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Physico-Dynamic Theory in Homeopathy Part 2

 Master Hahnemann already stated that a homoeopathic medicine acts in the dynamic or energy plane of the living organisms which is widely described in his well famous creation the ‘ORGANON OF MEDICINE’, but how this medicinal energy is formed, distribution of energy, storing of energy in the vehicle molecules and how this energy is absorbed by the living body and acts on the Vital Force and energy expression cannot be described by him. This theory ‘The Physico-Dynamic Theory’ explains it widely in mathematical way. But why did Master Hahnemann think in this regard?  He stated that a disease has a dynamic power as it can move from one organ to another organ in a living body in dynamic motion, i.e. a patient suffers from different diseases gradually one after another, i.e. the disease of Headache, Angina pectoris (Heart disease), fatty Degeneration of liver , kidney etc. Again sometime a patient has to suffer an alternative disease i.e. congestion of brain and Heart alternates. In this case, when an Allopathic Medicine is administered, then one symptom disappears, but another symptom comes. In this way, in allopathy a patient cannot be cured completely, only palliates. Then he realized the dynamic effect of diseases. He also thought that if a medicine is prepared in dynamic way, the dynamic energy or energy will be produced in the medicinal vehicle molecules which after administration on the patient, will work in the dynamic plane and if the dynamic energy of the medicine becomes greater than that of the dynamic force of the disease, then the disease will be annihilated from the body and permanent cure will be possible. By the by, he explained this theory in aphorism 26 (Organon of Medicine). This implies:
A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by the stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations.” This is called the Homoeopathic Law of Nature. Then he discovered the theory ‘Doctrine of Drug Dynamization. In this theory, he established the different types of scales for preparations of medicines;
i)                    Centesimal Scale
ii)                  Decimal Scale
iii)                50 millisimal Scale.
So, during the preparation of the different medicines how energy is formed is widely described in my Hypothesis.
Now, how medicines act in the living organism?
To explain this question vital force will be arisen. The definition of vital force given by Master Hahnemann is as follows. According to Hahnemann, the vital force can be defined as the self-acting, automatic spiritual force (invisible) which organizes the bodily system in the living organism.
Vital Force =         Body     +      Mind       +      Spirit
Now, if the vital force is primarily deranged by the morbific or noxious agent, then innumerable number of diseases is produced in living body in the forms of signs and symptoms through the material body. So, in order to cure the patient vital operation is done by the administration of the artificial morbific agent (medicine) in proper way. So, when the vital force becomes normal, i.e. in balanced condition, then the diseases will be driven out from the material body and cure will ensue. And this is the explanation of Vital Force by Master Hahnemann.
According to my hypothesis (The physico-Dynamic Theory), the definition of vital Force is as follows:
Vital Force is the total energy of the bodily system which controls the life principles of the living body or organizes the physiological works of the living organism. Now how vital force is created in the living body? We can consider that a living body is a closed system where energy is produced in cyclic process where intake of different types of foods (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamin etc.) plays principle roles to produce this energy.
Now, according to the law of conservation of energy, we know this energy produced in different oregano-chemical reactions of different cells and tissues is utilized to maintain the physiological works of the living body and again intake of food supplies the energy.
So, the total energy (vital energy) will remain constant in closed path way in cyclic process.

Due to regular supply of required food, energy will be produced constantly to organize the bodily system and the living body will exist in normal vital force. Now, if insufficient supply of food is given the energy will be produced in decreasing rate.
So, vital force will be diminished. So, some physiological works will be arrested due to lack of sufficient amount of energy. So, different types of diseases will be formed in the living body as signs and symptoms. i.e., in normal vital force, the health will be achieved.
Now, I shall explain the action of homoeopathic medicine on vital force:
When the vital force in a living body is deranged or diminished by any cause (any noxious or morbific agent), then a definite energy will be lost from the total energy. The living body will then be unable to perform some physiological works in the bodily system due to lack of energy. Then the body will be in energy seeking condition and it will want to absorb the external energy with same frequency and amount of energy will also be same. Now when a minute amount of medicine is administered into the patient, then this medicine (quantized particles) acts primarily upon the vital force.
If the frequency and amount of energy be the same as the amount of the lost energy of the same frequency, then cure of the patient will be occur without any homoeopathic aggravation.
Now we will have to know about the Homeopathic aggravation. Homeopathic aggravation means the intensification of the symptoms that already exist in the patients. Now, we will have to know the causes of the Homoeopathic aggravations. If the amount of absorbed energy (via medicine) becomes greater than that of the required amount of energy; i.e. the body will try to reduce the extra energy by the intensification of the symptoms which were already present in the patient. Since, the amount of the extra energy is minute in nature, so, it will disappear after certain periods from the living body. For the sake of this, Hahnemann prepared different types of medicines with different type of potency. According to the condition of the patient, the potency and amount of medicine will have to be administered. The energy order or potency order from lower to higher be given as follows;
3<6,<30<200<im(1000)<10m(10,000)<50m(50,000),cm(100000) p=””>
Now, we will have to know the Posology which deals with the potency of medicines. What is the scientific procedure to select the potency of a particular case?
Suppose a patient has been prolonging suffering from heart disease (Fatty degeneration of the heart). Here, a pathological change has occurred. The patient realizes a pressing pain occasionally around the heart, Asphyxia, profuse sweat
Again, we need know the curative power of mother tincture (drug):
It has no curative power as it has no dynamicity or does not exist any energy in it. So, it cannot cure a patient; only it can palliate a disease like allopathic drug.
Again, a question arises that: what is the role of any ointment for external uses of any skin disease like Ring- worm, Eczema, Scabies, and also Syphilis or Gonorrhea etc.? The role of ointment or any corrosive is to suppress the symptoms and hereby secondary Psora,Sycosis and Syphilis will appear. So, diseases will become more complicated.
The ointment only acts on one sided disease; e.g. Traumatic injury (Ulceration) etc.
