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Dr Abha (ED): What is unique about your college?
Dr Sandeep Narwadkar (SN): College was established in 1988 with DHMS course later on it was upgraded to BHMS  Course in 1996 as per the policy of Government and from 2011 onwards college is running Post   Graduate Education in Homoeopathy.
As college is located in remote region of Maharashtra i.e. Marathwada region so uniqueness of this college is the propagation and making awareness of Homoeopathic system of medicine in this remote area.
ED: What does a typical day look like for you working as a Principal?
SN: While working as Principal I don’t feel any specific day because every day starts with new opportunity and challenges.  Each morning has new hopes and experiences in some way. I feel new hopes and experiences each day for up gradation of Homoeopathic system. As such I am fully devoted to Homoeopathy, hence, I usually work 16hrs/day and every time I get new challenges and experiences.
ED:  How is India’s current homoeopathy medical education scenario?
SN: Presently Homoeopathic education in India is much better than before, as since 2014 a separate ministry was formed to maintain uniform standards and provides proper weight age to the Homoeopathic system.
Homoeopathic education in India is good as compared to other countries. During four decades successfully institutionalization of Homoeopathy in India has been done.
Government of India encouraged reasonable infrastructure in the form of Medical education institutes, researcher activities. There are about 200 Under-Graduate and 40 Post Graduate Colleges in India which upgrades Homoeopathy in India.
Maharashtra Government disciplines and Hospitals also plays important role in development of system. Over all therapeutic system had spread around the world.
ED: The environment for Homoeopathic medical research in India is very conducive. Do you agree?
SN: Yes I do agree to this statement but Research made by Dr Hahnemann 200 years back is only carried forward by Homoeopaths. Today, it needs to new invention by upcoming doctors to prove how Homoeopathy is scientific method by which Homoeopathic science will be protected from all criticisms. Hence Homoeopathy needs new dimensions.
Yes, CCRH and other Government organization have done meritorious work regarding the present research in India, but still there are so many challenges.
ED: What are your views on public trust in doctors and other challenges?
SN: In our state there are lots of problems. Now a days we are over coming  these problems hence “Better Days”  “Acche Din” for Homoeopathy in the state as  many Homoeopathic Education Institutes are making good awareness on Homoeopathic science and its utility in various incurable diseases. So, the public is getting attracted to Homoeopathic treatment as Homoeopathy is a low cost treatment which economically benefits patients and very interestingly kids are taking the treatment. So overall now a day’s Homoeopathy has been able to build trust.
ED: Why is research – orientation low in the Homoeopathic Colleges of India?
SN: Dr Samuel Hahnemann laid down many principles to practice Homoeopathy and also proved many drugs during his time. As this science is scientific as well as has philosophical background.
The term “Research” is the systematic investigation into study of materials and sources in order to establish fact and reach new conclusions. But unfortunately, Homoeopathy is having limited resources and there are low methodological trials.
ED: What is your take on funding scenario for homoeopathic sector?
SN: Funding scenario for Homoeopathic sector. There are 2 main agencies which are presently funding.
1. Government: State Government, Central Government
2. Private NGOs
If we consider the Government funding in the field of Homoeopathy, it is poor as compared to other system of medicine. But since last year Hon’ble Prime minister has taken efforts to provide good funding. Government funding   may be from Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi, Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, New Delhi for central scheme and state University.  Private sectors or N.G.O. are also providing good funding for Research activities and for propagation and awareness programs of Homoeopathy.
ED: Most of students join B.H.M.S. as a secondary option. How you make them aware of the challenges and opportunities.
SN: As Students no doubt they join us as a secondary option but after joining and regular attending college and Hospital they take more interest. They face many challenges like people will not believe on Homoeopathy but, they have to convince them with results. Secondly, few Government Jobs are there, so they have to practice independently.
ED: How do you uplift the morale of your students with regard to carrier?
SN: We counsel and motivate of all students and interns and assure them How Homoeopathic Science has played greater role in treatment as compared to other system of medicine. We show them how modern science fails to cure incurable cases after taking long treatment and how Homoeopathy helps them to cure. So we show them how Homoeopathy is superior to other system in cases other than emergencies.
