There are no ‘theories’ or ‘principles of practice’ in homoeopathy !  [We find in the market books on principles and theories of homoeopathy!]  Everything is practical and practical only. It is like learning swimming or car driving.  To learn swimming you are first made to get into the water.  You do not read a book on swimming page after page sitting at home; so also, to learn car driving, you are first made to sit on wheels!


Without a good teacher along with actual cases seen with our naked eyes it is impossible to learn homoeopathy.   Let us now explain this:
In the remedy Lycopodium we read, “ in nearly all cases where Lycopodium is the remedy some evidence of urinary or digestive disturbance will be found.”  (Boericke’s Mat. Med.) Does this mean that the remedy Lycopodium is not useful in other diseases?   The meaning of this is something different and unless a very good teacher is by your side you may not understand its significance.
Case: A mind-affected person of forty-five years stopped going to office.  Even for going to the toilet he wants the company of someone etc.   During case taking, the patient remarked:  “Doctor, do not give medicine for my mind.  Give me medicine to improve my stomach, digestion etc. Only when my stomach  gets upset do all the mind symptoms flare up.”
Again, under the remedy Gossypium we read, “A powerful emmenagogue…” (Boericke). What does this mean?  We only cure the patient and so delayed or suppressed menses would be cured and the patient would start getting regular menses.  Only by seeing an actual case can one learn the meaning and significance of what Boericke means.
Case:  A forty year old lady walked in complaining of breathlessness, body pain etc.   Since whatever she told was vague we asked about her menses.  Immediately she spurted out, “Doctor, only when my monthly periods is delayed I get all these bloated feeling in abdomen, body pain etc.  Therefore,  better give me medicine to regularize the monthly cycle.”
Boericke’s mat. med. is written in the language of the patient.
Unless you are an unprejudiced observer and you carefully listen to the patient, you cannot have any success.

A case well taken is half cured.

[The unique and salient feature of homoeopathy is found in trauma cases.  Whatever may be the condition after an accident, the patient is back to work in twenty-four hours (excepting, of course fractures)]
Arnica! Arnica!!  Is it the only remedy in homoeopathy for trauma?
From the time of Dr.   Hahnemann itself till the present day, Homoeopathy has been enveloped into clouds of mysterious obscurities.   No! Homoeopathy is an exact and accurate science.   Precision and versatility is its culture.   No one can use his whims and fancies to distort or mutilate it.
Whether a beginner or the so-called experienced or senior homoeopath, he prescribes Arnica for all cases of accidents and that is the end of his knowledge.  No.  Homoeopathy is an exact and accurate subject.

  1. Arnica is for blow on single part of the body. It stops the bleeding, removes swelling and pain in no time.
  2. Railroad accident. A person falls down rolling  from a speeding bus or train, or his speeding two-wheeler skids on the road and he falls down rolling down or his body getting twisted.  The whole framework of his body is rocked.  In other words the spinal cord is twisted. This calls for the remedy Cicuta virosa and no amount of Arnica would be of any use.  Cicuta virosa is for railroad accident.
  3. A person falls down hitting the occipital region of his head while trying to get from behind into a running jeep. He becomes unconscious, hospitalized and after a few days discharged hoping that everything is okay.  Six months later his whole left side is paralysed.  The remedy is Phosphorus and Phosphorus only.  It is foolish and ignorance to give Arnica.   Phosphorus is for injury to occipital region.
  4. A sudden sit down injuring the coccyx bone. It is Hypericum and not Arnica.
  5. One actual cured case may not be out of place here. A person falls from  fifty feet high place  with bleeding etc.  Was hospitalized.  His fracture etc. got healed and after six weeks in hospital, he is not able to walk and doctors say they cannot do anything.   Brought home and they tried one homoeopath after another in Bangalore; daily doses for weeks and months;  no effect.

