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Selenium instead of Interferon


Interferon is a powerful drug used to treat hepatitis types B, C, and D. It can prevent serious liver damage, but it also has many side effects, some of them serious.

A person came to my clinic. He was a drug addict and in his 30’s. He had a family (a beautiful six-year-old child) and worked in factory.
He discovered he suffered from Hepatitis B. He used syringes. Transaminases was high and he had chronic weakness and lowered physical resistance. He was afraid of his symptoms.So when symptoms such as little pain on the right side of abdomen or an annoying itch without eruptions in particular in the lower part of his legs and aggravated in the evening tormented him, he became anxious. He had lived with his problem for a long time and he compared it to a sword hanging over his head.
These symptoms were periodical as he was under interferon therapy. During therapy his symptoms and level of transaminases regressed. Then, after a short while his symptoms were back in full force.
He was also advised to try another therapy with thyroid hormone. But he had decided to change therapy since he could not stand the adverse effects of the interferon therapy. More over during the homoeopathic interview he pointed out that since he was a child he has suffered from car sickness and that he suffers from them for the rest of the day.
He desires chocolate and hot milk and has a strong aversion to tomatoes since they upset the digestive system.
In addition to the above information he suffers from anxiety about health and has fear of impending illness reiterating that he feels as if democides sword is hanging over his head.
I chose Phosphorous since this seemed to fit. I prescribed Phosphorous 12LM daily for a month and Phosphorous 18LM for the following month telling him to shake the bottle containing the remedy vigorously before taking each dose.
On his second visit he did not present a satisfactory mental or physical improvement. Therefore, I restudied the case from the beginning and during this interview a very characteristic symptom emerged. For many years now his perspiration has been quite salty, so much so that a salt residue was left on his laundry.
I repertorized again and to my satisfaction obtained the result. Selenium was the best probability. I rechecked from Boericke to see the mental state of the remedy as well as the feeling of weakness and other physical symptoms. It is also a good remedy for chronic disease of the liver. Two characteristic physical symptom in the case were:  
1] salty deposit after perspiration 
2]  itching ankle
 I chose Selenium 18 LM. I saw him again on March 8th, 1994 and he told me that he was feeling quite well perhaps better that when he was on the interferon.
 A lingering symptom was that his legs started itching whenever he ate indigestible food.
He no longer suffered from frequent liver pains or diarrhea. He had his transaminases checked the day before he visited my clinic and they were so low that he remarked, this really seems impossible and in fact that he would like to repeat transaminase test after a couple of months just to be sure the levels remain low and do not increase in a short time as was the case with interferon. I prescribed Selenium 24 LM to be used for a couple of days if the symptoms reappeared.
I didn’t see him again until December 1995. He took the remedy only two or three times for a light itch on his legs after overeating at lunch time. He also showed his transaminase levels taken on the 28th November which showed a slight rise, but nothing as compared to that they were when he was on the interferon.
This and other similar cases have taught me that key notes exist which reveal the person’s remedy. Even if they are symptoms on the periphery, I believe each part of the human body contains the totality as in its hologram. Sometimes this is told spontaneously by the patient but only in a few rare cases. In the majority of cases the simillimum is the result of meticulous researching and astute observation of the symptoms. I also believe that the mental symptoms are useful only if personalized with the modalities, otherwise they lead to false interpretations and wrong conclusions. They can be taken into consideration to confirm the patient’s picture and the choice of remedy.

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