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Glorious 42nd Year of the ‘The Homoeopathic Heritage’

The Homeopathic Heritage is the oldest and the largest circulated international journal in homeopathy. Since 1976 more than 2,00,000 homeopathic lovers have trusted The Homoeopathic Heritage as the best source for quality information on homeopathy.
Educated homoeopathic professionals and teachers of today and tomorrow turn to The Homoeopathic Heritage for the need-to-know information and inspiration that they can’t get anywhere else.
The Homeopathic Heritage brings the latest in Homeopathy & Global Health. Every issue of the journal includes articles on different subjects like disease information, Organon, case studies, Materia Medica, methodology to research from the best in Homoeopathy in concern with a main theme of each issue.  It’s a platform which brings contemporary and classical homeopathy together. A new feather was added in the cap in January 2013, when The Homoeopathic Heritage became peer-reviewed to ensure the authenticity and quality of articles.
The Homoeopathic Heritage is published under the strong leadership of
Dr. Farokh J. Master, Editor-in-Chief
One of the leading international teacher and the author of more than 50 books in homoeopathy.
Mr. Kuldeep Jain, Publisher
Represents B. Jain Publishing House, The world’s largest publisher of alternative health.
The journey of the journal has been very interesting. The journal was started in 1976 to disseminate quality information among the homoeopathic readers. The ideology was to bring back old articles for the present population of the world. Many articles right from the Hahnemannian times were getting lost. Efforts were made to collect them from different sources and then, were reprinted in the Homoeopathic Heritage for the benefit of the students & practitioners. The articles were old treasure, gems for the Homoeopathic community, hence the name of the journal – ‘The Homoeopathic Heritage.’ The first edition was inaugurated by Dr. Karan Singh, then Union Minister for Health and Family Planning in the august presence of Dr. Jugal Kishore and Dr. Diwan Harish Chand. It was the only medium used for the exchange of information in the homeopathic fraternity. Later on, the trend changed with the demand and new articles/ researchers were included and it became – ‘Bringing Classical and Contemporary Homoeopathy Together.’ The newfangled magazine has become the most approved and favored amongst the Homoeopathic intelligentsia.
The first Editor-in-chief was Dr. G.P.Jain, followed by Dr. P.S.Rawat, Dr. D.P.Rastogi, Dr. S.P.Koppikar ( 14 years ), Dr. S.P.Dey and Dr. H.L.Chitkara. They calibrated and chiseled every issue into a masterpiece for the readers.
The current editorial board consists of in-house editors and external reviewers of different nationalities. The Editor-in-Chief Dr. Farokh J Master, the master of classical homoeopathy is professor and practitioner in homoeopathy and the author of numerous books in the field. He has been giving valuable inputs since 1990’s. His masterly piece ‘From the Editor’s Desk ‘is the beckoning article of the journal.
Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends”. The Homoeopathic Heritage will continue to strive for the Zenith and bring latest development and advancements in Homoeopathy for its admirers.
Lift your aspirations. Evoke emotion and passion to read a good content. Enjoy reading the issues. Your patronage is our guide!

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