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Healing Through Homeopathy, Doctor Sets up Shop in Blue Hill

Nowadays, ‘homeopathy’ is a term with conflicting connotations. Luckily, there is a new practitioner who has set up shop in Blue Hill, fully equipped to set the record straight on what homeopathy means in the truest sense of the word.
Douglas Falkner, M.D., relocated his family to Blue Hill from Oregon this past fall. Blue Hill and its neighboring towns stood out as a hub for “forward-thinking people,” Falkner said.
After graduating from Dartmouth College, Falkner went on to complete his medical studies at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He then completed a three-year Emergency Medicine Residency Training in Cleveland, Ohio, followed by serving as an attending physician, training medical residents at a Level I Trauma Center in Cleveland.
With a passion for healing, Falkner rose through the ranks of the hospital setting, but felt there could be much more to healing than putting out “fires and applying bandaids to the complex problems” he was encountering.
In pursuit of a more holistic approach, Falkner went on to study several different modalities before becoming a homeopath. He spent time shadowing an acupuncturist, an osteopath, and an orthomolecular M.D., dipping his toe into the waters of alternative and complementary medicine. Falkner has now been studying, practicing, and teaching homeopathy for 25 years.
Homeopathy, a complete medical system in its own right, was invented in 1796 by the German physician and scientist Samuel Hahnemann. It is a method of curing disease based on the principle of “like cures like.” To a homeopath, this doctrine means that a substance which causes the symptoms of disease in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms in an ill person.
Homeopathic medicines are sourced from plant, animal and mineral substances, and are called remedies.
According to Falkner, the remedies work by stimulating the innate healing mechanisms present within our bodies.
Falkner diagnoses his patients through classical methodology, involving extensive interviewing to get a sense of the individual’s experience of their illness and symptom pattern. Then, depending on the symptoms, incorporating any environmental, behavioral, dietary, social or heritable factors that may play a role in the presenting condition, Falkner synthesizes the information and selects a remedy.
While the selection of homeopathic remedies available in health stores is limited, practitioners have access to thousands of remedies from FDA-certified homeopathic pharmacies in the United States and abroad.
In his experience, Falkner has consistently seen positive responses in his patients, which have been applied to the whole gamut of medical conditions, acute and chronic, and for all ages. Because of Falkner’s experience and training in conventional medicine, he incorporates this knowledge into his practice, using the latest in modern technology and standard lab tests to assist in diagnosis. According to Falkner, those who seek homeopathic treatment for chronic ailments need to understand that healing from longstanding disease will take time. “Instead of masking and suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals, homeopathy heals by increasing vitality and supporting the body’s capacity to overcome the disease state safely, gently, and permanently,” Falkner said.
Practitioners aim to provide lasting solutions as opposed to managing symptoms. Homeopathic remedies can be used to treat anything from sore throats to anxiety; skin disorders to female hormonal issues; eczema and asthma to serious behavioral problems.
Falkner said he believes homeopathy can transform lives, but he knows that in a culture dominated by conventional medicine, it can be “a hard sell.” Instead of trying to “sell” homeopathy, he invites people who want to feel healthy to seek his expertise. He treats people of all ages in his general medicine practice located across from the Blue Hill Post Office. For more information call 266-5922 or visit bluehillhomeopathy.com.
Source: The Weekly Packet, July 6, 2017 

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