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Exclusive Interview of Dr A K Gupta ( President, Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI), Delhi State)

Dr Abha (ED): How and when did you first become acquainted with homeopathy?
Dr A K Gupta (AG): I became acquainted with homeopathy in my childhood itself. When I was in school, my elder brother Dr.V.K.Gupta was studying Homeopathy in late 1960s.
(ED): Tell us something about your journey from a graduate to a renounced speaker?
(AG): It has been a wonderful experience. I had the privilege of being student of great teachers like Dr. KPS Bakshi, Dr. D.P.Rastogi, Dr.V.K.Gupta, Dr.MS Jus, Dr.P.N.Chopra, Dr.Jugal Kishore, Dr.Diwan Harish Chand, Dr.S.K.Kapoor etc. After passing out from Nehru homoeopathic Medical College, I got the opportunity to assist the legend Dr. Jugal Kishore and also my brother Dr.V.K.Gupta in clinics. I started my own practice in 1977.
Interestingly in 1978 got an interview call from Delhi Administration Dispensaries, but did not appear, though it was the first ever Govt. job with 27 posts. Strangely despite of need, I did not appear for the interview as my elder brother Dr.V.K.Gupta was to take interview as an expert, and I never wanted to be selected on that basis. I thought that people will believe that I got selected because of my brother and not on my own merit. And if I don’t get selected, it would show that I am an incompetent doctor who could not be selected despite being the brother an expert, or that there is strained relation between both brothers.  As none of this was true, so I decided not to go for interview, though people there had started saying the interview has to be made for 26 posts only, thinking mine to be confirmed . I had to listen to different kind of comments. It was a really a very difficult decision, because at that time homeopathic private practice was not easy, still I opted the tougher and uncertainty vs. secured Govt. job with better remuneration. But eventually I felt happy when I came to know that my example was given to the parents of the newcomers in homeopathy enquiring the future of their children in homoeopathy.
In 1979 which happened to be International year dedicated to Children, I presented my first paper on problem Child and Homeopathy in a Seminar where I got the blessings and appreciation from Dr. K.P.S Bakshi with whom I could share the dais as a speaker. It was the beginning of my actively participating and presenting my papers in various Seminars, Conferences at national and International levels. My first International presentation was at Singapore in 1985 in the South East Asian Homeopathic Conference, Singapore on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Homeopathy where I shared the dais with Dr.Diwan Harish Chand and Dr Farokh Master as speaker.   In this long journey had presented papers along with Dr.D.P.Rastogi, Dr, S M Singh, Dr MP Arya , Dr L.M.Khan, Dr. P.Banerji, Dr Kasim Chimtanwala  and many other renowned Homeopaths. Thereafter, I had the opportunity of presenting my papers at International Conferences of AHML, LMHI etc. in London, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Paris, Quito Ecuador, Malaysia, Japan, Rio de Janerio and Moscow etc. I really enjoy participating and presenting papers along with interacting with Homeopaths of National and International repute as it turns out to be a good learning experience.
(ED): Share your experience as President of Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) Delhi State.
(AG): As President of HMAI, Delhi State I feel a lot is to be done for the cause of Homeopathy. I strongly feel that we as Homeopaths have not been able to get a strong hold on authorities.  A thorough brain storming is required regarding this issue.  At my end I have been trying to put forward the views and concerns on all possible matters pertaining to Homeopathy and Homeopaths at large. I have tried to make the functioning of the Delhi State branch in such a way where all members feel that they learn, gain in professional experience with the seniors.  In Delhi we have started having a series of  3 CMEs in one particular subject for a better understanding and exposure to the modern techniques in diagnosis and homeopathic therapeutics, started giving members a Certificate of participation which becomes an added attraction and motivation for the young budding homeopaths.
