It  is  fifth  in line with Agaricus,  Baryta , Calcaria,  and Natrum   having  the  symptoms  of  delayed  mile  stone  that  is slow / late /delayed  healing  of  umbilical  cord,  closer of skull  bones, teething problems, late learning  to  walk, delayed development of speech of  babies, delayed  appearance  of  secondary sexual  character i.e. mostly related  with syndrome like hypothyroidism  as  well  as  early  senility , menopause etc  (of  hyperthyroidism). In  broad  sense   other   two  medicines  having  these  symptoms are obviously  Sanicula and Insulinum.


THYROIDINUM  is  one  of  the  most  essential  medicine required in  our  daily  practice more  particularly for treating  the  pediatric  cases. The  application  being  extended  from  the  treatment  of  babies  even  when  in  uterus   — to  the   days  of  parturition.  But  the  use  always  want  some  close  consideration,  because  it  is  not  a  well  proved  drug. It’s  applications are only based  on  some  clinical  verification.
Below  I  am  giving  some  indications,  on  the  basis  of  which  I  prescribe  this  remedy  almost  regularly.

  • We think  about  Agaricus M.  when the  patient  come  with weakness of mind, mental defect, committing mistake of learning and spelling, mischievous,  showing rage, strength increased when (Bell), chilly , must stay near to stove (Tub Bov ). Awkwardness,jerking twitching while awaking (Ignatia ,  Ferrum  P), convulsion when awake, convulsion with frothy discharge from mouth. Fearlessness  is a  symptom  of Agar. ,  but  in  Kent’s  repertory  there  is  no such  rubrics,  probably  it  is  related  with  destructiveness  with  (Carc.,  Stram.  Proteus  etc.)
  • We do  consider  Baryta Car , when dwarfishness  became  more  prominent  in    psycho-somatic  level. Dull  mentality  is  the  key  symptoms  of  Baryta Carb.  Here late walking  is  not  due to  any  weakness, but due  to  the  process  of late learning .Prone  to  glandular enlargements,chilly .  Premature  old  due  to  prolonged  mental exertion.
  • Calcaria ,maximum time  late learning to walk is due  to  bone  weakness, flabby structure outside but without stamina, constipated, sweating  profusely on head, fear  of animal, craving of egg, fond of swimming  Calc Phos is thin, Calc Sulph , Calc Iod  are  hot,  where  as Hepar Sulph  is the  chilly  sensitive cruel.
  • Natrum Mur  mainly late learning to talk, has  remarkable  craving   of extra salt, bitter , fear  of  sound/noise, lightning, obstinate painful constipation. Hot, wants to  take bath repeatedly.
  • Sanicula has the symptoms  of  sweating  head, fear  of  sound, downward  motion / whirl, strangury  and yellow  discharge  turns  to  green.
  • Insulinum shows  best  result  when  there is history  of  glycemia  during  gestation  period or symptoms  of  Insulin Resistance  State  Hypo/Hyper thyroidism is present. Triglyceride increased in blood test, early  grey  hair.
  • THYROIDINUM is  another  remedy   of  this  group  mentioned  above  where the application is necessitated in some particular conditions as stated below :
  1. Family history of Thyroid dysfunction, Insulin Resistance State, Different  Uterine -Ovarian complaints, Diabetes, Hypertension,  Mental problems etc.
  2. If maternal history is of  hyper emesis  gravidarum, pregnancy toxemia,( edema  , albuminaturia  – hypertension – eclampsia ) ; skin  diseases , different uterine disorder as fibroid   in ovaries ,premature labour, threatened abortion.
  3. All the  psycho-somatic symptoms  of  hypo/hyper thyroidism  like  large  eye, ectomorphic / endomorphic  ,abnormal tall limbs ,fingers  and  toes (arachnodactyly), ectopia  lentis   features  of   features of  Marfan’s  syndrome, dwarfism, thickening velvety skin of neck (acanthrosis  nigricans ), goiter / enlargement of thyroid gland (with or without changes of hormonal level), exophthalmic eyes either uni/bilateral , goiter, like  constitution being  present. Extreme chilly or hot  body  without  fever,
  4. Rickety child, undescended  testicle*(not curable by medicine but the symptom is considered for selection of the medicine during treatment of other constitutional problems).
  5. Chronic G I Tract  disorder. Excessive  vomiting   with  or  without  extreme  prostration, deathly pallor, cold  extremity.
  6. Dust allergy, tendency  to  catch  cold , manifestation  towards  slightest  weather  changes, respiratory spasm,  bronchial asthma
  7. Convulsion without  fever,   aggravated   on  touching  cold  ( Ferrum  Phos)
  8. Different Skin  problems. Urticarial  itching  ameliorated by external  heat (Ars Alb)
  9. Extreme hot or  chilly.  Hungry, desires  sweet  and  cold drinks,
  10. Cardio-vascular symptoms palpitation  with  tachycardia / bradicardia, arrhythmias as atrial fibrillation or ectopic beats , high systolic hypertension with low diastolic pressure ( increases pulse pressure) etc.  H/o thyroid crisis  physical , mental exhaustion, delusion/mania, dehydration, ketosis, cardiac failure / tachycardia, inability to control the temperature with hypertension.
  11. Female genital symptoms are also important as irregular delayed /early menstruation ( Nux V.); amenorrhea or scanty menstruation, inflammation of joints without fever during mens; mental changes during period, after delivery ;pruritus vulva , post partum hemorrhage. With anemia etc.
  12. This medicine also proved effective in some conditions as falling  of  hair  from  any particular or extensive  zones  ( as  alopecia totalis or universalis ),conjunctivitis from least cold, itching of rectum, eczema, eruption on palm and sole, severe itching ( Psorin)  Insomnia with constant uncontrollable anxiety  (Ars . Alb.,  Carcin . , Nux V ) or extreme drowsiness, sleepiness (  Jels,  Nux M. ).
  13. Symptoms appears after disappearance of skin diseases   ->Asthma  -> Diabetes  ->Hypertension   -> psychological changes etc.
  14. The extensive use may demand in different chromosomal disorders as –(  a)Down  syndrome ,  syndactyly  , more particularly . (b) Different pituitary hormone related disorders  as  Achondroplasia,  Cretinism, – hypopitutarism  e. post partum hemorrhage ( Sheehan^s syndrome ) , post operative  cases, Coma , Hypoglycemia, diabetes Insipidus  etc.

