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IMA Adopts New Logo, Traditional Med Practitioners See Red

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has adopted a new logo to be used only by allopathic doctors across the country. The idea behind the new logo is to distinguish doctors of modern medicine from others, including those practising ayurveda and homeopathy. Practitioners of traditional medicines feel the move is a form of discrimination.
IMA had been striving to get a separate logo for allopathic doctors since past few years as allopathy, homeopathy or other doctors across the country were using the same logo.
IMA national president Dr KK Aggrawal, who was in the city on Saturday to meet local officials, told TOI, “We were working to get the logo for two years. We received the patent three days ago. The logo is a red-coloured plus sign with ‘Dr’ written in white colour in the middle. The logo will help patients identify a qualified allopath.”
Homeopathy practitioner Ravindra Bhoyar feels the logo is not going to make much difference to patients. “The new logo is good but patients know who they are approaching for treatment.”
Bhoyar further said, “Many a time we refer a patient to an allopath after identifying the problem. Since allopaths now have a different logo, they should also stop attending to the large number of patients referred by us and ayurveda practitioners every month.”

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