A reader of my book (he has no knowledge of homoeopathy) buys one dram pills of the remedy Millefolium-10M, goes to the patient , puts a pill into his mouth saying that the next day he could get up and walk.  And it happened. [See Boericke’s Mat.Med.–Millefolium.  Bad effects from fall from a height.’]  The earlier homoeopaths had tried Arnica and Arnica.  Is there no other remedy in homoeopathy for traumatic causes?
Boiling tea is accidentally flashed on the face and the lady lost vision in both her eyes.  A routinist gave Cantharis and no effect.  One single dose of Carbolic Acid-200 restored her vision in a few minutes.  [See Calvin B. Knerr’s REPERTORY OF OUR GUIDING SYMPTOMS OF MATERIA MEDICA—GENERALITIES—Injuries—Burns—extensive: Carb-ac.   Carbolic acid is when deeper tissues are affected.]
The foetus is found dead at the eighth month of pregnancy.  Before taking the patient to the theatre one SINGLE dose of Cantharis-10M was given and without any surgery or instrument the dead child was expelled in no time without any complication  [See Calvin B. Knerr’s REPERTORY—PREGNANCY—foetus; expels dead: Canth, Cimx., Puls]
Has the governments of any country banned the use of Knerr’s Repertory and Boericke’s Mat. Medica?
Has any college or government prohibited homoeopaths from reading the preface and introduction in the book THE ACCOUCHEUR’S EMERGENCY MANUAL  by Dr. W. A. Yingling?
Why is no practitioner making use of Knerr’s,  Lilienthal, Yingling’s, Boericke, Hering etc?  I have been making extremely thorough, exhaustive and accurate use of the following reference works and I have hardly failed in any case.
(a) Kent’s Repertory
(b) Boericke’s Repertory & Mat.Med.
(c) Samuel Lilienthal’s Homoeo Therapeutics
(d) Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory
(e)  The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling
(f)  Hering’s GUIDING SYMPTOMS (10 Volumes)
If and when I fail to find a remedy for a patient with the use of one or more of the above reference books, I would certainly look for books by other authors.  So far, there has been no need for me.  No author of any book has excelled the above six authors.  Why not use these instead of looking elsewhere?
Let me quote three cases successfully cured WITH ONE SINGLE DOSE by using Hering’s Guiding Symptoms:
CASE 1: A patient consulted me for constipation. Laxatives and purgatives were said to be of no use. He further said that for several years he had been taking daily anticonvulsant drug for epilepsy and if he stops it, he would get convulsions. The following symptom under the remedy Opium (in HERING’S GUIDINGSYPMPTOMS OFOUR MAT.MED.) agrees with this case:
“…Increased irritability and action in voluntary muscles,
with diminution of it in involuntary muscles…”
When the intestine is full with faeces, urging is not felt (involuntary muscles.) In the instant case these muscles are not functioning. Movement of limbs is controlled by voluntary muscles and he gets convulsions in them (increased irritability and action).  Opium-10M one single dose cured his constipation and he was asked to stop anticonvulsant drugs; he did so and to his surprise convulsions did not appear.
CASE 2:  A patient showed his right leg with ulcer. He got injured a few months earlier but so far it did not heal in spite of best medical treatment. After a pause, the patient continued, “Doctor, ever since the accident I feel numbness in my right upper arm and I am unable to use it freely. Has this non-healing of wound in my leg anything to do with numbness in my arm? But my arm was not hurt in the accident.”
Again, in Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, the following sentence under the remedy
Pulsatilla agrees with this case:
… depression of vital power on one side
and increased irritability on the other…
Pulsatilla-10M, one single dose, cured both the ulcer on the leg and numbness of the arm.
CASE 3:  A patient came in with pain in the femoral part of urethra and backache. It was worse while riding the two-wheeler. He showed his medical file (given by allopathic hospital) and therefrom we noted the following points:
hydroureteronephrosis—Left kidney;
pain in femoral part of urethra;
pain in sacral region.
His complaint (pathology) is in ureter but he has pain in femoral part of urethra and sacrum. This is something rare-strange-peculiar. Both these painful places are at the same distance from the seat of affection—ureter.
Under the remedy Belladonna (HERING’S GUDING SYMPTOMS) we find the following:
“Inflammation of internal organs… The inflammation
… runs in radii as it extends to adjacent parts.”
(Femoral part of urethra and sacrum are more or less at equal distance from his left ureter).
Belladonna-10M, single dose, cured him.
CASE 4: Two years after the above case, a lady came to me for cervical spondylitis.
These patients get pain normally in the neck extending to head or one upper limb. Strangely this patient complained of unbearable pain in both shoulder tips. (Both shoulder tips are at the same distance away from the cervical vertebra.) Belladonna-10M, single dose cured her.
CASE 5: Let us now examine what is meant by uncommon symptoms: Some of the most useful uncommon physical symptoms cannot be classified under any head in the repertory or homoeo software and so it is better to learn them by rote.
Under the remedy Ignatia (in Boericke Mat. Med.) we find the words “great contradictions.” A haemorrhoid patient said at the end of the consultation. [Remember, in most cases, after the narration is over and after a pause, the patient leans forward towards you and with wide open eyes exclaims and this is the time he is going to throw out an ‘uncommon symptom.’] “Doctor… one thing. Everyone says that pain, bleeding etc. in piles would increase while straining when constipated; but my case is different. I do not get pain or bleeding whenever I strain during constipation. But during loose bowel movement I get both burning and bleeding.”
Ignatia-10M, one single dose cured him.
The following diseases can be cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy viz., Crotalus-horridus-10M.
 Hepatitis b-virus, Infective hepatitis (Jaundice), Jaundice after blood transfusion, Septicaemia, Haemophilia (Bleeders), uncomplicated cases of Leukaemia.  Many readers may ask as to how one and the same remedy can cure many diseases.  Dear reader, the terminology used in homoeopathy is something different from all other medical systems. The key-note for use of the above said remedy is as under:
DISEASES OF BLOOD THAT THREATEN THE LIFE OFTHE PATIENT can be cured completely and permanently with one single pill of the homoeopathic remedy Crotalus horridus.  We have cured the above diseases with one single pill of Crotalus-horridus-10M.  No need to repeat at all.  Rate of success:   more than 95%.

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