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Spaniards believe that homeopathy works

In the latest biannual survey carried out by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Fecyt) on popular perceptions of science in the country, 6,300 Spaniards were asked if they agreed with the statement: “Homeopathic products work.”
Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support their curative properties, more than half of all people in Spain polled believe these remedies can make a difference. And the 52.7% who are most convinced by homeopathy are the most educated section of society.
But it is city-based women with center-left political beliefs who put most faith in this branch of alternative medicine while those in business and who hold “other religious beliefs” agree that it can be useful.
“Some of the [poll] data was unexpected,” says the secretary of state for R&D, Carmen Vela, who draws attention to the fact that women’s interest in science has increased over the years since 2002 when Fecyt began to carry out its biannual surveys.
Known as Social Perceptions of Science survey, this is the eighth study carried out by the foundation linked to the Economy Ministry.
The last study, carried out in 2014, showed that 50% of Spaniards believed that homeopathic remedies had a scientific basis of some kind, indicating that little has changed over the past two years in this respect.
Homeopathic remedies can be bought in pharmacies in Spain and are often recommended by pharmacists themselves, which possibly contributes to the trust people place in them.
According to a report by the Health Ministry, however: “In general, the investigations carried out conclude that homeopathy has failed to prove its effectiveness.”

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