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Why do dengue fever patients have a low count of platelets?
i. Bone Marrow Suppression(decreased production of platelets)
• Direct lesion of bone marrow by dengue virus.
• Bone marrow dysregulation .
ii. Increased Destruction of Platelets
• Lysis by complement system.
• Lysis by anti-platelet antibodies.
• By apoptosis.
iii Decrease in platelet level in blood
• Platelet consumption due to DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation)
• Increased peripheral sequestration.
iv. Platelet dysfunction By Dengue Virus :
• Platelets are also infected by dengue virus which leads to platelet dysfunction and low platelet count.
• The cross-reactivity between antibodies against virus and platelet leads to platelet dysfunction.
How X Ray 30 helps to increase platelet count ?
Boricke Materia Medica told about action of X – ray even years before isolation of Dengue Virus. “it acts on Bone marrow…has the property of cellular metabolism..arouses reactive vitality …..mixed infection……its homoeopathic action thus centrifugal, towards periphery ..pain severe behind ear…pain muscles of neck when lifting head from pillow “ – So X Ray is enough to manage major symptoms of Dengue as well as to increase platelets production from bone marrow.
X – ray was prepared and proved on March 27, 1897. Lippe, Hering, Raue, T. F. Allen proved the medicine. So it has a long existence in field of medicine.
X – ray has been included in “Hahnemannian Proving – A Materia Medica and repertory by Stephenson James Hawley since 1959. Stephenson James Hawley is an American Doctor a native of St. Louis USA & Bachelor, Cornell University, 1948. Doctor of Medicine, Cornell University, 1951. He is not only a follower of Homoeoapthy but Practice medicine specializing internal medicine New York City, Southport, Connecticut, since 1953 &Cranial osteopathic trainee Howard Lippincott, 1959—1963 So it is not a new thing for homoeopaths.
Latest Study on X – Ray was conducted at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and International and Interuniversity Centre for nano science and nano technology “ Mahatma Ghandi Uiniversity Kottayam, Kerala By Dr. E.S rajendran. Those who want to know more about the content of medicine & study can refer Nanodynamics –A book on Homeopathic Medicine is Nanopharmacology
How X Ray increases platelet count ?
• Increases platelet production in the bone marrow
• Protects platelets present in the blood from getting destructed by stabilizing its membrane.
I have 17 years of experience with X- Ray 30 in cases of Dengue, other viral infections & I T P. There are enough living examples of effectiveness of X – Ray & Medical Documents not only in Dengue but in ITP too. Homoeopaths all over the world are ready to take up the challenges raised by Dengue. We are confident. Let people approach a system that can offer cure rather than ‘Offering nothing’ and revealing that there is no medicine for Dengue.
Author:  Dr.S. G. Biju MD (Hom)

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