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Exclusive Interview of Dr A.O. Dahad , Principal, SNJBs Smt K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College


Dr. A.O. Dahad

SNJBs Smt K. B. Abad Homoeopathic Medical College,
Shri R. P. Chordiya Hospital &
Bhamashah Shri V. D. Mehta Dev-Vijay P. G.
Institute of Homoeopathy & Research centre
Neminagar, Agra Road, Chandwad 423 101 (Nashik)

After having graduation from Pune University, I came in the academic field in 1993 & continuing in the same institute with some short exception of other institute. In 2005 I did my P.G. in Organon from Amaravati University. Since beginning I am in the Organon department to learn & sharing me in Organon, several papers published in listed journal & presented in conferences.
I have worked on different committees of Dept. of AYUSH, CCH, CCRH, various universities of our country & in the Institute. Also organized state conference (2009) & National conference (2016) as an organizing secretary, which were grand successful.
Presently working as Professor & Principal in our Institute, as advisor to IIHP (the oldest, premier national organization), editor to Rational Physicians (Quarterly journal by IIHP) & Member, BOS, Homoeopathy at MUHS. I am recognized Ph. D. Guide & PG teacher at MUHS.
About Institute
Our institute established in 1928 & Hom. College started in 1989. Since then we are not only creating graduate physicians but nurturing them as ethical, moral & making true practitioner of healing art, as motto of our institute is, ‘Latest & modern education with Gurukul Sanskar’.
10th April is my precious day, not simply to pay the tribute to our master but remembering that I have taken Hahnemannian oath and students of our institute also assuring on the same day by ‘oath ceremony’ after graduation.
About the present scenario of Homoeopathic education differences of opinion may be but according to need & circumstances it is modified & upgraded and India is the world leader in it. But in research our pace is very slow & it is due to combined effect of patronization, apathy, resources & infrastructure. Also the nature of science in comparison with other streams pulls back the authenticity.
To break up this vicious circle of low merit students with poor quality are unable to give the appropriate result in practice with Homoeopathy as well to up lift the standard, parallel with other streams some drastic / unpleasant steps like eligibility criteria during admission should be modified & must be uniform. The institutes also should improve themselves for their survival. Institutes can take extra efforts in the form of,
–          Social awareness about health care & Homoeopathy in particular.
–          Motivation to students & faculty in the form of appreciation / awards / rewards etc.
–          Various competitions of debate / Quiz / elocutions etc.
–          Additional training for research to students / faculty in the form of workshop / CME / ROTP /                                entrepreneurship program etc.
–          Symposiums, seminar & Conferences etc.
–          Remedial measure for week & fail students in the form of extra coaching, tutorials etc.
–          For decent OPD inflow we can organize,
social awareness program through various media, special lecture for small group directly at their door step to prove the scope of Homeopathy and conducting clinical trials in general & epidemics in particular with Homoeopathic management, so that we can incur the social status & dignity to the fraternity which reciprocally attract the people.
All these efforts we are imparting since long back because of that we have created a unique status to our institute which is beneficial to all. We are looking forward to do more work particularly in epidemics & emergencies to explore the homoeopathy as a tool which is cost effective & also to take care of society to improve the overall health status.
Long live Homoeopathy!

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