I wish that all homoeopathic association should work to have better Media network. Incidentally Homeopathy lacks the propagation of its presence in all Media modes be it Print or Electronic. I urge to have a well dedicated committee which can work for the cause of homoeopathy and does it in a strategic manner. Though Homeopathy has lots of success rates in various difficult and so called incurable diseases but never gets publicized. All associations need to understand this and work hard to develop a good platform to highlight about homeopathy. Homoeopathic Medial Association of India, Delhi State is committed to bring Homeopathy in forefront and like to see it being used as first choice of treatment. I strongly feel that we must have a Homeopathic Centre or a Hospital where even homeopaths can refer the cases, needing investigations, regular monitoring and supervision by the experts. The difficult and incurable type cases being treated and cured here with complete evidence based should be publicized to create awareness about homeopathy and simultaneously should be able to remove the myths and misconceptions about homoeopathy too.
(ED): Your brainchild, Om-Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy & Allied Medical Sciences got the glorious accreditation in “LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS”. How are you different from others?
(AG): Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences (AKGsOVIHAMS) was started by me in 1999 in the International year of Geriatrics and was dedicated to my parents. I believed that every system has something to offer but has its limitations too. This idea I had been holding for a long time after an incident of my patient way back in 1980s. When I felt that my patient Mrs. Sagar was having Thyroid problem, so I asked her to get the Blood test done for the same. During those days Thyroid profile test was not carried out easily, it was being referred to INMAS, Timarpur and used to take long time around a month for the report to be attained. She said that if it’s ok to get the tests from AIIMS through some known source, I said fine its all the more better.
On going to AIIMS she was told by a doctor that it looks to be Cancer. Anyway the blood was taken for the test and was asked to collect the report after 3 days. Same evening she came to me worried & queried that does she have cancer, I said no. Why are you asking like that? And then she narrated the story of AIIMS. I was shocked to listen that how could anyone say like that to a patient.  All of us were shaken up by this unexpected diagnosis. For 2days the whole family lived in terror of cancer and could not eat and sleep properly.
Finally on 3rd day she along with her husband went to AIIMS with fears. When the same doctor gave the report to them and said congrats you don’t have cancer but there is certainly Thyroid problem for which he gave the Prescription and asked the patient to take it for minimum 8-9 months and report thereafter.  They were relieved to listen that there is no cancer and happily came to me in the evening and said that I was right and wondered if her problem can be treated completely with Homeopathy, as she was not inclined to take Allopathic medicines and had full faith in me because of her previous experiences. I replied in affirmative of course.  After about 4-5 months of homoeopathic treatment she felt much better in general and insisted that she seems to be fully cured, should she need to continue the treatment at that time I said fine. But we need to get the blood test done again to see the levels. Happily she agreed and went back to AIIMS for the tests. When her test reports came normal, then that doctor said that now you are ok just take the medicines prescribed by him for another 15 days and then stop it.
At this point Mrs. Sagar said that she never took the Allopathic medicines prescribed by him instead took Homoeopathic treatment from me.  Strangely to the biggest surprise and dismay of the patient, Doctor got agitated and snatched the papers from her hands and said that sometime this Thyroid problem becomes all right on its own.
Now this was the height. At one stage he said the case to be of Cancer, then prescribed Allopathic treatment for 8-9 months and now he says that Thyroid can become all right on its own instead of realizing and appreciating that there is another system of medicine Homoeopathy which has cured the patient.  When the patient came back to me and narrated the incident I felt very bad and hurt that why that doctor behaved in such a manner and felt pity for the patient. I thought had I been at his place I would have appreciated and congratulated the patient and his treating doctor. If at all there was some ego hassle then without appreciating the other system he could have said that, fine but he is not aware of the other system and cannot make any comment.
At that point the husband of the patient shared that it seems Ego or Unawareness and Unwillingness about other medical system and non cooperation of doctors are causing lots of problems for the patients at large. At this moment I thought there should be a place where doctors of different streams can work together for the betterment of patients without having any ego hang-ups.  Since then I conceived the idea of starting a setup where all systems of medicines would be available and the patients could have a cafeteria choice or the doctors could interact and see what would be the best mode of treatment for the patient. With this objective I started OVIHAMS (Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) when I could afford a place for this venture. It was started with doctors of Allopath, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy / Yoga, Acupuncture and Reiki all under one roof.
