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The Zen Method (Three Dimensional Prescription) and a case of Breast cancer

This article gives an account of the Zen method of homoeopathic treatment that has been formulated by Dr TorakoYui. It is a method of three dimensional prescription through which the homoeopathic medicines act on three levels of body, mind and soul acting in a holistic manner. The patients are prescribed homoeopathic medicines as potencies, mother tinctures and tissue salts. (Refer to The Homoeopathic Heritage December 2014 about the summary of the Zen method).
A case of breast cancer which the patient was diagnosed to have three months to live has been cured using by the Zen method has been illustrated.
Breast cancer: A Case Report
43 years old Female
Main complaint: Breast cancer spread to the bone. Cancer tumor in left breast (Stage III b). She was diagnosed to have three months to live at hospital.
She was suspended from her job due to her back pain became more serious in the early February this year.
She was recuperating at her home.
Her back pain (it stays in the middle of scapula) did not improve and could not turn over in her sleep. When she got up, she had fierce pain. She could not stand heaviness of her arms and had to put them around her waist when she walked. She could walk only slowly. She could not breathe deeply due to the pain and pressure. At this point, it was suspicious that she had bone metastasis. A doctor in department of breast surgery said ‘It is last-minute timing to remove your left breast. If it progressed further, I cannot give you a surgery.’
The surface of the breast was hard tightly and uneven with dark red colour as if it was looking for an exit.
Biomedical drugs which she took so far
Antibiotics, Antipyretics (acetaminophen), Histamin for itchyness
Family Medical History
Mother: Macular degeneration, Back pain, Pain in coxae, Cough
Father: Gout, High blood pressure, Alcohol, Hepatitis (nonprogressors)
Mother’s mother: Gallbladder, Catract   Father’s mother: maybe cardiac insufficiency
Mother’s father: Cerebral infarction, Asthma
Brother: Pain in coxae this year
Shocks and panics
When she found that her ex-husband had an affair.
When she found that her ex-boyfriend had cardiac insufficiency. She also suffered from the split-up with him.
When she looked back over the past, she had strong sense of being betrayed at every time.
She took that as her choice, but the split up with her ex-boyfriend allowed the feeling to linger.
She is living with her daughter and her parents after she divorced 7 years ago.
She is supporting whole family from her salary.
Life space Investigation
Birth weight: 4,200g
0 years old         Her birth was delayed for 2 weeks.
Her mother could not produce enough breast milk, so she was fed powdered milk.
It was difficult delivery. She was blue. She was in a state of apparent death twice.
Jaundice. She was put in an incubator. She started baby food when she was 3 – 4 months.
Her stool was hard. When she was not able to walk yet, her stool was watery.
She vomited milk. It was projectable vomiting.
2 years old : Her brother was born. She was told that she was a good girl without causing any troubles.
3 and half years old: She suffered from chicken pox.
She had a swelling inside of her head. It suppurated and was painful.She cried till her voice got hoarse as she wanted to go out for play outside. She fell over and hit her occipital region. She had a fever slightly.
5 – 6 years old: She hit her occipital region at park. She fell over from 1m high.
7 years old: She was stung by black fly. The part was swollen. Since then, she started to get swollen even she was stung by mosquitoes.
13 years old: Menarche. She took antibiotic for prolonged cold. She had pimple under her eye.
23 years old: She started to work. Her menstruation was not normal. She had a strong pain with clots.
Strong pain in her lower abdomen and back during menstruation.
28 years old: Married. She suffered from endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and retroversion of the uterus.
She  improved after she took Kampo for two weeks, then she was pregnant.
29 years old: She delivered a baby girl.
31 years old:  She and her husband became depressed. She could not stop coughing for 2 months.
She was staying her parents’ home for one month. When she went back to her house, he told her that he had someone to fall in love.
She divorced with her husband when her daughter was 1 year and 8 months old. She returned to her parents’ home and started to work.
33 years old: She contracted mumps just after she started to work.
Her daughter contracted mumps at nursery school.
36 years old: She had pain in her stomach.
39 years old: She could recognize a benign lump in her breast. She had fever in the end of year when her company offered holiday every year. It lasted for 2 – 3 years. She enrolled the College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom) which DrYui serves as a principal.
41 years old: She had tremulousness (shakings in her face) and consulted DrYui. However she stopped the consultation with DrYui after she received twice, maybe because her tremulousness was improved. She consulted another homoeopath for nearly two years after that.
