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Workshop Conducted by the Academy on Homeopathic Obstetrics and Gynecology

NAGPUR: “Unlike allopathy where operation is the priority, in homeopathic treatment we don’t target the virus directly but we work on to make the immune system stronger and then the body automatically treats itself against the disease.” said Dr Kasim Chimthanawala, president of National Academy of Homeopathy while delivering a lecture on sidelines of ‘Miasms in Pregnancy‘ at the second day of the three day workshop.
The workshop was conducted by the academy on Homeopathic Obstetrics and Gynecology which began on June 10 and till June 12 at Shaad Homeopathic Hospital complex and Research Centre, Itwari.
Speaking further on the topic, he said that there is a myth in society that Homeopathic treatment is slow but the truth is totally different because the treatment is fast and trustable. Viruses are not getting powerful these days, but people are getting weaker because of weak immune system and that is why we first need to srenghten the immune system, he added.

“Nowadays women are very sensitive to labor pain and they prefer surgery. But in Homeopathy we give medicines to increase the pain bearing capacity, which regularize pain and by this around 50% of the surgeries can be avoid,” he said.
Dr Neeta Manwan and Dr Adil Chimthyanawala, spoke on various obstetrics and Gynecology related subjects like ante-natal care, abortions, Infection in pregnancy and many other topics.
Paediatrician Dr Fatema Chimthanawala also expressed her views on the topic and says, “People need awareness regarding Homeopathy. Patients should come to us at the initial stage so that even a serious disease like cancer can be treated. Infertility is very common today but here we believe that before going through any treatment, the couple needs to be treated because the problem lies in the constitution.”
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