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8th Congress of Latvian Medical Doctors: 21-23 September 2017.

Riga became the epicentre of the biggest in four years medical event in the Baltics – the 8th Latvian Congress of Physicians and the 10th International Medical Fair “Medbaltica 2017” – t held in Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 21–23 September.
The keynote of the form and content of this year’s congress was a clinical case, a concept well known for any doctor. Problems topical for Latvian healthcare and Latvian physicians, for instance, health of a mother and a child, palliative care, health care financing, legislation on medical care activities, quo vadis, pharmacy, development of primary health care and emergency medical care in Latvia, cooperation between physicians and veterinarians etc. were reviewed through this prism. Current issues of health care organization, practice, education and science will also be discussed.Clinical cases cured with homeopathy were presented.
Case of anaplastic astrocytoma of vermis cerebelli in 13 y.o. girl – operation with  ONLY homeopathic treatment, with 14 years follow up. The girl now is 27. Two years ago she gave birth to healthy child.
Versus discussion of desire for euthanasia in patients 
on allopathic treatment on oncological session…

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