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Enter the dragon

Welcome. You have entered the dragon. It’s time to excel and earn in what you have learned in BHMS and MD. You studied a lot. Now your parents expect a lot. Time to exhibit your ability to taste success is now. Establishing as a doctor is like entering the dragon.
The boys are lucky. They can hire a shop, buy medicines and start testing their luck immediately. They deserve support of parents. Support is for girls also but it has other side of the toast. Their parents would not invest in clinic. Girls have to be married. After marriage, such investments will go waste. If girl is married out of town or her husband is not a doctor, the investment in clinic is a disaster. Most of boys/girls find shelter of some charitable institute. Many work under experienced homoeopaths to get experience. It is not that easy. Whether it is own clinic, a charitable institute or working under a senior doctor, the learning and then gaining fame of correct- cure is an uphill task. Let us make it decent ascends. Here are few tips.
Selection by totality of symptoms as taught in colleges is complicated, requiring practical wisdom and analytical comprehension. This method is not for new comers.

  1. Use of specifics and Biochemics

You must get initial success by your first prescription otherwise the patient would not return. Better to keep aside all theory learned in college. Now think of pathology method. Here is E.B. Nash to support you. ‘We should try to discourage the disposition to quarrel over symptomatology and Pathology. Neither can be ruled out and it is foolish for our school to divide on such a bone of contention.’
When the patient comes, he tells about the ailment first. If it is URTI complaint, examine the chest and throat to find out throat condition and congestion, wheezing, cough etc. Recall specific remedies for throat and chest. If it is throat/tonsil infection, give Bell 6, in frequent one hour doses for next five hours. This is for first day. For next three days, give the patient same Bell 6/TDS and add Ferrum Phos 6xTDS for taking after 15 minutes of Bell. After three days, you will find patient improved.  Now study the case as per theory, totality of symptoms.  Select a remedy.
It is the initial success that matters. Patient will come again because he was relieved in the first three days.
If it is chest congestion, wheezing, coryza, cold, sneezing, give Aco 6 in the same manner as for Belladona above. Instead of FP, give Bio 6. Tell the patient to come after three days.  You will get success. Now lodge the case with totality of symptoms and find a remedy. In simple fever, remember mixture ABCS. Put Aco 30, Bry 30, China 30 and Sulph 30, two drops each in one phial of globules. Tell the patient to take it four times a day. Give Bio 11/QID. If throat is also involved with fever, replace Bryonia with Belladona in the mixture. Now do not tell me that it is poly-pharmacy. Remember you are new in the field and your aim is success.  Please remember that I am proposing poly-pharmacy only in the case of fever and discourage it in other diseases. Never forget to tell patient to take *crocin when the fever is above 101.
I have been practicing the above tips since decades and failures are very less. If you happen to be in Delhi, you better contact Friends Homoeo Charitable Society, sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi-16. They may oblige you with list of initial drugs for practice of new comers. It is published by the society on their calendar of 2015 this year. It is a great research work of senior doctors and one of them was Late Dr. Harbans Lal Bhatia, one of the founder members of South Delhi Homoeopathic Association.
Use specifics and find out specifics for the organs. Examples, Aesculu for engorged haemorroidal veins, Aurum Mur Natro for Uterine tumors and sterility, Ceanothus for Splenic, Chelidonium  for Liver, Chenopodium sang-n and Hekla lava for Jaws etc. If bladder is involved, think of Equisetum. When you think of Equisetum, you are reminded of pains after mictruition. Pain after mictruition reminds you of Beriberi vulgaris, Sarsaprilla and Thuja. You have a choice between four medicines now. Select one remedy after comparing symptoms.
2.Nash’s method.
Remember trios of Nash (restlessness; Aconite, Arsenicum, and Rhus tox;  Burners: Phosphorus, Arsenicum, and Sulpher and so on). There are many other trios which can be easily memorized. If you have a case of vertigo, see the index and you will find chapter of Ipecac. You have simplified repertory on one page. One can memorize them easily. Keep this book on your clinic table.
3.Lippe’s method.
Good off-hand prescribing can be done in simple uncomplicated cases if we have fixed in our minds, for ready use, the characteristic symptoms of a disease.  Memorize characteristic symptoms of the disease and then check them in your selected medicine. For this method, keep a book of ‘Allen’s key Notes’ on your table.
4.N.M. Chowdhury’s method.
If you are stuck up between two selected remedies, just follow his method of comparing modalities. Take Apis and Rhus tox for example. ‘Apis is right sided with pain and redness. Rhus is left sided with itching and burning pain. Apis is relief by cold and aggravated by heat. Rhus is relief by hot application and worse from cold.’ What an easy method to remember by a comparison. Allen’s key notes will help you here also to compare modalities.
Conclusion: If you find the above suggested  methods useful, attempt them. Success is yours. If it is failure, you have your theoretical method of symptomatology learned in college. To get success, you have to discard something that has lesser priority in our thinking. If you feel that you have entered the dragon successfully, make more of experiments. Great Hahnemann succeeded only after hundreds of experiments. Easy or uneasy is a matter of individual thinking.

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