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Dispensaries Fail to Offer Alternative Healthcare

BHAWANIPATNA: Even as the Government is encouraging alternative medical practices, the AYUSH system of treatment is failing in Kalahandi. Blame it on crumbling ayurveda and homeopathy dispensaries, lack of doctors and medicines.
There are 15 Government-run ayurveda dispensaries in remote and tribal areas of Kalahandi district, but most of them are without health staff. According to official reports, ayurveda medical officers are absent in six such dispensaries and in 13 dispensaries, posts of ayurveda assistant are vacant.

Ayurveda dispensaries in Urladani and Mohangir areas of Kalahandi district I Express

To manage the situation, four medical officers have been given the additional charge of five other dispensaries. The medical officer of Gundri holds the additional charge of Karlapat dispensary, that of Chancher is in charge of Mandal dispensary, medical officer of Balipada has to look after the functioning of Urladani dispensary and his counterpart in Joradobra is in additional charge of both Mohangiri and Muskuti dispensaries. Ironically, these dispensaries are far away from the places of their actual  posting and they have not been provided vehicles to commute. As a result, the doctors are neither able to focus on their dispensaries or the health centres where they have been given additional charge. Most of the dispensaries remain closed throughout the month and supply of medicines is meagre. Only a few medicines related to cold, fever and stomach ailments are available in these dispensaries, sources said.

 District Ayurvedic Medical Officer Dr Loknath Darjee said the Directorate of AYUSH has been requested time and again for filling up the vacant posts in dispensaries and provide medicines as per the requirement. But, the directorate is yet to respond, he added.

Homeopathy system of treatment is also suffering. While there aren’t many homeopathic medical officers in homeopathy dispensaries across the district, several of these facilities have no power supply. Kalahandi has a total 17 homeopathy dispensaries and medical officer posts are vacant in 14 of them. Of the existing three medical officers, one has been recently transferred to Boudh. In 12 dispensaries, homeopathy assistant posts are vacant. Only three of 17 dispensaries have electricity and drinking water facilities.

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