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Exclusive Interview of Dr Priyanka Mehendiratta (Founder,Trikaya Homoeopathy)

Dr Priyanka Mehendiratta 

BHMS, MD (Gold Medalist)

  • Senior consultant at Trikaya Homoeopathy
  • Reader of Materia Medica, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Supervisor/Guide & Internal Examiner to PG students of Homoeopathy
  • Former Clinical Investigator at United Health Group
  • Former Lecturer at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Former Clinical Research Officer at Mohan Dai Oswal Cancer Treatment & Research Foundation, Ludhiana Punjab
  • Former CMO at Gurdev Hospital & Lifeline Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr Abha (ED): How and when did you first became acquainted with homoeopathy?
Dr Priyanka Mehendiratta: I became acquainted with homoeopathy when I was preparing for my premedical’s. I always wished a holistic approach towards health. Though I got selected in MBBS and dentistry as well but I was amongst top 3 in homoeopathic entrance test in 1999. So finally I opted homoeopathy as a profession by choice, and not by chance.
ED:  What was the motivation behind Trikaya Homoeopathy?
PM: Medicine is the field of trust. The trust that our patient keep in us, has brought us this far. Trikaya was founded in the year 2011 with a vision of providing holistic healing to one and all with a dream to create a new era of homeopathic clinics and to make the people realise and educate the standard of Homeopathy. Mr.  Devesh  Mehendiratta,  my husband was the biggest motivation behind Trikaya Homoeopathy. Trikaya Homoeopathy welcomes patients from India and abroad to experience treatment in a new light. At Trikaya Homoeopathy we run an initiative “Save Girl Child”, in that, we provide free consultation to girl child up to 5 yrs of age. We want to bring homoeopathy to newer heights. That’s the motto of Trikaya Homoeopathy.
ED: Tell us something about your journey from a graduate to a renowned practitioner?
PM:  It has been a wonderful experience. I learned new things every other day. It was my honour to be a student of great teachers like Dr. Ravinder Kochar (Principal, LMHMC&H), Dr. S. C. Chalotra, Dr. K C Garg. I topped BHMS and after internship, joined Lifeline Hospital, not to learn their system but to learn surgical procedures and what kind of medications are being used in Allopathy, as most of the time patient come to homoeopathy after getting fed up with conventional system. So I wanted to learn different aspects of systems of medicines. After that I joined Gurdev Hospital and worked as an Emergency Medical Officer for 3 years.
In 2006, I appeared for MD entrance and secured 5th position and selected Materia Medica as my speciality subject. My honourable MD Guide Dr. V.K Jain told me “Priyanka, if you want to achieve something you have to prove yourself and prove the efficacy of homoeopathy.” There after I never turned back.
My dissertation work was on “An Approach of Homoeopathy in the Treatment of Cancer”. To fulfil the needs I joined MD Oswal Cancer Hospital and Research Foundation as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the year 2008 where I got a chance to meet and see more than 50 cancer patients in a day. I learnt a lot there. Thanks to Dr. Raman Arora, HOD Medical Oncology who allowed me to prescribe homoeopathic medicine to combat with side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There onwards, I started prescribing for initial stages of cancer patients and found good results. That was the real pleasure of my life. I completed my MD being a university topper in Materia Medica.
Along with this, teaching has always been my passion. I worked as a lecturer of Materia Medica in SGNDMC&H. I also got the privilege to teach gynaecology as I worked with Gynaecology hospitals for almost 5 years, so I loved these subjects. It is a great experience to be a part of medical faculty as a teacher, internal examiner and Guide to MD students at SGNDHMC.
It was always a dream that one day homoeopathy should be known as a superior science in the world of medical sciences. I wanted to do something for the suffering humanity, wanted to educate the masses about the efficacy of homoeopathy but, being a female there was always a feeling of insecurity of getting up married and change of location etc. It’s my husband, who trusted in me and homoeopathy and decided to support me in every possible way. Then Trikaya Homoeopathy was founded in the year 2011. We try delivering our best in terms of health care services. Really this was a wonderful journey from graduation till being a renowned practitioner. It’s the trust of patients in Trikaya what keeps me going.
ED: What are the scope and limitations of homoeopathy in the treatment of ailments of the modern world?
PM: In modern world, people suffer more from life style disorders and other inherited diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, psychosomatic diseases etc. As per the homoeopathic principles we should consider the patient as a whole and not the different disease conditions. Homoeopathy is beneficial in majority of the cases until there are irreversible pathological changes. At Trikaya Homoeopathy I treat all chronic as well as acute conditions e.g. , Dengue,  Chikungunya, Jaundice, Swine Flu etc ; where patient gets relief from the current symptoms as well as the post effects of acute conditions are minimum .e.g., joint pains in Dengue and Chikungunya. I firmly believe in treating a person in disease and not diseases in person. My approach is always towards an individual not considering separately. Yes, we need to improve life style, diet & exercise regimen of the patient along with medicine, to treat the modern world’s disease conditions. We also need to look into various nutritional deficiencies e.g. Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, B 12, Proteins etc. So, one should diagnose the condition keeping all aspects in consideration. Simultaneously, homoeopathy has limitation in cases where there is advanced pathology. In those conditions we can give palliative treatment and smoothen out patient’s condition.
