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These small sometimes hard, non-malignant growths occurring on the skin, mostly on the hands and fingers and are caused by a virus. Great care must be taken along with hygiene as warts are contagious.
Symptoms and medicine

  1. Skin has a tendency to dryness and may itch in bed. Antimonium crudum.
  2. Large warts, appear on fingers which tend to bleed if damaged. Warts that appear on nose. Causticum.
  3. Large, jagged, warts, which may bleed when washed. Nitric acid
  4. Most frequently used treatment it can be taken internally or applied as a cream. Thuja occidentalis
  5. A little wart will come out, especially about the genitals and anus, little caruncular: Staphysagria

Case 1
Miss M.N.  age about 20 years had on her face (chiefly fore head), dorsum of hands and feet numerous warts. Warts were the size of a small pea and hard to the feel. Some of them even horny in appearance. She was having them for a couple of years and they increased in number and size. In spite of much and varied treatment, she was brought to me on 4th September 1999 and was given Sepia 200 single dose on 14th and 24th of same month. Thuja occidentalis 200 on 15th and 25th October and 5th November without the slightest effect. Having read that water in which eggs have been boiled, is popularly supposed to have the property of causing warts if brought in contact with the hands; I decided to try trituration of the egg shell, (Calcarea ova tosta, as it is known to homoeopaths). and on 16th November prescribed 4 grains of 6X 3 times a day for 12 days and twice a day for further 8 days and twice a day for further 8 days. Warts began to dwindle and disappear from the 5th – 6th day till none was visible on my next examination of the patient on 10th December to 29th December. Then on general grounds and with view to make the recurrence of warts a distant possibility, I prescribed a single dose of Cal carb 200 but to my surprise and regret, I noticed some warts having reappeared on her next visit on 13th January. Then I prescribed once again ova tosta 6X 3 times a day.
Case 2
Mr R.M a married man of middle age came to me about 3 years ago for treatment of multiple warts on penis with practically the same characters as in the case described above. He was given a single of dose O.D Nitric acid 200 with gratifying results. No further medicine was necessary. he happened to see me a few weeks ago and on enquiry confirmed that no recurrence had taken place so far.
Case 3
Mr M.S a young married man came to me for treatment of multiple warts on penis, situated on cornea glandis and cauliflower –like. Possessed short pedicles. They were all of them, soft in texture. There was no bleeding nor pain at any time not even during sexual intercourse. There was no history of any venereal infection. He was given Thuja 200 and Acid nitric 200 without any effect. A dose of Staphysagria 200 was administered, with the result that soon after the warts erred and disappeared altogether, leaving no trace or scar behind. If it had recurred, I was sure to hear of it from the patient who was grateful for the cure and for being relieved of the necessity of submitting to operation or cauterization of wart.

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