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Spandan Holistic Institute Of Applied Homoeopathy launches academic courses in Childcare

Spandan Holistic Institute Of Applied Homoeopathy launches academic courses in Childcare: Homoeopathic Approach To Developmental Disability And Mental Health Problems

(1) Orientation course in Childcare 
(2) Certificate course in Childcare-Basic Level 
(3) Certificate course- Advance Level in Childcare 
(4) Online courses in Childcare

Spandan is the first Homoeopathic Institute to be upgraded and awarded the most prestigious CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN HOMOEOPATHIC CHILDCARE & REHABILITATION by AYUSH, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India. Institute has successfully conducted Research project in Autism (2007-2009) under auspices of C.C.R.H. It has also conducted research in Mood Disorder. Scores of cases of Autism, ADHD, learning disorders, Down’s syndrome and Neuromuscular disorders like Cerebral Palsy etc. have been managed over last 17 years. It runs central and state govt. recognized Special education schools for Autism and slow learners and it has established Spandan Holistic Mother – and – Child Care Hospital. It has conducted 57 free camps for children with mental health problems, neurological disorders & developmental disabilities.
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Every Homoeopath gets these cases right from the 1st year of practice – How to solve?
1. Classical Homoeopathic approach for special child with developmental disability, Mental Health dysfunction, Autism, ADHD, Learning disorders, Mood disorders, Cerebral palsy, Global brain damage, etc.
2. Well documented cases with focus on Management.
3. Audio-Visual presentation for live experience of cases.
4. Listening to parents testimonials
5. Perceiving dynamic portraits of Children remedies
6. Unique classification of disorders as key to management.
7. Multidisciplinary application of Homoeopathy with various experts – Genetics, Metabolic, Neuro-Psychiatry, etc.
8. To understand language of disease and miasms.
9. Practical guidelines for everyone to develop expertise in this area.
Child’s dynamic portrait
Vast experience in child care has facilitated the evolution of integrated dynamic approach
wherein characteristic pattern manifesting at sensory plane, motor plane and dispositional
plane have been integrated to evolve portrait of disease. Corresponding study of
Materia medica has helped to come to the group of indicated remedies.
Course will be conducted by Dr Praful Barvalia, assisted by his colleagues, Dr Shankar Chawla,Dr. Alka Barvalia Dr Rahul Suryavanshi Dr Nrupen Bhutkar, senior Clinical Psychologist Dr Poornima Thakkar, and all other members of multidisciplinary team.
Orientation course starts from 11th June 2017.

Workshop on Sunday, 11th June 2017 ·

Time: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm this will be followed by Subsequent 5 Fridays 1.30 PM to 4.30 PM. TOTAL 6 SESSIONS
Dates: in June: 11th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, July: 7th and 14th.
EARLY BIRD: Those who register before 7th June will be charged Rs 3000/= only.

Venue :- Spandan Holistic Mother And Childcare Hospital, Near Deonar Fire Brigade, Deonar Municipal Colony, Govandi, Mumbai -43
Contact:- 022-25506088, Email:- [email protected], [email protected]

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