ED: What are the toughest cases you healed with Homoeopathy according to you?
PM:  Every day we get new cases and every day we learn something new. I have seen almost all types of disease conditions ranging from skin to neurology to cancers in my 13 years of experience. To mention specially, I have treated many cases of primary and secondary infertility that have undergone even IUI and IVF procedures, conceived naturally after getting treated at Trikaya Homoeopathy and two of them recently delivered healthy babies in last 3 months. Also I have successfully treated well the cases of Acute & Chronic Renal Failure, Nephrotic Syndrome, Lichen Plannus, Molluscum Contagiosum, Autism, PCOD, Fibroids etc.
ED: What is your say with regards to ongoing FTC statement: “Homoeopathic remedies now require disclaimer saying they are not scientific”
PM: “Do we need to get shaken up by these statements?” If we are worried by these statements that means we do not trust our own science. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, spent his whole life proving the efficacy of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is based on fixed principles and laws. Did we stop practicing at our clinics? Did homoeopathic pharmaceutical companies stop manufacturing medicines after this criticism? NO !!
Homoeopathy is a science to be adapted in future by almost every person. This criticism seems to be planned against homoeopathy by the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard them from being hit commercially as Homoeopathy being the second most practiced complementary and alternative system of medicine globally. Within India, there is 59% shift to homoeopathy by a recent study conducted by IMRB. Homeopathy has thousands of peer-reviewed, scientific studies, but yet to be accepted at large.
My say is rather than getting provoked by such criticising statement; we must converge our research to priority areas to have more number of studies on particular aspects, to strengthen the “validity” and “reproducibility” so that evidence based practice should be so strong that no one dare to move the pillars. Need of the hour is we should stand in unity to conduct research trials and drug proving.
ED:  Homeopaths (in general) do not tell the name of the medicines that has been given? Is it justifiable? Many patients with history of believing in contemporary medicine undermine it and say ‘Homeopaths just boast and do little’. Comment.
PM: At Trikaya Homoeopathy we do not have any such kind of practices. Each patient of Trikaya gets detailed prescription. According to me it is not justifiable when doctors do not tell the name of medicines to patients. I think patient has all the rights to know that what he/she is consuming. Also, when due to any reasons patients change the doctor sometimes due to change of location or to have a second opinion; the current doctor is unable to have previous medical history. Many a times I get patients who are under homoeopathic medicines from months to years , I ask them “What medications  you were taking ?” ; the answer is Doctor gave us some sweet pills and a few liquid drops . But we don’t know the names. At this point of time it’s very difficult for me to understand whether patient is having his original symptoms or medicine induced symptoms (as he or she has consumed kilos of sweet pills in so many years).
And for those patients with history of believing in contemporary medicines who say Homoeopaths just boast and do little; I want to say that there is much more in this science than the common ailments, where we offer best, gentle and safe cure /treatment over contemporary medicines. Yes we should refrain from statements like” homoeopathy can treat all sorts of diseases” because every science has some limitations. When, we provide best services by staying in our scope that’s not boasting. The two main aspects, “evidence based homeopathy” and “scientific research in homeopathy” must be followed at every level.
It’s our duty to educate patients about our great science and about efficacy of homoeopathy in treatment of various ailments.
In the recent past at Trikaya Homoeopathy, we treated several cases of dengue and Chikungunya successfully, although in these kind of acute viral illnesses patients get panic and rush to hospitals but homoeopathy has an effective treatment for them too.
ED: Do you use any homoeopathic software in your clinic? Discuss its utility?
PM: Yes, I usually use ‘COMPLETE DYNAMICS’ at my clinic. Complete repertory has been my all time favourite repertory. Roger Van Zandvoort has dedicated his whole life for a wonderful creation. It’s easy to find a rubric with its help and every day I get to learn some new rubrics in my practice. It saves my time in the case analysis process and there are unique tools to search remedy gradation. With one click you can find out that how many symptoms are covered by one remedy and you can specify the grade too i.e. how many symptoms with highest grade are covered by one remedy & vice versa. I refer Phatak’s concise repertory & Boericke repertory for specific cases. I can refer to different Materia Medica books through it. My final selection of remedy depends upon knowledge of materia medica.

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