Now, we will have to know about the susceptibility. Susceptibility means the power to react to the external stimuli. Every man has a particular vital energy. So, the power of reaction to the medicine will also be different. A patient having higher susceptibility can digest the medicine of higher potency. If the vital force becomes very weak then susceptibility will be very low, then medicine of minimum potency with minutest form must be required.
Explanation of Hering’s Law of cure: William Constantine Hering gives the three conditions for Law of cure. It is well known as Hering’s Law of cure.
I)                   If a disease descends from the upper extremity to lower extremity, then it will be considered that the disease is tending to cure.
Discussion: Let us consider a patient has been suffering from cardiac disease during 5 years. Here a few pathological changes occur to the patient, In this field, when a single dose of a particular medicine of a particular potency is applied, then the energy absorbed through the nerve of tongue transmits from tongue to the central nervous system via neuro-ions, then the response goes to heart via cardiac nerve and increases the vital force and turns it to normal vital force and automatically the disease will be cured. Then the disease may go from heart to knee joint, then heel, then cures completely. So, due to the decrement of the vital force different organs will be more or less affected. In this case, at first the medicine acts on the disease which will be very adjacent to the C.N.S, then the distal parts will be cured and it will be naturally cured.
II)           From more vital organ to less vital organ: We know that the most vital organ is brain, then heart, chest, abdomen, kidney, legs etc. This will be explained as same as the 1st point.
III)          From inwards to outwards: The medicines at first acts on the more vital organ because the patient may die in disease. So, naturally some eruptions come to the skin surface and the disease is cured. Here the skin is less vital organ. So, the dynamic effect of the medicine at first starts in the internal plane, then external plane.
Now we will have to know the twelve observations of James Tyler Kent and how it acts on the vital force in the dynamic plane. In order to be a true Homoeopathic physician, he must know these observations illustrated by Master Kent.
The 1ts observationis “A prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient.”
Discussion: The prognosis is bad in this case. Here, a structural change has occurred. So, the patient has a weaker vital force and lower susceptibility. In this case, a similar medicine of lower potency in the minutest from may be administered to keep good to the patient .The case is almost incurable one .If the organic changes or tissue damages are occurred and changes became irreversible in nature, it will be incurable disease. In such cases only palliation can be done. The Homeopathic medicine acts on the nerves first, then the other cells or tissues ; if the neuro-chemicals are dried up, then energy transmission via nerves is impossible and again the tissues are damaged ; i.e. chemicals of the tissues are lost ,then how can be this medicinal energy absorbed? So, the intensification of the diseases will be very high, but finally it cannot cure the organ i.e. the biochemical reactions are almost impossible .i.e. the diseases will be almost in curable one. And this the explanation of the 1st observation of Kent by means of physico-dynamic theory.
The second observation: “The long aggravation but, final and slow improvement.”
Explanation: The prognosis is good in this case .i.e. here, the quantity of dose of the similar medicine as well as potency absorbed by the nerve fibersof the tongue has become considerably higher than the required energy. Therefore, vital energy of living body becomeshigherthanthat of normal state. So, extra energy will be lost in form of the intensification of the symptoms that already exists on the patient. Due to the minute in nature; the intensification will be finally disappeared. And this is explanation of the second observation of Master Kent.
The Third observation: “The aggravation is quick, short and strong with rapid improvement of the patient.”
Explanation:  In this case the prognosis is good. The prescription is correct in this case. Here, there have no structural changes internally of the more vital organs; it may change in the surface of an organ which will be easily repaired and the patient will be easily cured. Here, the potency and amount of dose is almost fitted for this case. So, the intensification of the symptoms is inshort, quick and improvement will be occurred rapidly. I.e. the energy absorbed via medicine is the most similar and dose is almost similar. So, aggravation is quick but short. In this case of acute sickness, the aggravation period will last for a few hours and in the chronic case, it lasts for a few days.
And this is the explanation of the Third observation of Kent.
The fourth observation states that, “No aggravation with recovery of patient.”
Discussion: The prognosis is very good. Here, there occurs no structural change, no organic changes or tissue damages. Here the medicinal force needed to fill up the fraction of energy lost from normal vital energy is similar and almost equal in nature. I.e. the medicine administered to the patient is just fitted. Thereby, no aggravation comes.
And this is the explanation of the fourth observation.
The Fifth observation: “The amelioration comes first and the aggravation comes afterward.”
Explanation: The prognosis is not favorable to the patient. Sometimes, it may palliate the case and sometimes choice of potency may be wrong. In this case, potency will be comparatively higher than that was given before. Again, this case may be incurable one. Sometimes, the medicine is administered haphazardly without correct case taking; totalities of symptoms, constitution are collected by the physician and wrongly selected the medicine by him. Sometime, it may be curable one. So, due to gross pathological change, the energy of the medicine cannot be utilized appropriately. So, vital energy will not be increased and thereby the patient will not be cured.
So, it is the explanation of fifth observation of Mater Kent.
The sixth observationis “too short relief of symptoms”.
This condition is completely unfavorable to the patient. This means some structural changes are occurred.
Explanation: Due to structural changes, the medicinal energy when acts upon the vital energy the vital energy will be increased, but due to some structural changes of irreversible character (due to tissue damages) it cannot be cured. And the symptoms will only palliate. So, the symptoms will be vanished after few minutes or hours and then reappear.
The seventh observation: “A full amelioration of the symptoms, yet no special relief of the Patient. “
Explanation: The case is incurable one. Here, a vast amount of organic changes or tissue damages are occurred. So, medicinal force will not be able to affect the patient. i.e., this is almost incurable one and only palliate. This is the process for suitable palliation. In this case, the symptoms are out looked but mental satisfaction of the patient will not arise.
Observation eight:Some patient prove every remedy they get”
Some patents prove every remedy, due to their hysterical, oversensitive characters. These patients are well provers. In these cases, when a medicine is applied, then they produce the symptoms of the medicines that wereadministered. They are almost incurable one. Here medicinal energy is utilized to produce some symptoms, but the patient is not cured. So, these patients help for drug proving.
