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Facing Govt’s Ruthlessness, ISM Dispensaries in Shambles

SRINAGAR: Contrary to the claims by Health Department of ‘revamping the health sector’ in the State, several Indian System of Medicines (ISM) dispensaries are in shambles and not a single penny has been spent yet.
As the winter is about to come in the Valley, all the dispensaries affiliated with ISM sector lack basic facilities like proper electricity, water supply, lavatories and even heating system.
While the government claims that rural sanitation is being done properly but in ISM dispensaries the story is different. Only part time sweepers are cleaning the ISM dispensaries with a meager salary of Rs 200 per month. Maximum dispensaries are under-staffed and several dispensaries are running on rent basis. Even some dispensaries are having shortage of drugs.
The STATE TIMES correspondent after visiting ISM dispensaries in areas including Uranhall, Anantnag, Shamsipora Anantnag, Manzmoh Dooru, Hiller Shahbad, Kapran and Soofshali found that all these dispensaries are in dilapidated conditions.
However, the Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy (ISM&H) were given an independent identity in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by creating a separate Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003.
“The condition of ISM dispensaries across the Valley are at its worst, there is no toilet facility for the medical staff and even for patients. The drinking water is unhygienic and complete absence of infrastructure,” one of the doctors said.
These dispensaries generate revenue from Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) but directorate has issued a circular that the aforesaid amount should be submitted in the Hospital Development Fund (HDF) accounts and not to spend the same for repairing the dispensaries.
“Despite the fact that all dispensaries generate lot of amount from OPD patients but doctors working in dispensaries had been directed from concerned ADMOs to arrange fire woods themselves. We are facing lot of problems as Valley is witnessing a harsh winter,” said a Medical Officer of one of the ISM dispensaries.
“Despite funding from Centre, health sector in State, particularly in rural areas not only lacks infrastructure but there is also an acute shortage of staff in many dispensaries,” a well wisher of ISM Department said.
However, the Director of ISM, Dr Abdul Kabir Dar was not available for the comment.

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