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Abstract: Hippocrates was the first physician to use the term “miasm” which has its origins in the Greek word for “taint or fault”. He postulated that certain infectious diseases were transmitted to humans by air and water tainted by miasms. In late 18th century it was a common belief that miasms were impure airs that were responsible for the spread of epidemic diseases among groups of people. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann realized that the air could carry infectious diseases but he did not consider the pathogenic material to be gaseous in nature. By the late 1790s Hahnemann had realized that syphilis was an infectious blood disease that could mask itself with the symptoms of many different illnesses.Hahnemann synthesized the ideas of the animalcule and zymes (that were inert outside the body could lie dormant until the internal terrain made it possible for them to multiply and caused specific diseases.) and redefined the Hippocratic term “miasm” to express the constitutional derangements caused by parasitic infections. He carefully separated the self-limiting acute miasms from the syndromes of long lasting diseases and started to develop a special Materia Medica and Repertory for the treatment of the chronic miasms.
Here in this article I have tried to bring an outline on the Syphilitic Miasm and the treatment explained by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann for the cure of this venereal disease.
According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Syphilis is the second chronic miasm which is more widely spread than the fig-wart disease and which for four centauries has been the source of many chronic ailments. Also called as the miasm of venereal disease proper, The Chancre Disease.
According to Dr. H.A.Roberts, Syphilis is from its inception a constitutional disease and supposed to be contracted from an impure coition.
John Hunter says that ‘Not one patient out of fifteen will escape Syphilis, if the chancre is destroyed by mere external applications.
Primary Manifestation:
The main mode of transmission of Syphilitic miasm is through impure coition. The only primary manifestation i.e., chancre appears seven to fourteen days after impure coition. First appears as little pustule, which changes into an impure ulcer with raised borders and stinging pains.

  • If not disturbed, it remains the same during man’s lifetime.
  • It can treated through proper administration of internal specific medicine without external application. Chancre gets completely cured without leaving any traces of it.
  • If the chancre is suppressed by external applications, they the secondary manifestations outbursts.

Secondary Manifestations:
When the chancre is treated by suppressive measures, the disease attacks the internal organs, tending always to attack that part of organism which is least able to resist . It may be Central Nervous System, Arterial system and Heart, Liver or Intestinal Tract.
Grief, sorrow and worry are the potent influences to develop these manifestations.
The stigma when effects the offsprings, will not show the direct effect in the Primary chancre or ulcer but passes into second generation and develops constitutional tendencies such as deformities, chronic catarrhal conditions of the nose and throat, malformations of teeth and of the bony structure.

  • Mentally dull, heavy, stupid and especially stubborn, sullen, morose and usually suspicious.
  • Always depressed and keep their troubles to themselves and sulk over them.
  • Have fixed ideas
  • Melancholic and condemn themselves
  • Slow to comprehend and forget what they are about to say
  • Night aggravation of all complaints, the anxiety, the restlessness
  • Unsocial
  • Criminals and criminally insane are either sycotic or syphilitic

Syphilitic headaches that come on Sunday or when they are away from their usual vocations
<: Night
>: Rest; lying down

  • Head is large and bulging, the hair is moist, gluey and with an offensive odour. Hair falls out in bunches, first on the vertex and then on temples.
  • Fontanelles remain open and there is general hydrocephaloid appearance of head
  • Scalp is moist in general and perspires more
  • Eyes are astigmatic with deformities of the lens and of the cornea with all refractory errors
  • Ulcerations of cornea, lids with intolerance of artificial light
  • Ptosis of lids with neuralgia
  • Granulations of lids, styes
  • Suppurations of the ear
  • Everything that attacks them such as cold or sore throat or any of the so-called acute diseases, shows its relationship to the ear. So long as the discharge is there, there will be general improvement of the patient. If the discharge is suppressed, the patients health suffers greatly
  • In Syphilitic dyscrasia, sense of smell is lost
  • Nose bleeds very greatly when complicated with Psora
  • They are subjected to severe headache but haemorrhage relieves head symptoms
  • One of the cardinal signs of the Syphilitic taint is the destruction of tissue. This is the only stigma in which the bones of the nose are destroyed
  • The characteristic appearance of the Syphilitic stigma is a greasy face. There are deep fissures especially in lips, swelling and oedema of face.
  • Moles may be the manifestation of either Sycotic or Syphilitic Miasm.