The ninth observation: “Theactions of medicine upon prover.”
When a medicine (quantized particles) when applied upon the prover a few provers cannot indicate the symptoms.Thereby, they often failto prove the medicine properly. This is because, the medicinal energy after absorption, a few patients cannot take up it properly. As a result of this, they are unable toproduce the symptoms properly.
The tenth observation: “some new symptoms appearing after the remedy.”
This indicates the medicinal energy absorbed is not similar to the case. So, some new symptoms appear, which after vanishing, the original symptoms persist. These symptoms are called accessory symptoms of medicine. i.e., here the prescription is incorrect.
The eleventh observation: “When old symptoms reappear.”
If the prescription of non-healing arts are applied to the patient, due to lack of proper selection of medicine, few symptoms are disappeared and some new symptoms are appeared which persist until old symptoms appear that are hidden. But, after proper selection of medicine the old symptoms that are vanished reappear. This is the good indication of proper selection of medicine. Let us suppose a patient who had been suffering from ringworm. He has taken a prolong treatment from a Homoeopathic physician and the symptoms disappear .Then he is suffering from nasal allergy and gastritis.
Here, the 1st symptom was Ringworm
2nd’’             ’’    Nasal allergy
And               3rd     ’’       ’’     Gastritis.
If the prescription becomes the most similar to the case, the symptom will be disappeared in reverse order of the symptoms .I) nasal allergy, II) gastritis, III) ringworm.
Here, the old symptom which is suppressed will reappear and this is the good indication for curing the patient. Here the medicinal energy on absorption, acts on the vital force and makes it strong. Then vital force annihilates the symptoms and also the old symptomsthatweresuppressed.
The Twelfth observation:“Symptoms take the wrong direction.”
Sometime we watch the diseases to go to the wrong direction.
Suppose, a patient having Rheumatism on the R.H.S knee joint. Then, he is prescribed Bryonia Alba –IM (single dose), then the symptom is vanished but a cardiac affect is appeared. This is indication for the wrong selection of medicine. So, in this case structural change for heart may be occurred. So, it must be immediately antidote.
The prescription will be according to the totality of symptoms. Prescription will be Kali Iod -2C/single dose minute in nature.
The patient possesses these symptoms:
I)                   Syphilis (past history)
III)             Knee –joint pain <4 a.m. >morning
IV)             Hot patient, very weak etc.
So, we can conclude that if the prescriptions become the most similar, and the choice of potency and doses also be most similar, the patient will be cured without any harm.
Here the medicinal energy will be the same as the fraction of energy of total energy (vital force) that has lost.
And these are the explanations of the twelve Observations of James Tyler Kent by means of Physico-Dynamic Theory.
Miasms are the creator of the all chronic diseases as well as the acute diseases. It is the fundamental cause of the chronic disease which has been described in the well famous book “The chronic disease” by Hahnemann.
Now, what is the definition of ‘Miasm’?
It is derived from the Latin word ‘miasma’ which means the Polluting agent. In a word, the miasms are the creators of the all diseases. Miasms are of two types
1)                  Acute miasms which are responsible for acute diseases can be termed as latent psora.
2)                  Chronic miasms which are responsible for the creation of all the chronic diseases.

Psora: Posra is the fundamental miasm which takes the principle part to create the innumerable numbers of chronic diseases that cause the functional disturbances of the organs of the living organisms. When the itches , scabies, ring worms, eczema etc. are suppressed from the skin surface by allopathic treatment (with ointment and corrosive) or a homoeopathic treatment by non-homeopathically, then it inters into the body or they are deep seated into the body. Then the miasm ‘psora’ is produced i.e., the vital force is deranged by it and thus, due to psora vital force is diminished by the dynamic effect of psora .Due to psora an innumerable numbers of disease are produced which are outwardly manifested in the forms of signs and symptoms. Psora causes the functional disorders of the organs of the living body.
It is also the producer of the sycotic or syphilitic miasm .A list of diseases produced from psora is given below:
Epilepsy, chronic dysentery, Headache, mental disorder, burning sensation of palms and soles, chronic itches, scabies, eczema, ring worms etc. any kind of neurological disorder, tuberculosis, nasal allergy, cancer, bronchitis etc.
So, psora retards the dynamic power of the living body i.e., Vital Energy.
When this miasm (psora) is deeply seated in living body with prolong time then it develop and secondary stage will be attained and it becomes more and more difficult to drive out from the body. This also transmits from generation to generation via Gene and become more complicated in the latest generation. Father have had attacked by Ring worm, the grandson achieves bronchitis in the form of secondary psora which is more complicated and becomes more difficult to cure.
Now when a similar medicine (Quantized Patrice) is administered into the patient, then it supplies the energy artificially with same frequency that has lost from the total energy of the living body to turn vital force into original state. Then due to achievement of the lost energy the vital force acquires the normal condition and disease are vanished away from the material body. And thereby the itches, scabies etc. also return on the surface of the skin again and thereby a Homoeopathic Cures is occurred. And this is the explanation of curing the psora by means of the Physico-Dynamic Theory.
The anti-psoric medicines are so deep acting i.e. they contain higher amount of energy to make up the loss of vital energy due to a secondary effect of psora that it can easily drive out the psora from the internal part of the body to the external on the skin surface of the body and cures the patient. Some examples of antipsoric medicines; Sulphur, Psorinum, Tuberculinum , Bacilinum , Lycopodium Clavatum , Phosphorous  , Calcarea Carb, Graphitis, Mezzerium ,Hepar Sulph ,Lachesis , Zincum Metalicum ,Sepia , Natrum Mur , Arsenic Alb, Secali Cor, Sulphur, Baryata curb , Calcrea Phos etc.
Syphilis: Then true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from chronic miasms. Among the chronic miasms, syphilis is one and more and more destructive one. This is called the venereal miasm. At the first stage of the attack, it creates a venereal chancre which is very painful. When an allopathic treatment of non-healing arts is applied, then it inters into the internal part of the body and develops the different stages, secondary and tertiary stages. In this way, the syphilitic miasm is produced. Syphilis and sycosis cannot be developed without psora. So, psora is called the fundamental miasm of chronic disease.
