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Homeopathy Medical Practice Works in the Treatment of Complex Diseases

Jagaran Reporter, Ludhiana: Treatment of Homeopathy in Critical Disease can give a better life. Especially, the homeopathy method can prove to be very beneficial for the poor during the time of expensive treatment. Homeopathy can be prevented from treating homeopathy with cancer, heart diseases, BP, thyroid, bleeding sugar, joint pain, mental, calculus and lever related diseases. It was said by Dr. Tanmay Vijaykar and Dr. Keshitij Joshi who came from Mumbai. They had arrived on Friday as a keynote speaker at a three-day seminar organized on the subject of predictive homeopathy at Lord Mahavir Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital.
Both experts were trained on Homeopathic remedies in incurable diseases while sharing experiences of physicians and students who had reached the seminar. The seminar was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Ravinder Kochhar of the college. Dr. Rajesh Sotat, Chairman of Organizing Committee, informed that in the seminar, speakers coming in different parts of the country will tell students about the new technology in the field of homeopathy methodology
The seminar will be trained in the treatment of critical diseases, including cancer, kidneys, and women in the seminar.
Dr Tanmoy Vijaykar said that the method of homeopathy is effective in treating complex diseases. It has also been observed that in many such diseases where other medical practice reduces the work, homeopathy medicines are also beneficial. Another feature is that this method effectively treats diseases without any side effects. It is generally assumed that the effects of homeopathic medicines are very late, but this is not the case. Homeopathy also affects very rapidly.

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