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Mad rush for Homeopathic health insurance after successful launch

President of C4C Homeopathic Hospital, Dr. Michael Kojo Kyeremateng has revealed that there is a mad rush for the Homeopathic health insurance after it was launched recently.
He said the patronage, subscription from individuals, and organizations emphasizes the consciousness of Ghanaians about their health especially when there is no side effect in homeopathy medication.
Dr. Kyeremateng said, the testimonies from beneficiaries have also influenced more individuals to subscribe to the scheme as well as patronize homeopathy health care.
The scheme, launched by the C4C Homeopathic Hospital, is the set to promote access to alternative healthcare. Homeopathy is the use of unorthodox means of treating ailments in a holistic way.
The scheme so far has a subscription base of 2,000 subscribers. The 1-year coverage policy covers hospital cards, consultation, lab scan, and physiotherapy.
Government he noted, has accepted homeopathy healthcare and currently on course to roll out policies to assist practitioners. He said, in terms of policies we are currently discussing on the way forward and how the patronage will be high so Ghanaians will benefit from this form of alternative healthcare.
The National Health Authority, Minister of Health and other stakeholders he added have all engaged the facility on how possible they work together. He lamented that homeopathy education in Ghana is not efficient hence, majority of practitioners travel outside the country to learn.
Aside that, through distance learning, others have gained the skills to practice, he added. C4C Homeopathy Hospital he indicated engages medical graduates from the Kwame Nkrumah University (KNUST) and give them continuous training.
‘’The approach we use at C4C Hospital is by engaging medical graduates from KNUST with a background in traditional medicine, give them additional training in the various remedies before working with them- To ensure standard and sanity in the medical system when it comes to homeopathy,’’ he stressed.
He reiterated the point that the high charges imposed by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) on the registration of homeopathic drugs, and called the government to appoint practitioners to serve on the FDA board to facilitate the delivery of alternative health care in the country.

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