Now, the syphilis attains the different stages (secondary, tertiary) in the living body such as ulceration of throat, Bubo, damage heart, destruction of bone, congestion of the brain, chronic blood dysentery, carcinoma, or any kind of tubercular diseases destructive in nature. So, particular amount energy from the total energy of the bodily system (vital energy) is required to change this physiological stage to form different types of destructive symptoms. After a certain periods, the vital force begins to sink down, i.e. the vital force is decreased rapidly and gross pathological changes are occurred and thereby the disease produced by syphilitic miasm will be almost incurable and sometimes it will become so fatal that the life will be ruined.
Now, according to the Physico-Dynamic Theory, when a quantized particle (medicine) of similar frequency that has lost from the Vital energy (i.e. similar force) is administered into the tongue, then the nerves absorb the energy and transmits this energy to the central Nervous system, then the Nerves become activated to gain this similar energy and Vital Force becomes strong to absorb this energy and it drives automatically the disease originated from syphilitic miasm out from the living organism in the form of eruptions (ulcerative in nature) on the subcutaneous level of the skin and in the form of any kind of discharges.
Now, lists of the deep acting anti syphilitic medicines are given below:
Mercury, (Merc.sol, Merc. Cor, Merc. Dul, Merc. Bin Iod, Merc. Proto Iod, Merc. Cynatus, Merc. Sulph, Merc. Iod Cum kali etc.), Acid Nit, Kali Iod,Syphilinum, Staphisagria, Kali Bichrom, Acid fluoric ,Silicea, Nat sulph, Ars. Alb, Ars. Iod, Carcinosin, Surinam , Pyrogenium Conium Mac , Aurum met, Aurum Mur, Argentum Nit, Argentum met etc.
Now, we will have to know which the short acting is and which the deep acting drugs are.
The drugs which in the time of drug proving take more and more time to produce the symptoms from the living body called the deep acting medicines. But the drugs which produce the symptoms in a short time are called the short acting drugs.
And this is explanation of syphilitic miasm in terms of physico-dynamic theory.
Sycotic Miasm: It is one of the venereal miasms. It is originated from the Gonorrhoea. The Gonorrhoea is of two types. One is acute Gonorrhoea, other is chronic Gonorrhea. An acute gonorrhoea is originated from acute miasm and the chronic gonorrhea is produced from chronic miasm. Acute Gonorrhoea is the urethral discharge (purulent) with burning of the urethra followed by acute miasm which will be cured within fifteen days to one month. But, chronic gonorrhea is cauliflower like growth on the head of the penis or face of the vagina. But, when this urethral discharge is suppressed by Allopathic treatment by ointment or antibiotics, then Sycotic Miasm is produced. Urethral discharge is the primary stage of gonorrhea. After cessation of the urethral discharge, the secondary and tertiary stages are appeared gradually. And different types of diseases are formed, e.g., severe anemia, Nephritis (kidney disease), Rheumatism, Gout, Hemicrania, Psycreatic disorder, dysmenorrhea , Cardiac effect, cerebral stroke, Bronchitis , Chromic nasal discharge  (purulent mucous )etc. Thus when the acute state is extinguished by Allopathic treatment (suppression) then the sycotic miasm is produced, i.e. , vital force is primary deranged and due to the production of these diseases a definite amount of energy is utilized for these physiological changes and there by the total energy of the bodily system will be decreased and so vital force will be reduced , i.e. , vise-versa , a definite amount of energy will be lost from vital energy and a few diseases are produced. Again we can say that the due to production of different types of symptoms, definite amount of energy is needed which is taken from vital energy of the bodily system. In a word, the vital energy will be decreased. Now, according to the physico-dynamic theory, a quantized particle in the form of medicine is administered to the patient artificially with energy of same frequency that has lost from the vital or total energy of the bodily system, then vital force becomes strong and achieves in the normal or balanced condition, then vital force drives out alone the diseases originated from sycotic miasm from material body of the living organism. Here, medicinal energy must be greater than that of the dynamic energy of the diseases. This is the process of cure in Homeopathy which has been explained on 26 number aphorisms in the organon of medicine by our Master Hahnemann.
A list of some anti -Sycotic drugs are given below:
Thuja Oc, Silicea, Medorrhenum, Sarsaparila, Sanguinarea Canadensis, Rananculous Bulbosus, Calcarea carb, Sabina , Acid Nit, Merc.Sol, Argent Nit, Sepia, Lycopodium, Acid Benzoic, Badiaga, Bacilinum, Lachesis etc.
In this way, the explanation of Sycotic Miasm is demonstrated by means of the physico-dynamic theory. Now, we will have to explain the Tubercular miasm. Tubercular miasm is nothing but complex miasm.
Now, what is complex miasm?
When Psora combines with Sycosis or Syphilis or Sycosis and Syphilis, then the miasm is said to be a complex miasm.

Psora is the creator of all the miasms.So, it will be always present in every living body. Now, a patient having complex miasm is always difficult to cure. Because, the dynamic effect of psora, sycosis and syphilis act in a body. So, vital fore will be diminished radically. It becomes difficult to find out the symptom similarity as the miasms overlap to each other and becomes almost in curable. In this case, only the proper miasmatic treatment can cure the patient permanently and prolong time will be required to cure the case and this is the explanation of miasms in brief by means of physico–dynamic theory.
Idiosyncrasy: An important term in Homoeopathy is necessary to explain by means of physico-dynamic theory. Idiosyncrasy is the character of a patient who is oversensitive in nature. He has a low susceptibility. He cannot bear some substances and allergic effect are created, e.g., Diarrhea comes when one takes fish, Headache and fever comes from smelling of jasmine flower, vomiting as soon as he eats rice.