43 years old: She was diagnosed as breast cancer and consulted Dr Yui again.
First consultation
23 April 2014
Shiny metastasis lied next to nipple on left breast.
When she breathes in, it sounded sizzlingly and she is suffocating.
She can raise her arm only up to 45 degree and it is very painful.
She has swollen in lymph node under armpit
She has burbling sound in her transverse colon and descending colon.
She has pain around her ribs, big bones and right femoral head.
She has pain in her left shoulder blade as if bruised since the beginning of December.
Pain in her breast is worse by anger
She is currently taking leave from work. She feels tired if she shows her anger. She has piercing pain in her breast.
She does not like dictatorial people (her father was so). She did not like school. She did not want to live as her teachers and parents expected.
It takes one hour to get up. Her body pains all over when she goes up and down stairs.
Dialogue on the first consultation
Patient (P) :Thank you very much for sparing time for me today.
DrYui (Y) :You are welcome. It must have been difficult to come here.
P: If I think too much of my situation or my future, I am easily moved to tears.
Y: You need to cry more. As much as you suppressed until know. You need to be able to whine.Otherwise cancer won’t get better.
P: I promised with my daughter to go to skiing, but it is impossible as I even coul’t carry the luggages.
As I could’t even carry luggage.
Y: I understand.
P: My daughter said to me ‘I will bring all luggage, you can only get on train and come with me.’ Then, I said to her ‘O.K. I will go with you.’ I really did not bring my bag as my daughter took care of me. I was very pleased to go there with her and was very enjoyed it.
Y: I can see that you put a lot of your effort for it.
I think it was good for your daughter as she also made effort to go skiing with you even she had to carry many luggages.
P: That’s right.
Y: All good. Well, which part is most painful?
P: The most painful part now is spine side of my left shoulder blade. It is painful as if I got bruised.
It was end of the year that the part started hurting for the first time. It was around early or middle of December.
Y: When did you realize your left breast has problem?
P: I think that was September last year.
Y: It is yellow and swollen. Was this part swollen in September 2013?
P: Yes. Then, whole part became hard.
Y: I think you must have pain as you need to use shoulder blade when you rise your arm.
How far can you rise your arm?
P: I only can rise this much because of the pain.
Y: It is only about 45 degrees you can rise.
I sometime erupt in anger but I am always so exhausted after it. I have pain in my liver if I get too angry.
Then I need to skip one meal. Since I had pain in my breast, I have piercing pain in my breast after erupting anger.
Y: What you have to do from now is to find the way to take care of yourself.
You have to declare that you will take care of yourself as you have neglected it until now. To your body.To your heart. To declare to your heart, you need to ask yourself what is your true honest feeling again.
Please try the sun praying to receive the energy of the sun when you wake up in the morning for your body.
Do you know how to make smoothie?
Please use apple and brassica vegetables to make it and drink this much every morning.
P: I understand.
Y: Please stop thinking like ‘Oh, I need to do this or I need to do that.’
You should be relaxed as much as possible.
It is O.K. that you have time when cannot do anything.
Forgive yourself when you have something you cannot do as you have such condition now, OK?
P: Thank you.
It is very good for me to receive your consultation again. You told me ‘Please focus on your inner child and forgive yourself’. To be honest, I was thinking ‘If I could do that, there would be no problems.’ in my mind. I went to another homoeopath as I thought I should not have been consulted by you if I did not follow your advice. I blamed myself for not having carried on your consultation after I found I became cancer.
Y: Please keep expressing your honest feeling and whine. It is very important to seek for help.
Thank you so much for coming here to have a consultation with me.
【Repertorization by The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR)】
Repertorization Result
The remedies which cover all rubrics are only Sep., Puls, Sulph, and Ruta. Although the total score of Ruta was the lowest, it matches with her character the best. Ruta is the remedy which matches with bone cancer caused from breast cancer.
 Materia Medica of Ruta (Reference: Materia Medica Pura)
RUTA RA 286: All day long cross and suspicious; he would no longer trust his best friend, and imagined he was always being deceived (aft. 40 h.). [Lr.]
She is carrying a feeling of being betrayed from her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend.
As this feeling has not been healed yet, Ruta will be matched to her who is feeling of being betrayed by someone who she used to trust.
