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Examples of Pathological Prescribing

Abstract: Dr S.Haque is an eminent Homoeopath, served as member in scientific advisory committee, CCRH, New Delhi. He had presented many articles, published in leading scientific Journals. Here he presents an article on pathological prescribing with illustrations.
The characteristic in the physical, emotional and intellectual spheres reveal the individuality to us. No two individual are alike except uniovular twins. The successful application of the law of similars depend entirely on individualization and susceptible constitution. The idea of individualization takes into consideration the total response of the organism. There is no room left denying this infallible principles on which classical Homoeopathic prescription can be made with accuracy and gratifying results, provided the disease manifestations are dynamic in nature, and there had been no over drugging which could mask the symptoms of the patient and that of the disease with which the patient is suffering.
In modern days and present scenario of life- styles, diet habits and pollution- the true replica of the natural dynamic diseases, we seldom get. Instead, there are Anxiety Neurosis, Phobias, Obsessions, Tensions, Ambitions, Sex-Behaviour, for which a large section of people have accustomed (not addicted) to take laxative and sedative at bed time, mood elevators and tranquilizer during day hours, analgesics when there is any pain and aphrodisiac for sex stimulation. For individualization even one symptom of highest rank or few characteristic symptoms or constitution can lead to similimum. For instance a patient, can not go to the toilet without a handkerchief, because his nose starts running (Thuja) or a particular symptom- like always thirsty for icy cold water and refreshing juices- though a particular symptom of stomach, but priceless of Phosphorus. Palpitation worse bathing – Ammon Carb.
So, there is hardly any section of Homoeopathic Physicians who can deny this fact. But the Scenario is different now, it has changed the concept of individualization – being the only road to success.
The teaching and learning of Homoeopathy has been upgraded through well- established institutions, the BHMS degree course is of 5 ½ yrs. Duration after inter- Science with Biology. The students are trained in Pathology with all other allied subjects including microbiology, which has shaken the belief that, the diseases are only caused by Miasms and not by other inimical forces like the micro organisms . Much stress is laid on clinical diagnosis of various diseases of Surgery, ENT, Eye, Endocrinology, Deficiency diseases, Neurology and so on. Pathological investigations have become a necessity for the purpose of diagnosis which in turn helps in Prescription. Certain diseases like Renal Stone, Gall stone, Ovarian cyst, Fibroid uterus and Cancers- the treatment is not possible without proper diagnosis through latest techniques of investigation,
A Case Report
How only pathological reports helped me to cure a case. A patient named Md. Aslam of Gopalganj, Bihar consulted me for swelling of the neck with breathlessness on slightest exertion with puffiness of face and prominent neck veins.No other complaints.He was diagnosed at AIIMS-S.V.C.Obstruction due to fibrosing mediasternum (Mediasternal Syndrome) Tubercular? Or Hodgkin’s. There was a H/O Koch’s in the family which helped to prescribe Tuberculinum in LM.potency and Thuja as intercurrent.The treatment yielded result in about Six months time and all his pathological conditions disappeared in one year.
There are enough scope for Pathological prescribing
Late Dr B.K. Sarkar- In his small booklet “ Essentials of Homoeopathic Philosophy” has mentioned in the concluding lines. He refers to Wheeler, who says “ It is for the Physician not to fall back supinely upon the judgments of others,but to make own rules, and if he may add a stone or two to the temple of therapeutics. Hasty dogmatisation has long been the curse of medicine. Our ignorance is still vast ,and we still group in darkness”. Humility ,patience and freedom from prejudice which will lead to endless experiment and courageous record of experience can alone be counted on to forward when the Medical Profession shall live in the full sunlight of assured knowledge and flawless practice.
As per Dr. M.C.Batra – Homoeopathy is a closed system and its followers believe that the last word on Homoeopathy has been uttered by Hahnemann, and no body can add or substract. He further said that Master Hahnemann, should have fore seen and provided for all the health problems of the generations that were ever to follow him till eternity.
(Vide Transcripts Int. Hom.Congress 1977.)
1. Sarcodes like Thyroidinum, Pituitirinum, Oophorinum (for climacteric disorders and bad effects of Oopherectomy and Hysterectomy) .Fel-tauri for Gall stones.
2. Conditions like High Serum Cholestrol (Puls Q), High Serum Bilirubin (Myrica Q) Fibroid
Uterus (Aurum M) Sub-involuted and flabby uterus (Ustilago Maydis and Fr.American)
Cancer lower jaw- Amphisbaena.
Paget’s disease of nipple-Castor equin.
Spleenomegaly-Ceanothus and Quercus Q.
Prevention of Thrombosis-Ceanothus Q.
U.T.I.by B.coli-Eup.per, B.coli 200.
Streptococcal throat infection –leading to Acute Rheumatism-and finally RHD(mitral stenosis)-Streptococcinum.
Salix Nigra-For obstinate spermatorrhoea.
Capsicum-For Mastoiditis.
Vipera– For Venous thrombosis and varicosity.
Clematis 3x-For stricture urethra.
Sabal Serr-For prostate and developing breasts.
Ficus rel-For hemorrhage of any kind.
Phelandrinum Aqu &Stanum-For bronchiectasis.
Oleum Jec.Asel-For unwanted hair in girls on face.
Tuberculinum-Test –for bed wetting.
a)Sub-conjunctival hemorrhage during or after whooping cough.
b)Any bruise or haematoma.
c)Cephal haematoma in new born.
Candida Albicans –For candidiasis.
Cup.Oxy Nigram-For tape worms.
Oxydendron-For diuresis.
Calc.flour12x and S.C.Maritima-For Cataract.
Conium and Arnica-For traumatic Cataract.
Zinc Sulph and Silicea 30 –For corneal opacity.
Phosphorus –For caries and necrosis of left lower jaw.
Ratanhia –For Pterigium.
Merc Sulp-Elephantiasis.
Baryta Mur 3x or 30-For organic lesions in heart and blood vessels (arteriosclerosis)in aged people .Increased tension of Pulse with high systolic and low diastolic B.P.
Nat.Sulph-For P.T.A(Post-traumatic Amnesia).
Ang.Vers-Necrosis of bone(Osteomyelitis).
Baryta carb-Hypertrophied tonsils in dwarf and docile child.
Xanthoxylum-For left ovarian neuralgia.
Palladium-For right.
Verbasacum-Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Ruta-For ganglion and prolapse of rectum.
Lycopodium-For right sided congenital Inguinal hernia in children.
Conv.Maj– For Cardiomegaly.
Cobalt nitricum-For Azoospermia.
Aurum sulph, Mang acet In Parkinson’s disease.
Lilium, Lecithin-For anemia, convalescent stage and neurasthenia
Ad cortex-In abuse of steroids
Chilblains of fingers-Sulphuric acid, of feet-Agar, Petr and Puls.
A case of Ankylostomiasis caused by intestinal infestation by a nematode known as Ankylostoma duodenalis (Hook worm)presents a picture of marked pallor,debility,oedema of ankles, breathlessness, anaemia, and G.I.T.problems with marked reduction of Hemoglobin and R.B.C.count.Another case of pernicious anemia due to loss of both Intrinsic and Extrinsic factors-the same above features are there with neurological symptoms too.
These cases are very difficult to cure as we hardly find a clue for the similimum .Physiological medicines, removal of causative factors, substitutes and auxiliary measures ,considering the pathological data are the only way to tackle the cases.
Hahnemann,Boeninghausen and Kent are beacon lights in the vast uncharted sea of life. Let us follow their footsteps and accept the motto, advocated by our Master-”I have not lived in vain”.

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