I started it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm with the sole aim of Patient’s Welfare.  Since the concept was new, I had worked very hard in organizing regular monthly Camps with integration of all systems simultaneously available to patients. We used to screen the patients and used to discuss difficult cases and tried the best possible mode with very encouraging results.  It was the first ever medical centre with difference in approach of integration started by me as a Homoeopath. In 2000 Dr.R.N.Baishya, Director Delhi Health Services visited OVIHAMS as Chief Guest on its 1st Anniversary. He liked my concept so much that after going from there he implemented the same concept in Delhi Health Services and started Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic dispensaries in Allopathic Hospitals. In that way I pioneered the concept of medical integration, which has always been the need of the hour. Then ISMH department took a shape of AYUSH in the Govt.  Off late even WHO has also started recommending about the integration. Being the unique centre of such a type OVIHAMS got recognition and accreditation in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS in 2001.
(ED): What are the scope and limitations of homeopathy in the treatment of the ailments of the modern world?
(AG):  In today’s scenario of ever increasing Life Style Disorders and serious diseases of modern world like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases , Brian Stroke, Cancers, HIV / AIDS , and Congenital diseases with increasing cases of Psychosomatic disorders have been responding to Homeopathy in majority of cases quite well. Although, Homeopathic treatment does not believe in disease oriented cases, as it provides patient oriented treatment. Nevertheless many a times Homoeopaths are confronted with a situation where they are asked: Can homeopathy treat such and such disease e.g. Cancer, Heart problem or so coming only with the reports of their patient. As I said earlier and firmly believe in the fact that Homoeopathy can treat any patient effectively with any disease. But simultaneously there is a limitation also specially in the irreversible pathological condition. The scope of Homeopathy is vast as a curative, palliative as well as complimenting treatment in treating various conditions.
(ED): What are the toughest cases you healed with Homeopathy according to you?
(AG): Though I have the privilege of treating almost all types of patients suffering from various diseases. The toughest cases had been of Neurological diseases like MND, Stroke, Hydrocephalus, Paralysis, Cancer, Renal failure, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Vitilgo, Asthma, Scleroderma, and Epilepsy etc.
(ED): How has been your experience giving lecture at various platforms across the world?
(AG): Giving lectures and presenting my clinical research papers at various platforms of the world has been very nice and satisfying experience. Though I feel and suggest that authorities and organizers should involve media to get Homeopathy  propagated properly and showcase the efficacy of homeopathy in treating many difficult diseases also along with the development in the various research activities giving new horizon and do away with the recurrent onslaughts on homeopathy from various agencies.
(ED): What is the scope of homeopathy in foreign countries and what will be your piece of advice for the homeopaths willing to practice abroad?
(AG): Scope of Homoeopathy in countries is quite bright. Though in the present scenario many negative comments have been coming from the sceptics of homeopathy, which seems to be a planned handwork of multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, despite of these many countries are regularising and giving recognition to homeopathy. Millions of people are being treated and benefited with homeopathy all around the world.  My advice to the homeopaths willing to practice abroad would be that they should be well versed with diagnosis and modern practical approach towards the treatment of the patients. They must know their limitations and refrain from any mal practices. They must keep abreast with latest research and development in the medical field and keep up with homoeopathic principles. Though it might look more lucrative but they should be prepared to face the challenges and hardship also.
(ED): How you see the future generation of Homeopaths in India, what will be your advice to them?
(AG): I feel very happy with the future generation of Homoeopaths in India. In present time I see more female students in homeopathic colleges as compare to male. This way there become some limitations for the girls to pursue as fully fledged career in practice of homeopathy by opening their clinics, which compels them to look for jobs in Charitable dispensaries etc.  Still there are many very enthusiastic and young homoeopaths taking it very seriously and are doing pretty well in their respective areas. Today running homoeopathic clinic is far more easier than from our time in 1970s by the way of acceptance among masses and with adoption of the latest technological advancements and availability of electronic tools like Computers, Homeopathic Software, Clinic management systems etc., they are equipped with.  My advice to the youngsters is that don’t make any compromise for the sake of quick and more money in the form of any kind of mal practice. Keep proper records of your patients and make it evidence based curative treatment and share it. Participate actively in homeopathic activities in your area. Organise homoeopathic and medical awareness activities.
