Pica is characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive, such as ice (pagophagia); hair (trychophagia); paper (papyrophagia); drywall or paint; metal (metallophagia); stones (lithophagia) or earth (geophagia ) ; glass (hyalophagia); or feces (coprophagia )
Pica is seen more in young children than adults. Between 10% and 32% of children ages, 1 to 6 have these behaviors. The incidence of intentional consumption of dirt (geophagy) among children, which is a subset of children with pica behavior, is uncertain.
Pica can also occur during pregnancy. In some cases, a lack of certain nutrients, such as iron deficiency anemia and zinc deficiency, may trigger the unusual cravings. Pica may also occur in adults who crave a certain texture in their mouth.
Symptoms–Children and adults with pica may eat:–Animal feces, Clay, Dirt, Hairballs, Ice, Paint, Sand
This pattern of eating must last for at least 1 month to fit the diagnosis of pica
ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 30 – Antimonium crudum is an excellent remedy for pica. There is craving for raw food and vegetables.Loss of appetite is other prescribing of this remedy. There is bloating of abdomen after eating. Inability to bear heat of sun, worse from over exertion in the sun and over eating.There is a tendency to grow fat. Thick milky white coated tongue is the leading symptom of this remedy. There is craving and intolerance for acids, pickles and bread. Thirstlessness and tendency to grow fat. The patient is peevish, irritable, cannot bear to be touched or looked at.
ALUMINA 30 – Alumina is another top remedy for pica. There is craving for starch, charcoal, cloves, coffee or tea grounds, raw rice and acids.Alumina patients are exhausted physically and mentally. Aversion to potatoes. There is constipation , no desire for stools for number of days and soft stool requires great straining. Alumina patients are mild and having a cheerful disposition.
CALCAREA CARB 30 – Calcarea carb patients are fat, fair flabby persons, fearful, shy, timid, slow and sluggish . They have craving for chalk, charcoal , coal and pencils. The head of Calcarea carb patients sweats profusely while sleeping. They are chilly and take cold easily.They have desire for eggs and aversion to meat and milk.
CALCAREA PHOSPHORICA 30 – Calcrea phos persons are chilly, thin, emaciated, unable to stand, rickety.They are easily perspired. They have desires lime, slate, pencils, earth, chalk, clay etc.Also desires raw salt and smoked things. There is distension of abdomen and feeble digestion. Aggravation from damp, cold weather, change of weather and mental exertion.
CICUTA VIROSA 30 – In Cicuta abnormal appetite for chalk, charcoal, coal, cabbage which are relished.They are convulsive with tendency to bend backward. There is history of suppressed skin eruptions. Cicuta patients are chilly.They are stupid, singing, dancing, crazy and makes strange gestures.
NATRUM MURIATICUM 30 – Natrum mur patients have craving for salt. They have oily greasy face, poorly nourished and hot patient. They take long time for food to digest. Aversion to bread and fatty things
NITRIC ACID 30 – Nitric acid patients have craving for lime, slate, pencil, papers and charcoal. They are thin , sickly , chilly, and takes cold easily. Desires fat and salt.They have cracks in muco – cutaneos junction especially fissures in rectum and corners of the mouth. Nitric acid patients are irritable, fearful, headstrong, vindictive, sensitive to noise and light
NUX VOMICA 30 – Nux vomica patients have craving for charcoal, pepper, chalk. Craves fats and spicy food.They are chilly and thin. Nux vomica patients are oversensitive to noise, odours, light and music. They are irritable, zealous, active and quick.
SILICEA 30 – Silicea patients are extremely chilly, all symptoms are worse by cold except stomach complaints which are better by cold.Craving for lime, sand and raw foods. All discharges are profuse and offensive. They are nervous, apprehensive, over sensitive, irritable and fearful.

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