Materia Medica of Calc-phos (Reference: Allen)
Allen 250: Severe pain in region of transverse colon, 3 P.M
Allen 390: A tumor like a walnut in left mamma,
Allen 391: In left mamma, a hardness, like a walnut, sore to pressure; with a man of eighteen years
Allen 698: Severe pain in region of transverse colon, for half an hour, at 3 P.M.
Allen 700: Pains in the bowels to-day, most in the region of the ascending and transverse colon
Allen 723: Pain in the region of the heart, violent at times
Summary of Calc-phos
Mind:Decline of memoery (Allen 645: I have noticed too a great lack of definiteness in my memory; an inability to remember common symptoms of common remedies (twelfth day), [9].
Body: Many problems in bones. Growing pain in limbs. Legs are too weak to walk (There are 74 cases of bones in Allen’s MateriaMedica).
※①How to take ‘As needed’ remedy:
10 drops of the ‘occasionally’ remedy in 500ml natural water. It is supposed to shake every time a patient takes it and consume it, taking a whole day.
The contents of ‘Bone cancer support tincture’:
Mother tinctures as the base are: Hamamelis、Urtica-p、EchinaceaThuja、Calen、Hyper、Morus、Ruta
Homoeopathic medicines as potencies:
Symph9X, Calc-phos 9X, Ph-ac, LM2, Mang-s 12X, Asaf LM4, Puls 6C, Phos LM2, Calc LM2,
Ars LM4, Med LM2, Sil LM2, Syph LM2, Lach LM4, Merc LM4, Carb-an LM2, Scir 15C,
Psor LM2, Nit-ac LM2
Classical homoeopaths often claims‘So many remedies are contained. This is not homoeopathy.’
However, we, homoeopaths, are responsible for people’s lives. Giving good pathological remedies and mother tinctures for bone cancer means to save patients. I learnt such combinations of mother tinctures from Cooper and Rademacher and examined MateriaMedicaPura and Material Medica in Chronic Disease by S. Hahnemann to create combination of homoeopathic remedies

  1. Cooper R.T., Cancer & Its Homeopathic Treatment with Illustrative Cases
  2. Rademacher, Rademacher’s Universal and Organ Remedies(Erfahrungsheillehre) 

With regard to LM potencies in morning, noon and evening, clients are supposed to hit the bottom of the bottle twice against a palm, pour 2 dorps into 2cm depth of water in a small glass, stir for 20 times and take it at once.
Rutin and Calcium
Rutin, the active ingredient of Ruta, is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, and also for reducing oxidative damage in a rodent model. In addition, Ruta is also known to protect from DNA strand breaks and to prevent mutagenesis.
Calcium phosphate activates phospholipase, which cleaves a membrane bound molecule that activates protein kinase C.
(Reference: The Banerji Protocols)
According to the study by Dr Prasanta Banerji and Pratip Banerji, the combination of Ruta and Calc-p brings cell death and spontaneous regression of cancer sell or long-term suspension of growth of cancer cell.
Evidence: People who lack calcium intake tend to suffer from cancer

→ Calcium is a transmitter as well as magnesium and zinc. If there is much calcium, the magnesium level gets lowered.

One of the reasons why people fell in cancer is due to Calcium Paradox. There are about 3 reasons why we become lack of calcium. 1. The more we get older, the higher the rate of cancer is. This is because adults are not exposed to enough sunlight and the ability to synthesize active vitamin D in kidneys gets weaker. 2. Eating meals which do not contain enough calcium, such as junk foods which contains more phosphorus. As farm products are used agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer which contain nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium to grow, their roots cannot absorb calcium. 3. Modern people with stress invite lack of calcium in their blood and their bone gets fragile. 
The reason why calcium deficiency becomes one of developing cancer is due to the relation with increase of parathyroid hormone
If a body is lacked of calcium, it demolishes their bone by a function of parathyroid hormone in order to keep a certain calcium concentration.
If lack of calcium continues, parathyroid hormone is secerned, and calcium within bones are taken out, in a condition of calcium paradox which increases calcium within cells, it will not only confuse information transmission but also activate cell division and multiplication.
If cells could not catch information well, immune system will not work correctly and cannot suppress occurrence of cancer.
A research group in University of California studied intake of calcium and occurrence of
colorectal cancer and rectal cancer
The research showed that people who intake a lot of calcium and vitamin D have low incidence of cancer (especially, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and rectal cancer). To the contrary, it found that people who intake calcium and vitamin D less suffer from cancer more.
Calcium neutralizescarcinogenic substances by stimulating bile acid within intestines directly.
