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Homeopathy for Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

The following homeopathic medicines can be given according to the totality of symptoms.
Heat Cramps: Belladonna, Natrum mur., Colocynth, Cuprum met. & China
Heat Exhaustion: Natrum carb., Selenium, Gelsemium & Lachesis
Sun (Heat) Stroke: Glonine, Natrum carb., Belladonna, Lachesis, Amyl nit. Q for inhalation.
Here are some useful indications:
1. Aconite: – It is the best remedy when the cause is lying with head exposed to the direct rays of sun. Patient < after sleep. There is faintness and dizziness.
2. Antimonium crud: – All symptoms seem to center around the mind and the stomach, < from the heat of sun, warm air, hot drinks, motion, and bodily exertion > rest, air, hot bath or applied heat.
3. Belladona: – Violent shooting pains in head which come and go suddenly making the patient scream. Heat about the head with cold feet. Blood shot eyes and visible throbbing of the carotids.
4. Bryonia: – Must not be forgotten in summer complaints when great thirst for large quantity of water, amelioration from rest and quietness are present.
5. Carbo veg: – Lower vitality and great foulness of all the secretions on one side on the flatulence in the upper abdomen and constant desire to be fanned are the main symptoms.
6. Gelsemium: – Useful in sun-stroke, high temperature with drowsiness or tendency to coma, thirstlessness.
7. Glonine: – A most valuable remedy for effects of sun- stroke, great remedy for congestive headaches, hyperaemia of the brain from excess of heat.
8. Lachesis: – One of our best remedies for sun-headaches. Effects of hot weather, patient < after sleep, faintness, dizziness.
9. Lycopodium: – Flatulence or heaviness immediately after eating < towards evening, summer complaints, > un- covering and on getting cold.
10. Natrum carb.: -Chronic effects of sun- stroke; now, with return of hot weather, suffers from headache. Excellent for debility and exhaustion caused by heat of summer; for headache caused by sun, gas-light and from slightest mental exertion; chronic effects of sun-stroke like headache etc.
11. Natrum mur.: – This tissue remedy in the 6x potency proves excellent in sun-stroke and other summer complaints.
12. Nux Moschtata: – Tendency to faint, drowsiness, great dryness without thirst are the special indications of Nux Mos. In summer complaints.
Author: Dr Muhammad Azhar

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