STRESS. A common word, to all people around the world, not a simple one as it seems. The effects of it in the person are complicated. Do you know that the maternal stress can affect the fetus too? Yes it can be passed and it results in various neuro development, cognitive, and metabolic, behavioral disorders.
The stress can be of anyway. Stress from Environmental hardships and life events of the mother can also result in the changes of the hormones and immune system. As stress is also associated with unhealthy behavior such as smoking and alcohol consumption, it is often difficult to isolate the effects of stress itself and other negative events for which research has to be made. On contrarian school of thought, mild stress may be related to positive outcomes in children’s motor and cognitive behavior should be debated.
 The gestation period is indeed the most important part of a human being .it is because the prenatal period is a critical time for neurodevelopment, thus a period of vulnerability. During this period a range of exposures has been found to exert long term changes on brain development and behavior with implication for physical and psychiatric health. It may affect in any form either mentally or physically. For example, Maternal consumption of essential fatty acids during pregnancy is linked to low birth weight baby and disorder in development in cognitive and motor function, while fetal exposure to PCBs (POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS) and methyl mercury, via sea food in women diet is linked to neurocognitve deficit. Clinical studies link pregnant women exposure to a range of traumatic, as well as common life stressors (i.e. bereavement, daily hassles, and earthquake) to significant alteration in children’s neurodevelopment, including increased risk for mixed handedness, autism, affective disorders reduced cognitive ability. The prenatal stress causes high glucocorticoids and affects the hypothalamic- pituitary-axis negative feedback mechanism. It decreases cell turnover and proliferation in the hypothalamus. Impacts of women’s anxiety (and /or depression) during pregnancy can extend into childhood and adolescence and can very well results into ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).
There are various pediatric diseases depending on impact of stress and the function of gestational period. There is risk of stress of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), ODD (oppositional deficit disorder), CD (conduct disorder) when the stress is experienced during late pregnancy. The behavioral pediatric conditions are common due to these stress and lifestyle modification. The problem starts before the age of 12. The common behavior of these types of children are that, they are easily angered, annoyed frequently, temper tantrums are generally present, argues frequently with well known adults (parents especially), refuse to obey rules, low self-esteem, frequent lying, criminal behavior, suicidal tendencies, substance abusers. Children are commonly characterized by inattention, impulsivity, over activity but their brain development is less active.                                                                                                                                                                             The behavioral disorder mostly affects boys than girls. During gestation and birth there will be difficulty in pregnancy, premature birth, and low birth weight baby. Such children have aggressive temperament. Domestic violence, poverty, poor parenting skills, substance abusers are seen during their adult life. These conditions can take quiet toll on both the adults and the child, or on the teen who has this disorder. It is tough, frustrating, and rough on family members whose lives are regularly disrupted by the disorganization, outbursts, temper tantrums or other misbehavior of the child or teen. Pathetic isn’t it. It’s normal for parents to feel helpless and confused about the best ways to handle their child in these situations. Poor kids, they don’t purposely decide to act up in such a behavior, so traditional discipline like spanking, yelling at or calmly trying to reason usually doesn’t work.
Just like Alexander Graham Bell quoted “when one door closes, another opens”. When such traditional discipline doesn’t work, good treatment and management for these conditions can help. These interventions include medication, psychotherapy, and combination of both. There are various children homeopathic remedies that can help these children.

Aconite Napellus strange fears
Aranea Ixabola teasing others
Arnica Montana Shock
Argentums Nitricum Antagonism
Antimonium Crudum excessive anger, angry without a cause         
Aurum Metallicum children who act like little adults
Baryta Carbonicum delayed mental,physical,social development
Calcarea Phosphorica children run away from home
Cannabis Indica Derealization
Cina  Maritima desires many things but immediately ,rejects when offered                                     
Cornus Circinatum inability to concentrate on thoughts
Hellebores difficulty articulating thoughts
Lycopodium Insecure bur act like bullies, crocky,, boastful.
Natrum Muriaticum Don’t like sympathy, hasty, hate persons who offend him.
Scorpion children violent, whose parents fear being harmed by child                                                      
Tuberculinum Revolt against restriction.                             

These medicines prescribed when there is perfect indication, works wonders.
 “Prevention is better than cure goes the saying”; just like that avoid stress to the maximum during pregnancy for a future happy family.

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