“There is not a single object in this world which has no power to cure diseases- Charak –Sutra 26:12”.
Star One channel of TV relayed a program, ‘Mano ya Na Mano’ in June 2006. It showed a person Mr. Deora of Maharashtra, a bachelor of 45 years age. He worked in Bank of Baroda as cashier. Strange about this man was his not taking food and water since last seven months. He had no health problems except that he was not getting sleep on the bed. He slept on an easy chair for about three hours only. Every morning, he was standing still in the sun with folded hands and on one leg. He meditated before the sun for an hour or more to store energy in his body for the day. A team of eight doctors had examined him but could not find the mystery of his surviving without food and water.  All the day, he worked in the bank with full energy without food or water.  He drove scooter, walked, talked and did all his office/domestic jobs whole of the day as a normal man would do.
How was this possible?
We know that sun infuses life in all the living and non-living creatures of earth but this man’s living on sun energy is still a mystery.
Solar energy as cure is well known. UV light from the sun has antiseptic properties. It is used to sanitize tools and water. It produces vitamin D and our skin can be sun-tanned.  Ultraviolet light is strongly attenuated by Earth’s ozone layer, which is partially responsible for many biological adaptations, including variations in human skin color. Working on solar energy, Jon Bohmer of a Norwegian company has developed photo therapeutic solution. It is photodynamic technology which combines a substance (photo sensitizer) with exposure to light. The photo sensitizer is in general, taken up to a larger extent by malignant cells as compared to healthy cells. As a result, the malignant cells become more light-sensitive than the healthy surrounding tissue. Solar energy is thus used for treatment of cancer. It is in experiment stage. Modern science still uses chemotherapy and radio therapy for treatment of cancer.
Homoeopathy has principle of vital force (energy) in our body. Dr. K. C. Bhanja visualizes this energy as ‘etheric’energy.  Etheric is adjective of ethereal, meaning celestial. When we stand in the sun, we see our shadow on the floor. This shadow is result of sun rays passing through our body. The energy of sun is retained inside the body and only its shadow goes out. This energy is called ‘Prana’also.  If Prana is not renewed daily by sun, it gets week and body falls ill. Doctors try to energize Prana by medicines and artificial lights (X-Ray, USG, MRI, surgery etc). If it gets very weak, it leaves the body. Most of the times, it leaves the body during nights when sun- energy is at its ebb-end. This is the reason why Most of deaths occur during nights.
These all discussions lead us to assume that solar energy and vital force are same in functioning.
Assumptions lead us to work further. Let us make some experiments to see whether solar energy can be utilized by homoeopathy. Great Hahnemann did many experiments (Aphor 286 to 281) and elevated homoeopathy. Here are few experiments suggested for the readers:
Experiment 1- Vibronics or Radesthesia
Vibronics appears to be an idea of electricity and galvanism conceived from Aphor 286 of the Organon. It is an alternative system of healing which works at curing disease by acting on
Subtle body of the life -form. Scientifically, every substance has a unique energy vibration or radiation. These vibrations are converted into remedies. It is the science of vibrations’ which consider that each substance emits unique vibrations. These vibrations can be precisely measured and, represented as geometric patterns or mathematical ratios or rates. This machine was the result of innovative scheme of ideas by scientist Dr. Melcom Rae (Yvon Combe) of France. He was an authority on magneto geometric applications. He conceived Numerical Materia Medica (NMM). It has numeric codes of base”10” number with figures from 0 to 10, numeric codes of base “44” figures from 0 to 44 and the base  “336 “ corresponds to a number with figure from 0 to 9. These base represents base “10” etheric pre – matter information, Base “44” astral pre- matter information and base “336”- mental pre – matter information. The Vibronics remedies have wide and vast sphere. The vibrations in the form of high frequency electromagnetic waves are given in a solid or liquid medium like distilled water, milk, alcohol, sugar milk or sugar pills as is done in homoeopathy. In the given vibrational- potency simulator, the substance or medicine is put in the “in” chamber. The medium like water, alcohol etc. is put in the “out” chamber and the desired potency is prepared by machine.
The selection of remedy is upon specific diseases by name. A Homoeopath has sufficient knowledge of pathology and he would get best results on this machine. Suppose a patient having coryza comes. Find the code of coryza in the NMM. Feed this code in the machine, the remedy would be manufactured.
Conclusion: I am sure that this machine can make a drug containing energy of sun-rays. Once this is made, we can use it in out medicines and find the results. This depends upon homoeopaths who are dealing with ‘Vibronics’. Till it is done, we suspend this experiment.
Experiment 2 –Color therapy   
Color therapy has direct connection with sun therapy. We know that sun light has 7 colors,   red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Colors denote the diseases. For example, red is for all blood circulatory diseases, digestion, breathing and constipation. Orange is for thyroid, green is for anxiety and blue is for skin diseases. I have given some diseases only. The list is long. Color therapist puts water in colored glass bottle with a cork, and keeps the same in the sun from 3 to 21 days according to laid procedure. When water is matured with sun energy, it is given to the patients in doses and the cure takes place.
If we follow this procedure and follow it up with our selected homoeopathic remedy, it can give good results logically. On the other hand, it would confuse us also. Was it the color therapy or the homoeopathy that cured the case? If we mix this water with homoeopathic remedy, it would be against the principles (Aphor 272-274)
Conclusion: We discard this method for time being and leave it for our homoeopathic scholars to ponder over.
Experiment 3- Solar -water therapy with homoeopathy
Solar water is the water matured under the sun. Take a 450 ml ‘white’ glass bottle. Fill it up with fresh filtered water (not R.O). Close it with cork or lid. Keep the bottle in the sun for four days in the sun. The bottle may be shifted to room after sun set and again back to the sun-rays in the following morning. The exposure of water to sun- rays should be above 36 hours.   Never put it in the fridge, under A.C or air of water-cooler. Keep it at room temperature. Let us call this water as sun-energy water (S.E.).
Suppose we have selected Nux Vomica 6 for our patient who is suffering from indigestion and constipation etc. as per symptoms. (Acute disease)
§  Take 5 ml of S.E. water from the bottle in a 5ml dropper bottle. Pour 5 drops of NV 6 in 5 ml of S.E. water.
§  Give the dropper three or four gentle and equal hand- strokes on the palm. The medicine with potential of solar energy is ready.
§  Give it to the patient, five times a day in 25 to 30 drops each dose. It should be put direct in the mouth of patient. You will get highly positive results, better than NV6 alone. If your selection of remedy is correct, it will work wonders and patient will not need any further medication.
§  If your selection of remedy were wrong, the patient would still ‘feel better’. His some symptoms might change. Select your remedy on changed symptom and give to the patient in S.E. as done earlier. This time it would surely work.
§  So far, I have tried only four medicines on many patients of acute diseases. These are Aconite, bell, nux and aloe-s. I request all readers to experiment first on Aloe-s 6 in cases of diarrhea.  In a day the loose motions will stop. Same is the case with coryza. Give Aconite 6 in the same manner.
Find out your success and record it. Who knows you may be unlocking secret of success in your practice and elevating homoeopathy. All the best.
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