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Land allotment delays hit Ayush Institute plan

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Ayush Institute (Ayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha and homoeopathy) that is supposed to come up in Visakhapatnam is facing delays owing to land allotment. Though the department has Rs 20 crore at hand to commence the work, the 100-acre land required for setting it up is yet to be finalised.The Ayush University-Hospital and Research Centre was initially planned at Simhachalam but later the site for the institute was proposed at Sabbavaram where land is available. However, for the past one-and-a-half year the land has not been officially allotted to the department.When asked about the delay, M Revathi , commissioner of Ayush, state medical and health department said, “Our department had been asking the district administration for 100 acres of land to set up the institute at Sabbavaram.If 100 acres is immediately not possible, we had requested for whatever land is possible and regularly pursuing the matter with the district collector.
But we are told that various state departments are asking for land in the same area for other projects. Though the tehsildar has given certificate about availability of land, but the district administration has to officially sanction it and we are told that many departments are vying for the land at that place and therefore the delay.”As for the Simhachalam site, there were objections from the villagers. “If we were to procure the land at Simhachalam, we would have had to pay huge compensation to villagers as around 40 acres were already encroached by them.

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