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What People Say about Radaropus?

What People Say About RadarOpus?

“Radar Opus is one of the best homeopathic software. It makes us learn a lot in homeopathy. Accuracy level of prescription has really increased I recommend Radar Opus to every Homeopath.I learn new things every day with Radar Opus! Great work! Radar Opus is just a masterpiece software! Best wishes for your hardwork. ”

-Dr Hiten safi

RADAROPUS makes a physician vibrant with Materia Medica and Repertories.It is user friendly,accurate and reliable, we can choose any Repertory depending on the case. Thankx RADAR OPUS for making me confident and successful.

-Dr Suresh S sivansankarapilla

I have some experience in software programming so I can understand the work that is behind RadarOpus and I am impressed by the intelligence you have put in the flow and the interface. This is as beautiful as the I-phone. A wonderful job!

– Dr Polich – Canada

I am very impressed with the latest version of RADAR. RadarOpus has taken a quantum leap in its technical capabilities. It enables us to deepen and broaden our case analysis by providing more flexibility in searching a comprehensive list of repertories and materiamedicas. Without it, the search for the simillimum feels more like a search for the Holy Grail. I especially like the addition of Paul Herscu’s model of Cycles and Segments. The audiovisual functions are a wonderful adjunct for teaching. It is tools like these that will help us take homeopathy to infinity and beyond.
– Nadia Bakir B.SC, ND, FCAH, DHANP Department Head, Homeopathic Medicine The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
It is my great pleasure to use radar opus software in my clinic for best prescription also increase knowledge about homeopathy from different books. –Dr Tafiqul Hasanl just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with RADAR OPUS , it’s more powerful than I expected, and full of some really nice features.

– Dr Akash Dash



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