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Antibiotic Fallout

I talk to a lot of sick people every day. In fact, I’ve talked to a lot of sick people almost every day for 20-odd years now.
If you were to ask me,

  • “What do most of your clients have in common?
  • What caused their chronic health issues?
  • Is it genetics?
  • Poor diet?
  • Pollution and environmental toxins?”

I’d tell you, “For the majority of people, the first stepping stone on the path to chronic health issues is pharmaceutical antibiotics.”
Most of us started taking antibiotics at a very young age. And most of us have taken them repeatedly, over many years. Doctors and researchers are now starting to understand — this is a recipe for disaster.
In fact, everyone is talking about it. Just Google “antibiotics” and “news,” and you’ll see the headlines.
There are a few different issues that are scaring health professionals today. Collectively, I refer to these dangers as “antibiotic fallout.” But, let me address the top three scariest problems:

Scary problem #1

Health professionals are predicting a world without antibiotics in the near future.
Why? One reason is antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” Because of antibiotic-resistance (due in part to their overuse), we may have plenty of antibiotic drugs on the shelves of our pharmacies, but they just won’t work.
They’ll be useless!
We’re already seeing this. How many of us know someone who has been on course after course of antibiotics for a UTI, for example, only to have their urine culture keep coming back positive?
Meanwhile, doctors keep writing more prescriptions for different antibiotics in hopes of finding one that works.

Scary problem #2

Antibiotic side-effects. Have you seen the news stories about FDA warnings on common antibiotics such as Cipro or Levaquin?
It’s pretty scary stuff! They’re throwing around words such as “tendon rupture,” “detached retina,” “kidney failure,” and even “brain damage.”
Are these risks we want to take with our children?
Our elderly parents?
These particular antibiotics (and some others) have been linked to brain fog, personality changes, memory loss, fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and Myasthenia gravis, among other ailments.

Scary problem #3

Antibiotic aftereffects. So, let’s say we take several courses of antibiotics over a few years and are lucky enough to escape serious side-effects.
That’s great. However, it’s quite likely that we may still suffer from their negative after-effects.
Antibiotic-resistance means that antibiotics leave us more likely to contract subsequent drug-resistant infections. This sets us firmly on the conveyor belt that leads to more infections, more antibiotics, and chronic health problems down the line.
Yeast infections, gut dysbiosis, digestion problems, food intolerances, allergies, asthma, eczema, obesity, and autoimmune ailments are all linked to the health of our gut and our immune systems — the first two victims of antibiotic fallout.
Sadly, this describes the majority of clients I talk to every day. (Keep an eye out for my next two blog articles, in which I’ll address recurring infections and UTIs.)
For those of you who want to correct chronic gut issues already caused by antibiotics, check out my course Good Gut, Bad Gut: A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind.
But, what if we could keep our children from getting on that conveyor belt in the first place, while also protecting their natural immunity and gut health? Yes, there is an alternative to these chilling problems, and for me, that alternative is homeopathy.
Yes, there is an alternative to these chilling problems, and for me, that alternative is homeopathy.
Unlike antibiotics, homeopathy aims to uproot the condition and eliminate the propensity toward recurrence. The right homeopathic will quickly restore health without damaging the body and make it less likely that the illness will come back again. It works.
I’ve previously written about homeopathic alternatives for the most common ailments babies are prescribed their first courses of antibiotics: ear infections,coldssore throats, and coughs. When in need, please refer to those articles by clicking on the ailment’s name.
But, you know that I like to give a remedy tip with every blog article, so, here’s my favorite protocol for bronchitis. At the first sign of symptoms: Aconitum 200c mixed with Bryonia 200c, twice a day. This is a Banerji Protocol and it has yet to fail me.
If the infection is really, really severe, I increase the frequency to every 5 hours. But be prudent! Everyone thinks their illness is really, really severe.
Try to be objective and not just impatient because of your discomfort. In my experience, this protocol uproots the illness and makes it less likely the infection will recur.
If I can encourage mothers to utilize these methods with their children from birth, think of all the suffering we can potentially avoid down the road!
Joette Calabrese will be discussing how to address infections the homeopathic way and avoid pharmaceutical antibiotics as much as possible in the coming weeks.
The course is called The Antibiotic Alternative: Practical, Proven Homeopathic Protocols.

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