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Ferrum group

Latin word Iron
Symbol Fe
Group VIII A
Series 4
Atomic no 26
Atomic weight 56


The ancient Greeks administered iron to their injured soldiers to improve muscle weakness.
18th century: Menghini showed that blood contains iron by lifting dried blood with a magnet
1872: Boussingault described the nutritional importance of iron
1892:  Bunge described special vulnerability of infants to iron deficiency and noted that milk is a poor source of iron
by 1960s: physiology and clinical nutrition was largely completed


Iron is an essential bio-element for most forms of life, from bacteria to mammals.
Most common element on earth, forming much of earths
Outer and –inner core.
Grayish or silvery white metal, lustrous
Malleable and ductile
Good conductor of heat and electricity
In finely divided states they are very good catalysts
Can absorb hydrogen
It is an oxygen carrier
It is a trace element


Functions Haemoglobin formation
Oxygen transport and storage
Electron transport and energy metabolism
Oxidation and reduction
Cellular respiration
Transport iron
Transferrin form
Storage iron
Iron forms in diet


Ferrous most soluble form
Absorption is increased by amino acids, ascorbic acid, hydrochloric acid,organic

Mineral interactions

Cu deficiency causes iron accumulation
High doses of iron supplements taken together with zinc on empty stomach decreases absorption of zinc.
Deficiency causes iron deficiency anemia

Deficiency signs
Angular stomatitis
Iron poisoning

Epigastric pain
Nausea and vomiting
Frequent black and offensive stool
Circulatory failure

Lab findings

Redcell indices:
Low hb conc
MCV, .MCH, .MCHC decreased
Blood film:
Hypochromic microcytic
Chemical testing on serum
Serum iron decreased
Serum ferritin is very low


liver, meat, fish ,eggyolk ,wholegrains, dark green vegs, mint leaves ,coriander leaves,spinach, fenugreek leaves, colocassia leaves, fruits apples ,apricots ,pomegranate, chickoo,papaya, raisins cereals,bajra,ragi,jowar,soyabean,jaggery.
Daily requirement 12 gms daily
Infants and children 10-15 mg
Teenagers and females 18mg
Male 12-15 mg

Important Characteristics of Ferrum group

Ferrum is tough hard inflexible heavy
Iron is the strongest and stable metal
Ferrum persons are solid, stable
Iron on heating becomes red hot
Ferrum personalities cannot bear contradictions
Iron changes its physical form at high temperature.So, the Ferrums are changeable.
Iron corrodes
Shows deficiency of iron leading to anaemia

Direction of action centripetal
Miasm: psora and tubercular
Sphere of action

C.N.S cerebral cortex, frontal lobe hypofunction
confusion of mind
Tired, weakness mental fatigue
Eye and ear inflammation visual disturbances hearing diminished
Gut enlarged prostrate irregular menses prolapse of uterus
Sensory organs hypersensitive to external stimuli
G.I.T reduced peristalsis
Liver and Spleen enlargement
Resp system dry irritating cough
Cvs bood pressure increased, arteriosclerosis
Blood anaemia
Skin allergic dermatitis
Bones rheumatic pain in joints


Ferrum is essential for growth regeneration metabolism blood formation
Diathesis haemorrhagic blood is bright red that coagulates easily
It is a constituent of haemoglobin, myoglobin haem enzymes like cytochrome, catalase, paroxidase mitochondrial enzymes
Metabolism iron increases oxidative enzyme action
Active ions are necessary for corpora lutea which regulates menstruation
Absorption storage and excretion natural ferric ions are reduced to ferrous ions by gastric hydrochloric acid, which absorbed through small intestine. Later on ferrous ions are reconverted into ferric ions and used in haemoglobin synthesis. Iron is stored as ferritin apoferritin haemosiderin in liver, spleen, bonemarrow, reticuloendothelial, heart kidney, muscles.
Excreted through urine, perspiration, menstrual flow.
Deficiency ferrum deficiency causes decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of blood.anaemia
Retardation of growth and aplasia of thymus
Behaviour and learning problem in children
Tiredness weakness and muscular fatigue
Toxicity increase in reflex excitability then motor paralysis CNS depression decrease in bp dark discolouration of teeth injury in teeth
Offensive eructation nausea and vomiting
Gastritis with diarrhoea intestinal colic with constipation

Ailments from:

opposition, contradiction, criticism, quarrel, suppressed will, injustice, excess losss of vital fluids


Person is weak anaemic muscles are flabby and relaxed
Skin is pale waxy delicate transparent and earthy colour puffy face lips and tongue irregular distribution of blood
Temperament sanguine
Blood anaemia
Ferrum ars, ferrum iod, ferrum met, ferrum mur,ferrum phos,
Haemolytic anaemia
Ferrum ars, ferrum met, ferrum phos, ferrum sulp
Anaemia due to nutritional imbalance
Ferrum met, ferrum phos
Ph reaction neutral to alkaline
Thermal good conductor of heat and electricity
Predominantly chilly
Ferrum met and ferrum ars are chilly,
Ferrum iod hot
Sensitivity require high energy for activation
Reactivity reducing action
Fever chillstage thirst with chill
Red face cold hands wants to eat often chill at 4 am
Heat stage thirstless red face alternate with cold
Sweat profuse yellow cold
Food habits aversion to beer egg meat
Aversion to meat ferr ars,ferr iod, ferr met, ferr mur, ferr phos
Aversion to egg ferr met, ferr mur.
Desire bread earth chalk clay warm food and drinks
Mind anxious people, great irritability and anger
Violent in reaction
Indecisive, confused, incompetent
Perseverance and persistence
Ambitious, desire to succeed and achieve power, wealth and fame.
Wants sympathy
Strict, shrewd, obstinate
Will never bend or break

Physical Symptoms

False plethora
Congestion and relaxation of tissues
Ferrum has red flushing with paleness
Pale and puffy face, skin mucous membrane lips and tongue. Red parts become white and bloodless.
Pain hammering pulsating
Local congestion and inflammation
Great hunger alternating with complete loss of appetite
Generalized weakness but feels better by walking slowly
The tissues are relaxed, tendency to prolapse.
Varicose veins and hemorrhoids
Congestion and relaxation
Lack of coordination, twitching jerking and trembling.
Complaints are right sided
Haemorrhagic tendency haemoptysis, haematemesis ,menorrhagia. once bleeding starts does not stop quickly. Light blood and dark clots.
All types of menstrual irregularities
Too late ferr iod, ferr met, ferr phos
Profuse ferr iod,ferr met,ferr mur ferr sulp
Amenorrhoea ferr ars ferr iod.,ferr met
Hypersensitive to sensory stimuli like touch temperature light change of weather
Majority of symptoms start at night and are aggravated by sitting,
Feel better by slow motion
Restless sleep from frightful and unpleasant dreams
Anxious dreams ferr ars, ferr met, ferr phos,ferr mur

Some important remedies

Ferrum arsenicum
Ferrum bromatum
Ferrum citricum
Ferrum cyanatum
Ferrum iodatum
Ferrum metallicum
Ferrum muriaticum
Ferrum phosphoricum
Ferrrum sulphuricum

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