factor for the book.
The author published his work in the various journals of Homoeopathy namely, Asian Journal of Homoeopathy, The Homoeopathic Heritage, Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy; but the journal has its own constraint. It cannot accommodate all the cases with pathological reports. The author in presenting this book has presented the case records with authentic pathological confirmations at par with the international standards for the world to acknowledge the research work.
Every now and then, NHS and FDA  claim to arrest the growth of Homoeopathy because of lack of scientific evidence and mentions Homoeopathy as a quack mode of treatment causing harm. This research work will also prove to be a milestone in providing a befitting reply to the authorities of U.K and U.S.A.
Salient feature of the evidence based work of 35 years in various surgical gynaecological disorders:

  • Every research has been documented with U.S.G reports, hormonal profile etc. without any misrepresentation of data which can be clinically verified in records
  • Detailed case taking proforma has been maintained
  • Classical method of prescribing has been adhered to
  • Mental generals that have been peculiar and characteristic has been valued in finding the simillimum as mind is the mirror of the body. This work is meant for serious students of Homoeopathy and for those who sincerely want to understand and interpret the rubrics. It  represents an honest search.
  • Miasmatic view has been well explained for the selection of the remedy
  • Repertorisation table has been presented for authentication of remedy selection
  • Previous research work in the field has been mentioned for further scientific proof.

Book Reviewed by Dr Abha

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