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Proposed 50 bed Ayush hospital will cost 9 crore in Sonbhadra

The Proposed Ayurveda and Homeopathy hospital in Sonbhadra will be treated as a separate hospital for 50 beds for treatment. To make a hospital, the land has been sent to Lodhi village and the report has been sent to the government. Once the money is released from the government, the hospital will be started.
Presently the AYUSH Hospital is operating in a room of District Hospital. Many arrangements have been made with allopathic method in the district, but this is for the first time when separate arrangements are being made for Ayurveda and Homeopathic medicine.
This will provide a great deal of relief to the patients. There will be 50 beds for such serious patients so they can be admitted. Deputy CMO Dr. Raghavendra Narayan Singh said that two bighas land has been explored for AYUSH hospital in Gram Panchayat Lodhi of Rabtsrasanganj Block.
The report of the land identified for the hospital through CMO has been sent to the government. He said that it is to build this Ayush Hospital at a cost of about nine crore rupees.
With the formation of this hospital, homeopaths and Ayurveda doctors will be employed to the hospital to treat patients. It is likely that funds will soon be approved for AYUSH hospital soon.

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