This is the special character of the patient. At the bottom, the psora is hidden, Sometimes a few patients possess idiosyncrasies from genetics and sometimes acutely. Chronic Miasm is responsible for chronic Idiosyncrasy and acute miasma (Latent psora) is for an acute Idiosyncrasy.
This symptom is produced from the derangement of vital force and susceptibility is decreased and thereby medicinal energy (dynamic in character) similar in character will have to be administered to fulfill the lost energy from the total energy (vital energy) of the bodily system to make vital force strong and vital force helps to increase the susceptibility of the patient and idiosyncratic character will be driven out from the patient. Thus, we can say that idiosyncratic character is the dynamic effect which will be driven out by dynamic energy (medicine).
In acute case, when a pathological change occurs the vital force becomes very weak and lower potency will have to be used and in Chronic case, a higher potency say 50M, CM, MM will have to be prescribed.
And this is the physico-dynamic concept of idiosyncrasy.
Now, another term which is an important term of Homeopathy can be discussed by means of physico-dynamic theory. It is ‘Hypersensitivity’. A hypersensitive patient has a low susceptibility and thereby after administration to this patient, a vast aggravation will come even of minimum potency is given. This is called the Hypersensitivity.
This type of patient is difficult to care. In this case, acid Nitric- 30 or 200 must be prescribed at first to destroy the hypersensitive character. Then if a suitable medicine (similar) is given, the disease will be cured, i.e. susceptibility will be high after destruction of the hypersensitive character of the patient. So, Hypersensitivity is obstacle to cure a patient. So, a dynamic energy (medicine) if applied according to the symptom similarity of similar energy that has been lost from of the total energy from the bodily system, then vital force will be strong and it will annihilate the symptoms in self-acting automatic way and thereby the patient will be cured.
Now we will have to know the ‘Indisposition’.
A slight dis-balanced state from the normal health which is acquired by slight alteration of diet and regimen or some external causes. These are not called the real disease and it is called the indisposition. Latent psora is in its background. But, these external causes affect on psora. In this case, if these external causes (causa occasionalis) are annihilated, then the patient will be recovered soon to health.
Some exciting causes are given below;
i)                    Failure in the business causes insane.
ii)                  Disappointment of love of a young girl causes suicidal insanity.
iii)                 Over eating in a marriage house causes diarrhea or indigestion.
iv)                Terrific headache will be removed by the displacement of the plants of the jasmine flower from the house.
In these cases, no medicine can be needed. Here, the removal of the causes fits the patient. So, indisposition is not called a true disease, Say a person can digest 250 gm. of meat. The proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes can help to digest 250gm of meat; but he has taken 750 gm. of meat which cannot be digested by pepsin, Trypsin etc. enzymes and there by indigestion is occurred. Here, vital force is slightly deranged to perform an excessive physiological work for the digestion of 750 gm. of meat to increase the secretion of enzymes. Here, the patient can be cured without taking any medicine to remove the cause. Here, the exciting causes is over eating i.e., if he controls the diet for one or two days, the symptoms will be vanished. So, Indisposition is not a true disease; it is called pseudo disease.
Here, if we annihilate the cause the vital force will be strong slowly without taking any medicine. Sometimes, a few medicines may be used; e.g. 1. Nux Vomica for over-eating  2. Ignetia Amara for over tearing etc.
Here, the minute amount of energy of similar frequency that has been lost from the total energy (vital energy) of the bodily system that is supplied, the total energy will be in normal stale and the symptom will be vanished in automatic way and it is the physico – dynamic concepts of the term ‘Indisposition.
Now, a question arises that when does a patient possess the different diseases (or symptoms)? And then what is the true process of cure?
The symptoms will be vanished in the reverse order of the appearance of the symptoms generally, e.g., A patient has been prolong suffering from cardiac pain (Angina patient), Lumbago (L-S pain) and Gastritis, Ringworm appearing order –
i)                    Cardiac pain
ii)                  Lumbago
iii)                Gastritis
iv)                Ringworm
In this case, cardiac pain will be firstly vanished according to the Herring’s law of cure, although it appears first; as it is more vital organ, then gastritis will be cured; the lumbago and ultimately ring worm will be cured.
We know a Homeopathic cured takes place according to the condition of the patient;
If a vastly pathological changes occur, then it will take more time to cure because the vital force become very weak in this case and susceptibility will be decreased remarkably in this case. After administration of the medicine it acts slowly and the vital energy begins to go up gradually and susceptibility also increases slowly. The potency of medicine will also begin to become higher to higher and the patient then begins to cure slowly, i.e., the dynamic power of the medicine is increased slowly and ultimately it cures the case. i.e., the energy of the same frequency that has lost from the vital energy is absorbed by the nerves on tongue and transmits the energy to the central nervous system via ionic conduction and thereby the vital force returns to the normal condition and cures the patient. Sometimes medicine may be changed according to the symptoms similarity. This means that the energy of different frequency may be needed to cure the residual part of the disease and potency may also be changed. So, different medicines may be used to cure a case completely.
Another case is discussed as below:
A patient (male) aged 52 years has been prolong suffering from three diseases i) Eczima-1stattack
ii) Gastritis – 2ndattack
iii) Headache – lastly attack.
He will be cured naturally in the reverse order of the commencement of the symptoms, i.e., headache will be cured first, then gastritis and lastly the skin disease. The process of cure follows the ‘Herring’s law of cure’.
In this case, the medicine firstly acts upon the more vital organ (e.g. Headache) then stomach and at last the skin.
 Explanation: Due to prolong suffering from a disease, it may be changed structurally; i.e., the amount of pathological change becomes high. So, susceptibility will be very low i.e., power of reaction of the medicine upon the organ will be very slow in character, i.e., higher the amount of suffering from a disease, higher will be the amount of the structural changes and lower will be susceptibility and the case will be slowly cured. On the other hand, the case whose on set is sudden, i.e., for a few days , then only functional disturbances are occurred and structural changescannotbeoccurred and thereby it will be cured rapidly. So, the head symptoms will be vanished first, the Gastritis and lastly the skin effect will be disappeared.
