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Book Review of "Homeopathy Viewed Diagnostically (with Remedies)"

Reviewed by Dr Abha
Practicing Homeopathy is always a difficult one for students, since no matter how presented or taught, much of the knowledge to be gained is a matter of mere memory. The content of the book will simplify the maze of symptoms with relation to patho-physiology. The author has given scientific explanation to the doctrine of signature of each medicine he has personally verified in a span of 40 years of practice. He has modernized the practice of Homeopathy by giving the concept of ‘Diagnostic Approach’ and making the usability of each remedy exclusive.
In this book he has co-related chemistry of medicines with the pathological expression of the patient. He has given vivid picture of how an element of Sulphur or Oxygen relates to different organs. Sulphur containing drugs mostly cure skin diseases and Oxygen containing drugs helps in respiratory illnesses. He has been able to present the elective affinity of a drug to a certain tissue. Materia Medica will no longer be a memory game. An intellectual can easily identify the remedies in a case of a disease.
The book is divided into three parts:
Part A: Explanation of ‘Diagnostic Approach’
Part B: Diseases and remedy selection
Part C: Posology
The author’s deepest level of experience is simplistically expressed for prescribing efficiency.

This work opens new frontiers in research in Homeopathy. The deductive logic must be tested both in-vivo and in-vitro for proving scientificity of Homeopathy. Homeopathy is not only clinically verified symptoms or drug proving on healthy human beings. This indeed has scientific logic which unfortunately did not get appropriate opportunity for verifications. The book opens frontier for elaborate research.
The work is a must read to understand the nitty-gritties of Homeopathy. It will simplify the work of prescribing.
ISBN: 9788131944493
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