Recommended  Application Process

In homeopathy every judicial application, always carry only a particular  procedure,as , having some similarities of uncommon rare  strong mental and physical symptoms between patient and medicine . Thyroidinum  , merely is a  clinically proved medicine  and utility of its regular application in daily practice can be:

  1. Pregnancy history ,family history , vomiting diarrhea , skin diseases, cold allergy and either or mixed symptoms of both hypo and hyperthyroidism  like symptoms appeared  ( constitutional  use).
  2. Where symptomatic medicine not acted properly, partially, or when symptomatic medicine relieved well, but patient not improved totally as demanded by physician    ( complementary / cognate )
  3. Acts as a prophylaxis where family history of thyroid dysfunction being present ,  and / or when a few symptoms of thyroid complaints being appeared within a  patient with poor clinical support ( presence  of  different  thyroid  related   symptomology) ..
  4. During the treatment  of constitutional  problems of  the  baby  on  the  breast,  I  always  prescribed  a  single  medicine  to  the  mother  and  the  babies  at  a  same  time,  considering  that  the  symptoms  of  the  baby  is  nothing  but  the  symptoms  of  mother  or  opposite  or  accounted  the  symptoms  of  both  as  an single  unit  (  example =   mother  had  fear  of  sound  and  baby  had  yellow  stool  turn  to  green  ==  Sani ) .
  5.  In  such  condition  the  process  of  administration  of  medicine  is —to—take  the  advised  quantity  of  medicine  (  either  half  spoon  or  one  mark  of  bottle  in  100  ml  of  water  and  after  gentle  starring  , applied  one  spoon  to  patient  and  one  spoon  to  the  other (  mother / attainder).  This  process  should  be  continued  in  relieving  condition,  that  is until  the  progressive  improvement  being    About  the  succession  —-, we  should  not  give  more  then  eighty  stroke  to  a  phial.

Some Clinical Case Reports :

