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Insurance scheme for homoeopathic treatment launched

Ghana’s first health insurance scheme for homoeopathic care has been launched in Accra.
The scheme, launched by the C4C Homeopathic Hospital, is the set to promote access to alternative healthcare. Homoeopathy is the use of unorthodox means of treating ailments in a holistic way.
The scheme so far has a subscription base of 2,000 subscribers. The 1-year coverage policy covers hospital cards, consultation, lab scan, and physiotherapy.
Speaking to the media after the launch of the scheme, the CEO of the C4C Homeopathic Hospital, Dr. Michael Kyerematen, underscored the importance of alternative medicine in the treatment of ailments.
He decried the high charges imposed by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) on the registration of homoeopathic drugs, and called the government to appoint practitioners to serve on the FDA board to facilitate the delivery of alternative health care in the country.
“… when you come to the FDA, you have someone representing herbal medicine but not alternative medicine, and I see it as a reason why you got the FDA for registration of homeopathic drugs, it cost higher, where herbal and orthodox medicine goes for $100, homeopathic drugs go for $3,600, and I see it as a way of hindering the progress of homeopathic treatment in Ghana.”
“Once we get someone to represent the interest of alternative medicine on the food and drugs board, it will go a long way to help…These are areas that I think the government should look at. The Indian government is really making a lot when it comes to this sector and I believe that if the government looks at this area, it will be helpful,” he said.
Dr. Michael Kyerematen further revealed that the hospital is collaborating with other established Homeopathic centers in India and the US to ensure that its insurance scheme is sustained.

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