Vitamin D assists to absorb calcium from intestines.
Organic vegetables which absorbed plenty of sunlight contain Vitamin D a lot. Vitamin D is increased by being exposed to sunlight. In Japanese ancient Shinto, it is said that people could get full of energy in body and mind by nippai-gyo (worship of the sun) every day, absorbing morning sunlight into irises of eyes.
It has a high possibility that suppressing Calcium Paradox due to calcium deficiency could prevent incidence of cancer. Antioxidant substances in such as green and yellow vegetables can also prevent increase of calcium in cells and is useful for cancer prevention.
Second consultation through Skype
1 August 2014
It has been getting dried. The tumour has no longer strained nor shiny.
【Dialogue on the first consultation】
Y: Thank you for waiting. You should lie down.
P: Dr! I become able to get up.
Y: I was surprised when I saw your wound as it was getting better. It is much better than last time I saw it.
P: Do you think so?
Y: I think it has been improved as you have been working on your emotional part.
I assured that it is really important to heal inner-child again.
P: I think my mental background affected me a lot.
I developed so many emotions as much as my father became perturbed, bawling Boohoo, Boohoo.
It mighthave been thought that I was laughing or something first. After a while my daughter noticed that I was crying.She stroked my head and told me that I should cry. Such thing happened.
I realized how much I had been suppressing my emotions and which emotions were in my mind.
I was surprised by myself. I felt really great after I could express my emotions at last.
Y: Wonderful.
P: Around 10 days ago, I suddenly thought I should get up. I thought I should be able to get up as my back pain had been improved that much. Then, I did. I talked to my mother ‘I just get up’.She could not understand what was happeningin the beginning and became speechless. She was so surprised, saying ‘You are now getting up!’.
Then, 3 or 4 days later, I could stand up. It made my mother to be surprised again.
I can hold ground by my foot and go to toilet by myself although it is very short distance. I can also use shower now. When I had a consultation with youlast time, I told you that I could not raise my arms, but now I can do that normally. So, I can wash my hair by myself, now. I am feeling so free now. I deeply felt the wonderfulness of human’s self-healing ability.
Y:You are great. Well done! You looked into yourself properly and whine. That is why you can now stroke the affected area with sympathy.
P: That is right.
Y: I am so glad to hear your report. You did very well.
P: I’m very happy, too. Thank you.
As I can get up now, I do nippai-gyo (worship of the sun), opening my clothes to receive the morning sunlight from chest to below my navel.
When my mother came back from a Medical Unisersity and told me that a doctor said I had 3 months to live 2 month ago, I was depressed, thinking like ‘It is understandable as I have no appetite, my back pains so much and I cannot get up.’ However, now, I can get up like this and stand up with my feet again, so I would like to ask the doctor if that was a wrong diagnosis or not.
I could realize how important to express my own feeling after I had focused on my mind properly.
When I saw you in April, I could not be grateful to fell in cancer and have tumor.
Howeverthe reason why I started to become able to express my emotion like this or I realized my emotions in my mind is because of the cancer. I could also realize that I had thought that I was caring of myself before, but it was just a fake. The contents of my meal are not quite serious one.
I could understand that this is the meaning of ‘Embrace your symptom’ you said a last.Now, I could finally grow appreciation feeling to cancer within myself.
Y:You are not alone as your classmates and staffs of our centre are looking over you.
We are all homoeopathy family.
I hope you will get better and come back to your work.
I am so glad to see your face.
P:I am glad too. Thank you very much.
Y:See you.
Please refer to ※①, regarding how to take remedies.
The contents of ‘Bone support tincture’ (* It is different from ‘Bone Cancer support tincture):
Mother tinctures as the base are: Morus、Valer、Urt-p、Equis
Homoeopathic medicines as potencies:
Asaf 6C, Zinc 6C, Mang-s 12X, Borax 6C, Calc-f 12X, Para-thyr 12X, Hecla-l 6C, Calc-p 12X, Sil 12X, Phos 6C, Estrogen 9X, Symph 9X, Sulph 30C, Mag-p 12X
Materia Medica of Symphtum Officinalis
It is a remedy which reproduces osteoblast and promotes a process of ossification.
Inflammation or dismemberment in broken bone section.Sharp pain in periosteum.
Osteoporosis, ill cohesion of strands. It promotes formation of callus.
