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Ayush is best Option to Curb Menace of Antibacterial Resistance: Dr A Rajender Reddy

Exhorting that Ayush has a great potential to emerge as the best alternative Indian Medicines system to cure diseases without side effects, Dr A Rajender Reddy, Commissioner of Department of Ayush, government of Telangana said that the  Indian system of medicines such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy are emerging as the best alternative to curb antibacterial resistance disease caused by the excessive use of antibiotics.
Expressing concern over the growing antibiotic resistance among the patients in the country, Dr. Reddy said that because of excessive use of antibiotics, majority cancer patients have developed resistance to antibiotics and lakhs are dying due to  high dosage and side effects caused by antibiotic drugs. “As the disease causing organisms develop resistance to antibiotics, doctors tend to prescribe stronger dose of drugs. This is a very dangerous practice as it will not only turn the drug more ineffective against the disease causing bacteria but it will further increase its resistance power and even cause side effects, further deteriorating the condition of the patients,” explained Dr. Reddy.
According to Dr. Reddy, the modern system of Allopathic medical practitioners are prescribing antibiotics even for small ailments because of which the disease causing bacteria in the human beings have increased their resistance to antibiotic drugs and killing lakhs of people every year.  “Every year more than 7 lakh people are dying in India due to resistance bacterial infections. The forecast is that this figure may touch one crore by 2050. If this happens, I am sure the modern system of medicine will become obsolete and may even get extinct,” said the Ayush commissioner while talking during the inaugural speech at an Ayush Expo in Hyderabad.
Giving an example as to how the cancer patients in Telangana who are taking treatment under Aarogyasri health insurance scheme increased their number from 46,109 patients from 2014-15 to 65451 patients in 2016-17, Dr. Reddy said in just 3 years period there is 42 per cent growth in cancer patients. For providing free treatment in corporate hospitals, the government had spent more than Rs.200 crore.
In view of this, Dr. Reddy urged people to reduce usage of Antibiotics and pain killers.  And take a holistic approach while taking a treatment. “Today unfortunately allopathic treatment is compartmentalised. It is highly specialised organ wise, and no one gives holistic treatment,” he said.
Adding further he said that Ayurveda is science of life. It gives a holistic approach to the treatment he said. Ayush stands for Ayurved, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. Ayush system of medicine is known for its fewer side effects. “I feel that there is a more need of Ayush now than before because of the increasing number of life style diseases. Many diseases are not going to be cured by the Antibiotics,” informed the Ayush commissioner.

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