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Book Review of "Clinical Tips of Stalwarts: The Homoeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber"

Author: Dr K.D.Kanodia
Reviewed by: Dr Mouli Mishra, BHMS, PGDCR
During my student life, while studying Materia Medica, once I was really terrified on imagining a scenario where I am sitting in front of a patient
in a state of violent pain and asking her ‘dear, can you tell me whether your
pain is dull in character or is it cutting? lancinating?, throbbing?, cramping?,
bursting?, burning?…’ and so on. The patient would have surely stood up
and said ’I am sorry doctor, I came to you, let me go’. My naïve homeopathic
mind used to think that though Master Hahnemann has said that homeopathy is a mathematical science; however, in mathematics, whatever method is applied, result is always the same; whereas, in homeopathy if a same case is given to ten different homeopaths the result is different for everybody. Then how could he consider homeopathy as mathematics?
Although I got rid of so many enigma of these kind as I started to
practice but I really regret not gett ing the book writt en by Dr K D Kanodia,
‘Clinical Tips Of Stalwarts: The Homoeopathic Physician’s Quick
Prescriber’ at that particular time. I strongly recommend this book to all
novice practitioners and students. By writing this book, Dr Kanodia has
made a major contribution to homeopathic literature. The information he
has learned is accessible through this book to be shared with others. The
book begins with a page titled, ‘the need of the hour’. In this, the author
describes the need for writing this book. Then comes a beautifully writt en
preface, where he expresses the present state of homeopathy which is now
comprised of two phenomenons – one is its uncertainty (hit or miss) and the
other one is scatteredness.

The book is actually a sure shot guide to select the most appropriate similimum out of the vast ocean of symptoms given for a particular drug. And the best part, this book deals with all such superfluous verdicts of our masters which are incorrect or irrelevant in the present age. This book consists of so many interesting sections such as reassessment of Hahnemann’s observations, life sketch of stalwarts, diagnostic tips, homeopathy in the context of specific diseased conditions, cautions in homeopathy and delicacies of relationship in remedies etc.
Bacillinum will not act till Thuja has been given and then will act beautifully”. – Dr Burnett (pg. 275) many more such tips have been given by the masters which are useful for sure and quick cure.
One more eye capturing and conspicuous thing about the book is that every chapter ends with a short comparative study guided by stalwarts. Out of these which I liked the most is ‘Sulphur wants to convert, Nat mur
wants to reform, Lyco wants to execute, Arsenic wants to dictate, Sepia wants to bear, Pulsatilla wants to obey and Nux vom
wants to achieve.’(pg. 19)
I would say my long and arduous search for a reliable quick prescriber ends with the book ‘The Homoeopathic Physician’s Quick Prescriber’ by Dr Kanodia.

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