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Vijai Urges homoeopaths to Find Cure for Canacona Kidney Disease

MARGAO: Admitting that the successive governments in the state have failed to find a cure for the alarming kidney disease afflicting the people of Canacona,  Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai,  on Saturday, appealed to the homoepaths  participating in the All-India  Homoeopathic Scientific Seminar,  Margao, to accept the challenge and find the cause, and cure for the clueless and endemic disease.
“If the historic seminar is able to find a conclusive solution to our most endemic issue (kidney  disease), then we  think it would do a  big thing to the  state government and the people of Goa as a whole. Given the failure of the conventional medicines, we now have the alternative homoepathic medicines,” the Minister said while speaking as the chief guest at the two-day  All India  Homeopathic Scientific Seminar, being held at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.
Further pledging his support to the homoeopaths, the Minister said that “I would be the biggest supporter of the alternative methods  than the conventional methods.”
“Sometimes conventional  methods  don’t  give you solutions. It requires alternative methods just like in politics. So in the medicine, when  conventional  methods  fail and the clueless about issues affecting  certain section of the population of the progressive state, homoeopathy is the answer,’’ he added.
Sardesai further opined that the homoeopathy  “understands the healing  mechanism of the body and Goa has  slowly accepted it.”
“Today,  Goa has AYUSH Minister in Sripad Naik.  I am hopeful that the people of Goa will switch to  homoeopathic  from allopathic. We pledge fullest support to it,’’ he declared gaining applause from the doctors across the country.
The  national  president of the  Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) Dr Bhaskar  Bhatt said that the homoeopaths has a bright  future if they stick to their science of homoeopathy and work hard.
Dr Bhatt said that the negative publicity for the  homoeopathy is also getting translated into positive awareness for it.
The  vice president of the  HMAI  and Goa unit president  Dr Domnic Dias  explained as to how the people of  Goa and  in particular of Canacona  are   battling against the kidney disease.
Other doctors who spoke on the occasion include  Dr Ketan  Bhatikar,  Dr Ramjee Singh, Dr  V C Acharya,  Dr S I Hussain, Dr SPS Bhakshi, Dr R K Machandra and Dr Dilip Kumar Roy

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