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Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicine Price to up

GST implementation will increase the price of all ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines by 12% and this has upset both medicine manufacturers and retailers alike. Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturers Organisation of India (AMMOI) has asked the Ayush ministry to reduce the tax to zero for generic medicines and 5% for patent and proprietary (P&P) products. At present, the rate is 2% for generic and 6% for P&P products.
“The government has fixed the rate for generics and P&P products at 12%.The same is 18% for Ayurvedic cosmetics, soaps,” said general secretary of AMMOI Dr D Ramanathan.
Ayurvedic drugs need to be taken for a long time for chronic diseases. For example dhanvantaram tailam costs over Rs 350 for 450ml bottle that lasts 10 -15 days.Imagine the cost impact on senior citizens who use it regularly for various geriatric problems. The high tax will increase the cost, making it unaffordable for the poor and needy .

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