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Corp Increases Supply of Homoeo Preventive Medicine

Thiruvananthapuram: As fever cases spiral out of control, the city corporation has increased the supply of Homoeo preventive medicine ‘Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30’ in the city.Ward-level teams constituted by city corporation started distributing the tablets in the middle of May in the wake of unprecedented outbreak of fever cases in the city.Officials with the district medical office of Homoeopathy say that more than 1 lakh strips of medicines have been supplied in the district between May and June. “There has been a soaring demand of this preventive medicine this year. We get the supply from Kerala State Co-operative Homoeopathic Pharmacy in Alleppey and with increase in demand for the pills, we are falling short of supply,” said C S Pradeep, DMO, Homoeopathy.The medicine is distributed as a single strip which contains 10 pills.
C S Pradeep said that the medicine enhances resistance to fever and many local bodies including city corporation have come up with fresh demand for the medicine. Meanwhile the councillors have raised concerns that medicines are not being made available in wards.”The nurses employed by the department of health say that they are not given directions to distribute this medicine,” said Valiyavila ward councillor Girikumar. The officials admit that distribution of Homoeo preventive medicine for fever is not being done in concurrence with other wings of medicine.”When it comes to homoeo medicine, there are always conflicting arguments. We took to the distribution of this medicine through residents associations after we were convinced about its efficiency and so far response has been good,” said an official associated with the health wing of the corporation..

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