Second prescription: Now we need know what the first prescription is and then second prescription? According to the symptom similarity i. e totality of symptoms, the first prescription will be done and choice of potency and mode of preparation of the dose to be administered depends on the condition (physiological) of the patient. If the susceptibility of the patient becomes very high, i.e. there occurs no structural or organic changes, and then higher potency of the medicine in minimum dose must be required. But in the case of the structural changes of the organ the lower potency may be used repeatedly according to the symptom similarities.
Now according to the physico-dynamical concept how this medicine acts in the living organism?
A potentized medicine means a quantized particle (i.e. medicine). When a minute amount of energy of the same frequency that has been lost from the vital energy of the bodily system, is absorbed by the tongue (via nerves); then it transmits the energy to the central nervous system via neuro chemicals (Na+, Cl, K+ ions) and fills up the lost energy with same frequency of vital energy of the living body to make the vital force in the normal condition. Then the vital force automatically drives the symptoms out from the body and thereby a true Homoeopathic cure takes place. And this is the mechanism of the first prescription.
So the first prescription is comparatively easier than that of the second prescription. The second prescription is the prescription after the one that has acted,
If we administer a number of medicines to a patient which are wrongly selected and that has not acted upon the patients, then it cannot be said as a first prescription. The first prescription is one which acts on the patient,
The types of the second prescription:
i)        Repetition of the first medicine with altering the mode of dose.
ii)      Repetition of the first medicine with change of the potency.
iii)    Antidote of the 1st medicine.
iv)    Change of the remedy.
v)      To administer a complementary medicine of the 1st prescription.
vi)    To administer a remedy of cognate relationship.
vii)  Change of medicine with different miasms and these are the types of second prescription
i)           Repetition of the 1st medicine with altering the mode of dose:
According to the physico-Dynamic concept, the frequency of the second medicine given as a second prescription will be the same as that of the 1st medicine as a first prescription but the amount of energy required will become slightly higher than that of the first medicine.
ii)         Repetition of the 1st medicine with change of the potency: After administration of the 1stmedicine, the vital force becomes stronger than before and susceptibility of the patient also increases. Thereby the potency will also be higher than the former. Here the symptoms will be the same as the 1st prescription. The medicine of 2nd prescription will be the same but potency will be higher than the 1st prescription.
iii)    Antidote of the 1stmedicine: If after administration of the 1st medicine, it does not improve the case i.e., the symptoms of the patient stands still. Again a few new symptoms are appeared which are not similar to the case. Then it will be considered that the 1st medicine does not act upon the patient; it creates some new symptoms which were not present before. In this case the medicine that has already administered must be antidote. The antidotal medicine will be selected according to symptom similarities and totality of symptoms. We will have evaluated the symptoms that were already present and new symptoms arises (accessory symptoms of medicine) and administer a remedy according to the totality of symptom which will be antidoted by this medicine.
Explanation: – The symptoms are produced in the living organism due to loss of a definite amount of energy of a definite frequency now if we fill up this energy of the same frequency in the form of medicine artificially (as a quantized particle), then vital energy of the living body will be in balanced condition and the symptoms will be driven out from the bodily system and proper homoeopathic cure takes place. But, if the medicine administered is not similar to the case, then some new symptoms may be produced that are not similar to that of the case. The new symptoms are called the accessory symptoms of medicine. The function of an antidote is to destroy the abuse or misuse of the medicine already administered to the patient as a first prescription.
iv)    Change of the remedy: The 1st medicine that has acted upon the patient after certain periods the appearing of the symptom may take a new form;i.e. the relapsed symptoms aredissimilar to that of the old symptoms that were present on the patient. This means the amount of energy necessary to supply artificially in the form of medicine to the living body is different as the medicine given firstly and the frequency of energy will also be different than before.So, a separate medicine will be administered now according to the symptom similarities which cure the case. It is explanation of the change of remedy for the 2nd prescription ,
v)      To administer a remedy this is complementary to the 1st prescription: Sometimes the 2nd prescription needs a complementary medicine which can cover the case completely. e.g., a patient aged 20 years(Male) of slim figure tall , light haired and brown in color, fears easily to the thunderstorm, very oversensitive , affinity to cold drinks, father’s Asthma had been prolong suffering from nasal allergy. He has taken a variety of drugs but is not cured. The acute symptoms are like as Allium Capa. Sneezing,tears are bland but nasal discharge is acrid, aggravation in warmth room calls for Allium Capa. He is given Allium Capa-30 repeatedly and palliates and again relapses.
A certain period will come when it cannot palliate. Then it calls for phosphorus that will be complemented by it. Here phosphorus covers the totality of symptoms and acts as a complementary to Allium Capa. And the patient becomes cure to take only one dose of phosphorus -1M in minute form.
Explanation: – The Complementary medicine means the remedy which cures the residual parts of the disease or symptoms after the action of the 1st prescription, i.e. it completes the case and finally cures.
Now, from physico-dynamic concept, the frequency of energy of the complementary medicine is very similar and almost the same or slightly different from the 1st medicine. So, this frequency of energy is enough to turn the upset vital energy into normal energy state and automatically the patient will be cured due to self-acting activity of the vital force. It is the mechanism of the administration of the complementary medicine.
Vi) To administer remedy of cognate relationship: Some medicines are in the Materia Medica which is identical in nature i.e., they are almost similar to each other i.e. they are cognate to each other.
e.g., a patient of sepia in the bilious fever is like as Nux Vomica. The bilious vomiting and fever symptoms while appeared, Nux Vomica is given, but as soon as the symptoms disappear, then symptoms of sepia come, i.e. the cognate medicine behaves like a complementary medicine. From the Physico-Dynamic concept, the energy content of both medicines is almost the same i.e., slightly different i.e., one is administered after another medicine.
