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Book Review of Success of Homoeopathy Authentic Cures with Medical Reports Before & After Treatment

Book Reviewed by Dr Firuzi V Mehta
Dr Subrata K Banerjea is a homeopathic physician of international repute, a lecturer and an author with clinical practice both in England and India. Coming from a family of several generations of homeopaths, Dr Banerjea has written a number of books imparting his remarkable knowledge especially focussing on miasmatic prescribing.
This book is a collection of 74 cured cases described in detail and 101 short case stories. The detailed cases cover the different body systems.
In recent years, there has been a lot of confusion about case taking methods. Several homeopaths have developed their own methods of analysing the case and selecting the right remedy. Homeopaths have often resorted to creating their own favoured methods but often, what seems to work for one does not work for the other. A multitude of cases of homeopathic cures are published in the many homeopathic journals every year but only a few of such cases give a complete understanding of the author’s methods.
In such a scenario, Dr Banerjea’s book comes like a breath of fresh air. Dr Banerjea has outlined the structured approach that he follows and has even referenced the information wherever relevant. All through the book, there are references to the relevant aphorisms of the Organon
of Medicine.
As we read the book, Dr Banerjea’s method becomes clear in our minds. His approach for every case includes:
M Miasmatic totality
T Totality of symptoms
E Essence which includes temperament, posture, behaviour
K Keynotes which should cover peculiar and rare symptoms
Priority is given to ascertaining the cause of symptoms.
Dr Banerjea describes the differences in approach that are needed for cases with and without clarity of symptoms. He highlights how a head to foot miasmatic assessment of the case is done. This is a very welcome aspect of the book since the topic of miasms is often confusing for both students and practitioners. Homeopaths with no clear understanding of miasms often ignore them and this often leads to superficial prescribing and hence recurrence of ailments or progression of the disease.

Each of the 74 cases illustrated in the book gives an in-depth explanation of how the miasmatic analysis is done for the case and how the remedy covering the miasmatic chosen to cover the miasm.
Today most homeopaths have patients who are already on conventional medicine treatments. With the suppressive action of allopathic drugs,
the symptom picture of the patient is modified to a great extent and the original unmodified picture that we need for homeopathic prescribing
is often missing. Dr Banerjea describes how he treats such patients initially which results in the possibility of weaning off the allopathic drugs
so that clear symptoms arise for the further in-depth homeopathic treatment.
Dr Banerjea gives details about his remedy dispensing method in water which has the advantage of avoiding aggravations and permits strong
dynamic penetrating action. Of great interest is the fact that he often allows his remedy to work undisturbed for a number of months especially in chronic cases. He emphasises his belief, that we never gain anything by premature repetition.
Each of his 74 cases begins with
Presenting Complaints
Investigations before and after the treatment
Case analysis, Miasmatic diagnosis and Basis of the final prescription
Remedy Reaction
Prescription chart giving detailed follow-up and treatment at each step.
The cases are accompanied by images of the medical reports and photos of the patient especially in skin ailments. One drawback is that the print
of the reports is often too small to be read, but this is remedied by the free CD that comes with this book. Every case in the book is followed by
a reference to the location of the details of the case in the accompanying
Overall, however, it is an excellent presentation of good homeopathic cures that will boost the confidence of homeopaths to use the classical
method for all cases, even ones with deep pathology.

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