  • A Case of Baby Diarrhea Of Diabetic Mother: Thyroidinum  = Case no.- K/67/257, Baby girl of one year and seven months  came on 18.12.95 , with complaints of DIARRHOEA , loose offensive undigested pale stool four to five times a day since five to six days and subsequent vomiting  of undigested food  matter, daily six to seven times for two days. During the pregnancy , the mother had hyperglycaemia, the baby was flabby. Thyroidinum  0/1 eight  doses three  hourly relieved  the  condition as reported on 18. 09. 95.
  • A Case  of  Mastocytosis  Cured  by  Thyroidinum   :  -B/72/30,  A  baby  boy  of  seventeen  days  came  on  06. 96 with  diffuse  skin  eruption  ( ? Mastocytosis / urticaria pigmentosa ) throughout  the  body.  The  baby  had  no  other  remarkable  symptoms  except  mother’s h/o  skin problems  during  the  period  of  gestation and  according  to  this  history  I  prescribed  Thyroidinum  0/1  eight  doses  twice  daily.  On  21 . 07.  96 the  mother  reported  of  improvements  and  0/2 , 0/3 followed.  On  28 . 11. 96  the  mother  again  brought the baby  with  otalgia and  reported  cure of  the  previous  problems.
  • Cold with Otorrhoea:  Thyroidinum := Case no. B/55/ 204,  A male infant of sixth months, came on 05. 07. 1991, with  the problems of nasal CORYZA, congestion of lungs, staining before urine and  thick white offensive  OTORRHOEA . During gestation  his mother had pimpular rashes over the whole body, edema legs and pruritus vulva. THYROIDINUM 0/1 , 0/2 , eight doses  of each potency applied three  hourly,cured the problems. On 31. 07 the baby was again brought to me with complaints of Fever , Loose motion , yellow stool turned to green and staining before urine ( old symptoms ) and SANINULA  200 , two  doses cured him off.
  • A case of Green Diarrhea cured by Thyroidinum :Case no K/G/254, A male  baby of ten months came on 07. 07. 2000, with  occasional  loose  greenish stool, sneezing after eating, tendency of handling the penis (as observed by me). The boy was sweaty, used to lie on abdomen, fond of music, irritable obstinate,  desire for cold food . His eye brows were thin, large head. The first conception of  couple was miscarriage at three  months, and the baby was second conception. In   family H/o asthma, blood sugar was present. On examination his weight: 7kg, congested ches , open penis noted. I selected THYROIDINUM , on considering the symptoms of poor physical growth, persisting diarrhea, sneezing. F/H/O blood sugar  and applied in 30 ©, sixteen doses once daily in successive method. On 11. 03 .01 the patient again came to me with 5 kg. of weight, and anorexia.
  • Intolerance to Egg :Thyroidinum :  Case  B/M/18,  A male baby, aged  three  years , came  on  15.  11.  89  with Anorexia, loose  stool  three  to  six time  daily, especially  after  eating;  intolerance  of  egg, and vegetable which  caused  loose  stool. Patient  was  hot, had profuse  sweat, thirstless, weight  13  kg.   Previously  the  baby  boy  used  to  come  in  my  clinic  with  problems  of  diarrhea,  cold  RTI  repeatedly, now/then I  chose  Thyroidinum   according  to  the  symptoms  of  excess  of  sweat plus  intolerance  to  egg/ allergic,  and  hot  constitution ( Ars: Chilly ) .  On  16.  12.  89  parents reported  about  his  cure.
  • A Case  of   Allergic  Dermatitis , HBP , Rheumatism,  and  Urticaria  cured  by  Thyroidinum : Case   B/63/242, A male  69  years  of  age  ,  came  on  17.  11.  94  with  cold  and  allergic  eruption  on  back,  rheumatic  joints  that  aggravating  at  moon  phase.  Other  symptoms  were  B.P.-150/90,  pulse  88  p/m.,  tongue – dry thick  yellow  coated  at  middle,  edges  are  clean,  with  imprint  of  teeth ;  thirst   —little  quantity  at  long  intervals ; appetite  + ; stool  –  clean ; polyurea;  sweat  on  exertion  specially  at  back ;  lies  on  right  on  bending  knees ;  hot  constitution;  desire  for  salt , sweet,  meat ;  prefers  loose  clothing ; sun heat  intolerance, ;  active  memory;  past  h/o  skin  diseases  at  winter  ;  left  sided  sciatica  better  to  lie  on  opposite  side. Thyroidinum  0/2  once  daily  prescribed .   On  28.  11.  94  the  patient  came  with  erysipelas/herpes like skin  eruption  on  back  with normal  B P ( 120/80  )  and  Rhus  Tox  6  ,  four  doses prescribed for present complaints.

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  • Homeopathic Medical  Association Of  India  West  Bengal  Branch,  for  publishing my  first  English  article  that  gave  me  immense  pleasure  and  huge  courage.
  • Frederik  Schroyens  for  considering  the  matter  to  be  included  in  The  Synthesis.
  • Dr S  P  Dey, who  taught me the use of  the  medicine  practically and gave me tips to  cure asthma  and different  allergic conditions.
  • And my parents and patients who offered  their  belief and confidence.

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