Vii) Change of medicines with different miasms: In this case, the symptoms become complicated due to complex miasms, i.e. here Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis live together in the patient. In this field, firstly an antipsoric medicine is applied according to the symptoms similarity. Then the symptoms of the other miasm come out. In this way, the miasms come out one by one. So separate medicine will be required of different miasmatic will be required of different miasmatic groups, i.e. the mode of plane of the treatment must be changed.
e.g. say a patient has been prolonging suffering from Gastritis and migraine. The symptom produced by the patient is similar to that of the Antipsoric, Lycopodium Clavatum.
The symptoms are
1)      Pain of abdomen and headache<04 pm      9pm.
2)      Constipation and   diarrhea alternates.
3)      Ravenous hunger but eats the little amount at a time.
4)      Great emaciation of the upper extremity of the body.
5)      Background of ring worm before 10 years and suppressed by allopathic drugs and ointment.
Now after administration of the medicine i.e. Lyco – 1M/one dose in minute form; few symptoms are dispersed away; but symptoms take a new form. The patient suffers from migraine so violently that he wants to suicide himself and symptoms aggravate just in the evening. i.e., the miasm becomes changed from psora to syphilis. Now, Aurum met. 200, single dose is given to the patient and its cures the case. I.e., the mode of plan of the treatment may be changed due to the different miasms which are deep seated into the patient. i.e., afterpsoracomes syphilis.
Now, from the physico-dynamic concept, frequency of energy of the medicine becomes radically changed after given the 1st medicine, and then the medicine of separate frequency is to be the administered to turn the vital force in normal condition to cure the patient.
And these are the features of the 2nd prescription and explanation from the physico-dynamical concept.
                 Individualization: We know that no two men are equal in different respects; i.e., they are not identical exactly. So the symptoms they possess will also be different from each other. So, we will have to record the symptoms which are different from each other. So, in order to prescribe the uncommon symptoms they create must be noted carefully. This individualizes the patient and helps to prescribe properly. So, Homeopathic prescription is based on individualization. Apho. No-118 of Master Hahnemann clears this matter.
E.g. say two patients possessing the same disease (Hypertrophy of the Heart).
Both patients show the almost same symptoms: 1) Fear of death.
2) Burning sensation all over the body relieved by cold
3) Restlessness (mentally & physically)
4) Thirsty
5) Hot patient
These are [3 and 4] the common symptoms.
The probable remedies will be i) Arsenic Album
ii) Medorrhenum.
i)                    Burning sensation all over the body,
In case of ‘Arsenic’ all the burning is relieved by hot application and Medorrhenum is relieved by cold water.
ii)                  The patient is very hot (Medorrhenum)
The patient is chilly (Arsenic Album)
These two symptoms individualize the patient, if the patient possesses the No. (ii) Symptoms and (v) symptoms which will be individualized, the Medorrhenum will be the prescription. So, an ideal homoeopathic prescription is based on the Individualization.
Now according to the Physico-Dynamic concept, we can explain that a drop of medicine can be regarded as a package of quanta, i.e., energitised particle. Since, every medicine is produced from different matter. So, possesses different molecular structures. So, during drug-dynamization every medicine possesses different energy of different frequency. So, every medicine has a different character. So, the theory of Homoeopathy is based on theory of Individualization. So, in order to prescribe we will have to individualize the patient.
The Homoeopathic Aggravation
Now, we will have to know about the Homoeopathic aggravation.
We know that when the vital force or energy of a living body is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence of a morbific or noxious agent, then the vital energy of the bodily system becomes less than that of normal state. Then a number of diseases are produced in the body in the forms of signs and symptoms.
Now, if a similar medicine which contains the similar frequency of energy that has been lost from the normal vital energy is artificially administered to the patient, then the quantized particle (medicine) is absorbed via the nerves of the tongue and helps to transmit the ions (Na+, Cl, K+, Ca++etc.) to the central Nervous System via ionic conduction and thereby it fills up the loss of energy from the normal vital energy of the bodily system. Therefore, to obtain this lost energy, vital force becomes strong; i.e., it returns to its original state. So, the symptoms will be annihilated from the living body one by one by the influence of the self-activity of the vital force and thereby the disease will be cured automatically.
We know that disease has a dynamic force. If the dynamic energy of the medicine is slightly greater than that of the energy of disease, then the disease will be driven out from the living body automatically.
Now, if the medicinal energy becomes very higher than that of the disease force, then in acute or chronic disease, an intensification of the disease will be occurred. Thus this extra energy obtained from the medicinal energy will be utilized by the bodily system for the intensification of the diseases in the living body. A few hours for an acute disease and few days for a chronic disease will be required to return its original state, i.e., after a certain periods, the intensification will be vanished by the secondary counter action of the vital force due to minute in nature of the drug then improvement will come and a homeopathic cure will be taken place.
But, this aggravation depends on the condition of the patient. If any structural change or organic damage or tissue damages are occurred, then a vast aggravation comes from a minimum potency of medicine.Because in this case, the susceptibility of the patient becomes very low. So, it cannot take a minimum dose as well as minimum potency. In this case, minimum potency (say 3, 6, and 30) with minimum dosemaybeadministered in order to avoid the vast aggravation.
The examples are:
i)        Vulvular disease of heart
ii)      Pulmonary tuberculosis (advance stage)
iii) Damage kidney etc.
But when the susceptibility of the patient becomes very high i.e., for a neurological case, the dynamic potency will be very high to cure the case (say, 50M, CM) without any aggravation,i.e., more the structural changes, less will be susceptibility and lower will be potency in minimum dose and more time will be required to cure. And it is the mechanism of the homeopathic aggravation from the physico-dynamic concept.
Now, we will have to know about the constitution. Constitution is that constitutes the patient, i.e., constitution is the aggregation of physically make up from hereditary acquired, mental and physical characters. We know the ideal homeopathic prescription is based on the individualization; as we know that no two men are equal in all respects. So, constitution indicates the individualization; i.e., it varies from person to person. So, constitution also varies from person to person.So, to prescribe properly we must know the constitution which constitutes the whole case.
