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RadarOpus is No. 1 Choice for Homoeopaths

Why RadarOpus is No. 1 Choice for homoeopath?

  • Saves your time:It saves your precious time by doing the mechanical repertorisation work within a few seconds and enables you to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Suggests multiple strategies:It allows the application of various strategies of repertorisation and filters to narrow down your search and promptly arrive at a more refined result. A variety of filter options can narrow down your search from 3000 to 3 and finally to 1 final remedy.
  • Improves accuracy / refines search:Various symptoms as well as their cross references, synonyms and parallel words can be accessed promptly and with very high accuracy. Get the precise symptom as described by the patient.
  • Saves valuable space:Advanced software have huge databases – almost like an entire library – compressed and condensed in the PC. Thus, one can save all the space required for storing various books, magazines, references, records, etc. Imagine replacing a room with 3000 books with just one software-loaded PC or Laptop.
  • Helps organize your work:When working with a repertorisation software, all information is available at the click of a button, making referencing easier and well-organized. In software like the latest version of Hompath – Hompath Wildfire – every aspect of a remedy / rubric / repertorisation is available in a single screen with suggestions, options and alternatives.
  • Widen your search:One of the biggest benefits of repertorisation software is that you can search through the materia medica for symptoms NOT found in the repertory.
  • Carry along your clinic:You can carry the entire database and your records in the repertorisation software on your laptop and soon on the cellphone too. Thus, one can carry one’s entire office along anywhere one travels.
  • Research:You can create your own repertory (cancer, diabetes, asthma repertories) or compile research thesis in a speedy yet professional manner using the repertorisation software tools and applications.
  • Expert Systems:One can learn from the wonderful homeopathic Experts sitting in the comfort and convenience of your home or clinic.


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