(Reference: Spiritual Materia Medica: Sharma Y)
Comfrey’s (Symphytum’s) therapeutic history is rich in amazing clinical cures of round cell sarcoma of the antrum and many cases of bone cancer. It seems to have special curative action on the periosteum formation of callus in fractures, bringing about union even in compound fractures and in cases of slow, delayed union.
(Reference: Lotus MateriaMedica: Murphy R)
The third consultation through Skype
19 September 2014
 The tumor lost its force and started to get dried.
【Dialogue on the first consultation】
Y:It’s been a long time to see you.
P:Yes, it is.
Y:I think the affected area is quite dried out. Is that right?
P: I think it is dried out very much. It completely stuck to my rib cage at one time.
I felt as it finally became unable to move.
It is like that all fat was absorbed from my mammary gland.
How can I say… now I feel that the mammary gland can be detached from rib cage.
Y:How about the pain of your bone?
P: Bone pain was really disappeared. Well, I can now go up stairs.
Iused to eat meals alone on my bed before but now I can walk around, then finally I could go to a dining room on the 1st floor on 30 August. Since then, I am having meals with family and go back to my room. (Clapping her hands)
Y:Congratulations. Then you don’t have pain much right?
P:No pain. It was really reduced. I could go for a walk around my house about 10 days ago.
Y:Do you go outside?
P: Yes. I do, starting from 5minutes, then increased to 15 or 20 minutes.
Finally I could walk around for 40 minutes and come home today.
Y: That is wonderful.
P: I could realize that autumn has come from the type of cloud when I went out today. ‘Ah, it is autumn clouds now.’I am enjoying it as I haven’t had time to walk and see like that one year before.
Y: I think you used to take it for granted that something you could do ordinary thing. For example, walking was ordinary thing for you, wasn’t it?
P: Yes.
Y: You could also use chopsticks as an ordinary thing before, but became not able to do such things. I think that people who changed their way of thinking like such ordinary things are very grateful after they suffered from cancer are truly wonderful.
P: Yes.
Y: It must have been hard for you to suffer from cancer.
I think you had very hard time that you felt hopeless as you were told that you had only 3 months left to live at one time. However, even in such situation, you gradually accepted that you got cancer and then you tried to mend what you eat and to follow my advice properly.
I can see your vital force is working hard by following your efforts.
P: I can understand what you say so much. I think it was a grateful thing.
My father gives me a treatment with moxa cautery or warm compress every day.
I didn’t expect that he would do such things for me. I think it is from his affection.
Y:I think your appearance become very mild. You used to have many your junior staffs before, and went to business trip to the U. S. 1 week before the examination even though you had pain from the cancer.
You are not like that now. You have much softer atomosphere.
That’s right.
Y: I think it’s very good.
P: Thank you very much. I was not scared so much when I knew I got cancer and thought it would be cured if I would treat properly.
My father said to me that I can do what I want do for my rehabilitation and he would support me as much as he could. Since then he started to ask my will what I want to do every day.
I used to think he was stubborn and obstinate before, but I realized that he was not so. In fact he has very deep affection and is trying to work out differences by spending time to find what is really good for me.
He gives me compress of loquat leaf on my breast too but I was not imagining that I would show my breast to my father after I got over 40 years old.
Y: Your father is great.
I also think it’s great that you can show your breast to your parent who is the opposite sex.
It is great as you have surrendered all of you when you have nothing you can do by yourself.
P: I realized that this was to let myself out.
My father speaks to my breast while he is giving me the compress of loquat like ‘get well, get well ‘, ‘definitely you will get well’ or ‘oh, you are getting really well.’
I felt that I am not alone. I am not fighting on my own as my father speaks to me such thing. I really appreciate it.
Y: That’s right. I think he also have thought why he let his daughter become cancer by himself too.
In such state, he changed himself and decided to offer what he could do for you.
You should appreciate that you have such father.
P: I spend every day with a thought that I got such treasure from being cancer.
Y: Pride or no pride, all of your family member worked hard together as well as you and your daughter.
P: Yes. I really think so. I am keeping this secret from the doctor but I went to karaoke with my daughter last week as we had a promise to go there when I became able to walk.
Y: Did you go to karaoke too? (Laughs) O.K.See you again!
P: Thank you very much.
【Comparison of focuses】
Results of examination at the hospital on 1 October 2014
Tumar marker was declined largely than the last time.
Tumarr marker declined largely and became standard value.
Tumer marker of general cancer also decreased rapidly to almost the half.