ED: Is pursuing courses in hospital administration and emergency medical service along with B.H.M.S. a road to employment?
SN: Any course after BHMS course can give employment opportunity to the student. There are so many such courses which can develop skill of the students in any subject. Such courses can provide them a good career platform and ultimately Homoeopathy will develop with new dimensions.
ED: What steps you have taken to ensure decent OPD inflow.
SN: First and very important is appointment  of Homoeopathic Physician as per the guidelines of our master Dr Hahnemann in Organon of Medicine i.e. Homoeopathic Physician ensures highest  ideal cure.
On regular basis arrangement of Diagnostic Camp which helps in making awareness.
Providing good quality of Homoeopathic Medicine to patient for complete cure otherwise there are so companies which are manufacturing drugs but, they are not following methods of standardization.
Promotion and promulgation also helps. Providing well equipped O.P.D. with all software’s and equipments will definitely help.
ED: Enumerate the infrastructure needed for your college for research activity.
SN: As per my opinion, to carry out research in Homoeopathy it doesn’t need any special type of infrastructure.  Research can be done on different aspects of Dr Hahnemann’s Aphorism because its today’s need.
Infrastructure is required for standardization of drug and to study different potency, it may require as per norms.
Our college is having good infrastructure. We are in position to provide online clinics with masters of Homoeopathy for our students. We provide clinical training programs, various workshops, seminars.
ED: In what areas your college wants to go forward with regard to research?
SN: The College is presently working on Hahnemannian concept about disease and miasm. Miasmatic approach needs further research hence we are giving more stress on Miasms. We are already in position to start research in rural area on miasm.
ED: What are your goals and aspirations towards making your college a better hub of education? 
1.     First and very important is to make complete awareness and propagation of Homoeopathy so that mass is benefitted from such type treatment.
2.     Maintain uniform standards of curriculum laid down by Central Council of Homoeopathy.
3.     Developing interest with-in minds of students about the role of Homoeopathy in treating various diseases and especially difficult cases failed by modern system.
4.     Providing Research platform for faculty and students.
5.     Healthy educational environment is maintained with-in premises.
6.     Providing good quality of Homoeopathic Education to the students.
ED: What extra effort you put in to stand out among the list of around 195 Homoeopathic Colleges in India?
·        We don’t want to compare with other 195 colleges. But our quality in Homoeopathic education and medical services proves us being unique which will be confirmed by public, social media.
·        Presently we are conducting so many programs related to education activity especially which will not only be helpful to college students but will also be beneficial to the society.
·        We are trying to provide video conferencing of eminent speakers in Homoeopathy by conducting webinars. We are in position          to give online Homoeopathic consultation to patients.
·        Making awareness and propagation of science through local and state media
·        Apart from the education to students we are developing their interest in cultural, national and international medical related                activity.
·        No students can only be a homoeopathic doctor after completion but he should be a complete human being, i.e., he should be          humanitarian. In order to achieve this, we are providing education.

About the Principal

Age                                                : 41 Years
Registration No.                              : 21125
Qualification                                    : D.H.M.S. , M.D. (Hom.)
Date of Joining                                : 10th September 1993
Total Teaching Experience                : 19 years
Professional Experience                   : 19 Years
Administrative Experience                : 10 Years
Department                                     : Physiology including Bio-Chemistry
Post Held                                        : Professor  & Head of The Department
P.G. Guide
Present Status                                :  1. Principal
2. Professor
3. P.G. Guide
4. Senate Member, MUHS, Nashik
Address                                          : “Shri Malhar” , Vishnu Nagar, Parbhani
431401 (M S)
Telephone No. Residance                :  (02452)291283
Office                                             :  (02452) 221774
Fax No.                                          : (02452) 232401
Mobile No.                                      :  9422175648
E-mail                                             :  [email protected]

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