(ED): What do you feel is the most gratifying for you as a professional – medical practice, teaching, writing or research? Or; what has been/will be your most gratifying achievement as a homeopath?
(AG): I really thank God being privileged to have the blended experience of Homeopathic Practice, Teaching, Writing and Clinical Research. The only thing I miss is the feel of a job.  As a matter of fact the most gratifying is the Homeopathic Practice, where I come in contact with patients and utilize everything possible I am in possession of knowledge, experience etc. for treatment. The most satisfying moment is when I see my patients regaining back their health and smiling. I recall my initial days of practice when I used to have sleepless night when patients would say that they are not feeling better, I would study the case and read about it to help the patient. The most gratifying achievement as a Homoeopath is when I see my patients of MND ( Motor Neuron Disease) being still alive and doing well and progressing beyond the life expectancy time given to them by the various hospitals etc.
(ED): What are your future plans?
(AG): My future plan is to carry on with my all activities as before in addition to that I intend to re-launch AKGsOVIHAMS medical centre with Homeopathic predominance and Psychology at large. To be able to help the suffering humanity in best possible manner and to work to make Homoeopathy as first choice of treatment.
(ED): Recently, Homeopathy faces criticism and claimed as unscientific in both America and Britain. Comment.
(AG):  It is very unfortunate that there had been criticism for Homoeopathy as unscientific in US & UK. As I already mentioned that these criticism seems to be a planned as sinister design to malign homeopathy by the Pharamceutical industry to safeguard themselves from being hit commercially as homeopathy users are increasing at large scale all over the world. People get treated and cured with Homeopathy, so they try to create a doubt among the users by publishing such kind of criticism and news items in papers and magazines like Lancet etc. Though in some issue it had carried article in favour of homeopathy. The Randi controversy and Homeopathy as placebo, the studies showing inefficacy of homeopathy has been not done following the basic principles of homeopathy of Individualisation. As long as the research is concerned about the dynamisation, it has been proved scientifically about the Nano- medicine.  Though we as homeopaths all around the world need to put all scientific and evidence based proofs for homeopathy in media at every possible opportunity and need to fight against the lobby of sceptics. The Pahrma industry lobby had been instrumental in cutting the share of homeopathy in NHS of Britain.
(ED): Many foreign pharmaceuticals are recommending combined homeopathic medicines for a particular condition with flamboyant advertisements. Is it advisable or creating havoc in Homeopathic world?
(AG): The flamboyant advertisements by some foreign pharmaceutical of combined homoeopathic medicines for a particular condition is certainly causing furore among the people. Some are taking it sportingly and some feel cheated. There have been products like Hydant Teething Gel for children having Belladonna as one of the ingredients might have some problem, but what was publicised that homoeopathic medicines were harmful. Now this is very funny at one point they say that homeopathic medicine does not hold any substance and is just placebo, then on the other hand it is said that homeopathic medicine is harmful. With this one can make out that the lobby against homeopathy is trying to create negativity about it all over the world.  As such if any combined medicine is being advertised it should be well tested and undergo proper drug proving, only then it can be called homoeopathic medicine. Else there is a saying that publicity is publicity through advertisements to make the name of homoeopathy known to world.  Need of the hour is to create awareness by counter rejoinders, statements, news items by the competent authorities and homeopathy lovers at large.

Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta, MD (Hom.)

Sr. Homoeopathic Consultant, Gold Medalist
  • Advisor Media, Delhi Homoeopathic Board, Govt. of Delhi
  • President- Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI), Delhi State
  • Ex.Member- Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine & Advisory Committee, Govt. of NCT Delhi
  • Founder Director – A.K.GsOVIHAMS (Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy & Allied Medical Sciences)
Awards and Accolades:
  • Global Healthcare Excellence Award 2013; Bharat Excellence Award
  • International Dr.Hahnemann Award of Millennium,Dhanwantri Award
  • Meritorious Award, Homoeopathic Gem Award, Lifetime Acheivemnet Award
  • Appreciation Award, Dr.Mohinder Singh Memorial Award 2016
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