Email from the patient
15 October 2014
I am sending the blood test data.
The doctor declared‘It could not be happened that tumor marker declined without taking anticancer drugs from common sense.’‘If I share this information with other doctors, I will just end up being called an useless doctor whose patients hide data.’
With regard to my recovery from being bedridden, he said ‘I tried to understand the situation as spiritualism, but it could not have happened that the tumor marker declined. I cannot really understand this time.’ So, I cannot stop laughing at this situation. I am very happy.
Rales when I breathe disappeared about 1 week after I had a consultation with you last time. I did not have any particularly bad expectorations or coughs. I am working on recuperation every day, believing ‘There is no way that I will not be cured!’
This is a case which bone and breast cancer which was its primary were improved because a homoeopath prescribed remedies to the most serious pathology (bone cancer in this case) first, seeing the current symptoms and progress of the pathology even it was not diagnosed as bone cancer by conventional medicine.
This is the same case such as even how awful atopic eczema is, if there is a dysfunction of heart, we have to treat the heart first in consideration of the depth of pathology as heart is an essential organ.
What I experienced by seeing many cancer cases, the patients’ bone had been already invaded when cancer appeared on surface such as breast or other parts in many cases. Homoeopaths must try to improve every day, find hidden deeper pathology behind the symptom of a patient who sit in front of us and give words which can touch the strings of soul in order to emerge sufferings of the patient on surface.
In order to achieve this, homoeopaths ourselves should heal our own inner child who is within us, adults who suppressed emotions and adapted without solving the problem.
Only a person who has love can cure people. I would like to suggest that homoeopaths try to improve our spirituality to give love to people as well as ourselves.
What is needed for a physician is both of love for humanity and technical skill.
Conclusion: Approach to cancer by the Zen method
It is important to prescribe anti-psoric remedies (useful mineral) mainly and support organs and minerals which the patient is lacked of.
As people who suffer from cancer should not cool their bodies, they should nippai-gyo (worship of the sun) which they are exposed to the sun to increase their body temperature. Mitochondria in cells are activated by imcreased temperature and the body will be filled with vitality. If people are in low body temperature, they tend to have fungus such as candida. It is important not to intake cold things and suppress inflammation by biomedical drugs regularly. Many of cancer patients develop candida due to chillness. In order to overcome it, they should try to increase their body temperature. Trying to have a good intestinal condition is one of ways to increase body temperature. In order to achieve that, it is needed to support intestines.
People who suffer from cancer are normally having trauma in their minds. If homoepaths could also support them to heal their inner child, their self-healing ability can get activated by healing their inner child. This case is the example. She could brilliantly come back alive even she was told that she had only 3 months to live.
A person who can whine and seek for help from others is really a strong person.
That is why he/she can disclose his/her weakness.
May all be blessed with the benefit of Homoeopathy! Wishing all of you enjoy living the gift of life, being grateful to all of creation, the existence of the universe itself!

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About the Author
DrTorakoYui, (Ph.D. Hom) is the leading practitioners of homeopathy in Japan. Her homeopathic practice and the study of Hahnemannian principles have gained international acclaim. She has written many homeopathic books, articles and translations.
I suffered from ulcerative colitis when I was living in London, United Kingdom. When I reached the end of my rope, I found homoeopathy and was cured completely. This experience made me want to learn homoeopathy and I became the first Japanese homoeopath. About 20 years ago I brought homoeopathy to Japan, where almost no one knew about it. I established the first professional homoeopathy course in Japan in 1997, serving as the principal. Currently, there are over 300 homoeopathy centers throughout Japan and more than 600 homoeopaths are in practice. About three hundred clients visit the Tokyo Headquarter Center every month where I am practicing. I am serving as a president of the all Japan homoeopathy centers and am devoting my efforts to bring up juniors. In 1998, I set up the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) and succeeded in applying indemnity insurance for JPHMA homoeopaths to establish a social position for homoeopaths. Homoeopathy has been spreading and it is estimated that 150,000 people are now using homoeopathy in Japan. After I brought homoeopathy to Japan, I established the Zen method (three dimensional prescription) after ten years of treating various intractable cases. Japan is a nation with prevalence of many iatrogenic diseases. This Zen method has a high curative rate even in pathologies often considered incurable, such as atopic eczema, developmental disorders and cancer. By sharing my cases cured by the Zen method, I wish to contribute to the development of homoeopathy all over the world.”

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