  • In Sycotic and Syphilitic Stigmata, we find little mental disturbance accompanying with heart conditions.
  • There is much palpitation
  • Dyspnoea <: ascending high altitudes. No difficulty in descending
  • With this heart condition, there is cyanosis that is often painful
  • There may be dropsies and anasarcas


  • Alteration of Rectal diseases with heart, chest or lung troubles especially Asthma or respiratory difficulties.
  • Pin worms and seat worms
  • Operated or suppressed haemorrhoids will be followed by asthma
  • Strictures, sinuses and fistulas
  • Cancerous manifestations { Sycotic+Tubercular }


  • Structural changes, fibrous growths
  • Bright`s Disease
  • Nocturnal enuresis <: Night
  • Nightly emissions with prostatic troubles

Generally ovaries and uterus are rarely affected by Syphilis. Psora mainly affects them.
Long bones are affected mainly and destruction of tissues occurs.
Due to improper assimilation, Rickets in children may occur.

  • Paper thin nails with spoon shape
  • Bending and tearing of nails
  • Felons


  • Skin affections with glandular involvement
  • Corns
  • Pustular eruptions which suppurate
  • Gangrene of skin especially dry, show the destructiveness of Syphilitic stigmata
  • Carcinomatous conditions, Epithelioma
  • Small wounds heal very slowly


  • Scrofulous Diathesis
  • The children with ashy grey faces and an appearance of marasmus are basically syphilitic
  • Syphilitic stigma destroys not only the tissues but also the power to assimilate the proper materials from food
  • Mouth has pathological and structural changes, in the dental arch and teeth come through deformed irregular in shape and irregular in order of eruption. Decaying of teeth
  • Flabby muscles and develop large cervical glands
  • The adenoid tissue is always involved and the enlarged tonsils is a prominent manifestation
  • Ulcers of mouth with putrid sweet taste in the mouth
  • Ravenous hunger, immediately after eating a full meal
  • Craving for indigestible things like acids, sweets, chalk, lime and pencils etc…
  • Cholera Infantum.

In the cure of venereal disease, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann explains three stages,

  1. When Syphilis is still alone and associated with its local symptom, the Chancre, or at least if this has been removed by external applications it is still associated with the other local symptom, which in a similar manner acts vicariously for the internal disorder,
  2. When it is alone indeed i.e., without any complication with other two chronic miasma, but have already been deprived of the vicarious local symptom, the chancre and the bubo.
  3. When it is already complicated with another chronic diseasese., with Psora, while the local symptom may be either present or may have removed by local application.


When associated with local symptom, chancre and without combination of other miasms  (most easy) When the local symptom is destroyed and without combination of other miasms Associated with other chronic miasms with/without the local symptoms
One dose of best selected little MERCURIAL Remedy
Best selected MERCURIAL Remedy
When combined with Psora                                            When combined with Sycosis
Chancre becomes clean and sore
During his life time, again the scar tissue reappears and get cured.
First Anti Psoric treatment (Medicine) which is homoeopathically to the best fitting, to the then prevailing state of the disease. Again another probably second Anti Psoric medicine should be given. Then Mercurial preparation should be given to act against Syphilis, for 3, 5 to 7 weeks, so long as it continues to produce improvement in the venereal disease. The symptoms of which were at that time the most prominent and then the last one.
In combination of all the three miasms, Psora should be treated first
Heals by itself. Heals by itself.

Author: Dr. Uma devi Yarlagadda.

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