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West Bengal Allows AYUSH Practitioners to Practice Modern Medicine Including Antibiotics

West Bengal: After deliberating over the issue of allowing AYUSH practitioners to prescribe modern medicine, the state government of West Bengal has now decided to give them a go ahead, permitting certain practitioners of the Indian System of Medicine to practice modern medicine, but with some riders. The approval comes in the form of a notification from the Health and Family Welfare Department ( AYUSH Branch), Government of West Bengal that declared that the persons holdingqualifications declared that the persons holding qualifications specified in the second schedule to the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, 1970, and duly registered under the concerned state council in West Bengal, shall be entitled to practice the drugs of modern medicine in the state. However, the notice has specified that the said permission is limited to the drugs those mentioned in the schedule A below, to the extent of training imparted to them as per the syllabus prescribed from time to time to time by the Central Council of Indian medicine under the aforesaid act of 1970.
Schedule A

  1. Antacids including H2 receptors blockers
  2. Antimalarial (National Treatment Protocol to be followed)
  3. Antibiotics chemo therapeutics- Cotrimazole, Tetracycline, Azithromycine, Amoxycillin, Ampicillin
  4. Antiamoebic – Metronidazole, Tinidazole
  5. Antihelminthics – Albendazole, Mebandazole
  6. Antiemetics – Domperidone, Ondacetron
  7. Antipyretics – Paracetamol
  8. O.R.S Bronchodilators – Salbutamol, Theophyline
  9. Oral contraceptives
  10. Vitamin A in oil
  11. Iron, Folic Acid Tablets
  12. Any other medicine as may be included in the list by the State Government in future or included in Programme (except anti-cancer medicines)

As per the order, these practitioners will, however, not be entitled to perform the procedures indicated in schedule B below.
Schedule B

  1. Medico legal cases
  2. Autopsy Examination
  3. Intra-venous Injections,
  4. IV Drips

Surgical procedures other than pure Unani/ Ayurveda Surgical procedures like Ksharsutra Blood transfusion

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