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Exclusive Interview with Dr Prakash Mollick

Dr Prakash Mollick is International President – World Federation of Homeopathy, Director- Institute of Medical Education and Research Centre, Ex-Principal of National Institute & Para Medical Education (Specialist in Cancer and Chronic Diseases)

HomeoBuzz(HB): Why Homeopathy is here to stay and make its mark in the world of medicine?
Dr. Prakash Mollick (PM): Homeopathy is a natural treatment. It has minimal side- effects and so it is not harmful. Today there are  medicinal hazards throughout the world due to modern system of treatments. Allopathy has yet not over-come the problem of drug resistance that crops up every now and then. On the other hand, Homeopathy  has got medicines to avoid drug resistance. Clearly then a system like Homeopathy should easily be the  world’s choice.
HB: Is Homeopathy quick enough in the cases of acute diseases?
PM: Yes, provided the selection of medicine and dose is right, keeping in view the intensity of the acute diseases. I have practiced for ten years in the rural areas of West Bengal. My experience there suggested that the poor people got result against acute diseases when given the right kind of medicine.
HB: You have a keen interest in Geography. Do you think it also helps you as a homeopath?
PM: Of course, the life-style and habitat of people depend on the geographical location they reside in. Unless a doctor detects the source and cause of a disease, which may be due to geographical conditions of a place, he cannot become a skillful and successful physician.
HB: What made you choose Homeopathy as your profession?
PM: Well, it takes me back to a very sad episode of my life. Actually, my younger brother, Bikash, died of brain tumour, despite the best medical treatment available at that time. We were even not financially
sound then. My father got extremely against modern treatment after this incident and motivated me to become a Homeopathic physician.
HB: You have authored several books. One such popularly known book is, ‘Cancer and its Homeopathic Treatment’. What”is your aim behind writing books?
PM: Truly speaking, even today general men have no specific and clear idea about Homeopathy.
The reason for writing these books is to form a clear vision about Homeopathic treatment.”
HB: You have achieved a lot of success. How do you feel?
PM: Well, that is tor the people to decide whether I am successful or not But one thing I can say for sure is that if an aged patient after taking my prescribed medicines is relieved of several chronic diseases,
I feel’ my job is rewarded. My success lies in the fact that he wishes to die by taking only my medicines. Also, the fact that even my son wants to become a Homeopath is very gratifying.
HB: How do you assess the future of Homeopathy?
PM: Modern medical science has failed to cure diseases from the root and this has indirectly led to, the progress of Homeopathy. As long as large heroic doses will be used, the glory of Homeopathy will shine more.
HB: How do you think the students should prepare themselves in order to become successful Homeopaths?
PM: Some basic knowledge about Homeopathy is sufficient to become an average doctor, But in order to be a successful Homeopath, one must have enough knowledge about Psychology, Social Science, Economics and Geography along with knowledge in medical science.

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