Mind: We know that the physically make up, mental and physical characters are achieved hereditarily by means of the transmission of Gene from male to female. Then DNA combines with RNA to from the product which constitutes the both character of parents. So, growth of a living body is a dynamic process.So, creation of mind is not the arts; it is the scientific phenomena. This mind varies from person to person. So, it characterizes the patient and prescription will be the easiest.
Now, during drug proving, we have obtained a larger list where the different mental characters are produced from different drugs:

Sl. No The Name of The Drugs Mental symptoms produced during drug proving
1 Hyociamus Niger i) Lascivious mania, ii) Jealousness, iii) Thinking to be poisoned.
2 Aurum met , Aurum Mur, Nat. Sulph Suicidal Mania
3 Veretrum Album i)Kissing mania, ii)Deafness Pretending , iii)Blindness Pretending
4 Stramonium Darkness aggravation.
5 Nat.Mur Consolation aggravation.
6 Belledonna, Stramonium Biting tendency.
7 Sulphur Censorious, philosophical idea.
8 Lysine Desire to cut others.
9 Tarantula Dancing tendency.
10 Arsenic Alb, Antim Crud, NuxVom Fastidiousness.
11 Medorrhenum i)Dream of drinking water ,ii)Forgetful minded (even forgets his own name)
12 ThujaOc i)Dream of falling and flying, dead body ii) Sensation as if a living body moving around the abdomen.
13 Arsenic Alb, Lycopodium Very miser.
14 Ignetia A, Pulsatilla N Weeping tendency.
15 Nux vomica Irritable temperament.
16 Naja T i) Wrong feeling in everything ii) suicidal tendency.
17 Hyociamus Niger,Chamomilla Quarrelsome.
18 Hepar Sulph, Hyociamus Killing tendency.
19 NuxVom, Curari, Absynth Kleptomania.
20 Apis Mel, Lachesis , Hyociamus,Nux Vom Jealousness.
21 Lachesis Talkative Nature, Confusion mindsJealousness.
22 Hyosa, Stramo, China ,Opium Jumping tendency.
23 Platinum Met Superiority complex , Nymphomania

And it is the lists of the mental symptoms of a few drugs which have been produced during drug proving. These symptoms vary from person to person.
On the other hand, the mind is the creator of all diseases i.e., mind is the field of psora; sycosis and syphilis are produced in the field or soil of psora.
So, mind plays the principal role to characterize a person; i.e., it helps to individualize the patient. So, mental symptoms help to prescribe a medicine appropriately, Mind has the greatest dynamic power; as it can fly from one part to another, say India to America within a fraction of a second; again we know the medicine has a dynamic power or energy. So, it affects on the mind. So, different types of mental symptoms are produced during drug proving.
Now, according to the physico-dynamical concept, when a minute amount of energy is absorbed by the nerves of the tongue, then it transmits this energy firstly to the C.N.S via ionic conduction. So, it acts neurologically at first. So, after administration of the medicine it acts firstly on the dynamic plane; i.e. it acts on the mental plane, so, the patient feels better after administration of the medicine. Then it acts on the other symptoms (physical symptoms). So, at first the mental symptoms will be driven out, and then the other symptoms will go one by one.
e.g.,          a patient is suffering from typhoid. He possesses the following symptoms:
i)                    Very talking tendency (Delirium).
ii)                  Fears to be poisoned.
iii)                Mid night aggravation.
iv)                Meaningless talking.
v)                  Ailment from disappointment of love,
Here, at first delirium and meaningless taking will be vanished;then the physical symptoms, i.e., fever etc, will be gone. So, the medicine acts at first in the mental layer and this is the good prognosis.
So, it is the physico-dynamical concept of the mind and mental symptoms.
                 Dream (vision): Dream is the Physiological (Neurological) Phenomena. Dream is produced from the cranial nerves of the central nervous system. It is not the matter of philosophy; it is the factor of neurophysiology. Neuro chemicals (Na+, K+, Cl, Ca++ etc.) are responsible for the creation of the different mental symptoms, e.g., dream. When a person is in the world of vision, he moves from here and there, feels falling and flying, of dead body, water, of drinking water. Dynamic motions of the neuro-chemicals are responsible for the creation of the different types of dreams. Dream varies from person to person. So, it helps to individualize or characterize the patient. During drug proving, different medicines produced dreams in the normal healthy human being which are shown below in brief:

SL Name of the medicine Nature of dreams
1 Thuja Oc Dream of falling,flying, of dead body.
2 Medorrhenum,  Nat Mur Of drinking water
3 Sepia, Sulphur, Psorinum , Kreosote Of Urination
4 Nat Mur , Phosphorous, Acid Picric, Staphisagria etc, Of loving and sexual
5 Arnica Mont Repetition of any incident.
6 Nat Mur , Alumina, Mag Carb etc. Of thieves.

Physico-Dynamical concept regarding Dream: Since, a homoeopathic medicine has a dynamic energy i.e., it possesses definite dynamicity. So, when a minute amount of medicine (Quantized particles) is absorbed by the neurological system, firstly it transmits the response (energy) to the central nervous system and creates the disturbance on the normal vital force and different types of mental and physical symptoms are produced into the material body in the forms of signs and symptoms. Due to having dynamic energy of the medicine, it can produce different types of mental symptoms (e.g. confusion mind, jealousness, suicidal mania etc.) and dreams. So, homoeopathy depends on Symptomology. I administered thrice a drop of Calcarea Carb-200 to a normal healthy man, age of 22 years repeatedly with the interval of fifteen days. The person produces three symptoms within two months
i)        He becomes fond of boiled egg.
ii)      Profuse sweat on forehead with sour smell.
iii)    Heart burning
A patient of Alumina craves for Ash and charcoal. These are the mental symptoms of Alumina. So, during drug proving, physical symptoms, as well as the different types of mental symptoms were produced. So, homoeopathic prescription is based on the physical symptoms as well as the mental symptoms. Among all the symptoms mental symptoms are more important for the prescription. So, drug proving is a complete science. So, homoeopathy is complete science and not related to Arts.
So, we will have to know about the obstacle to cure a patient.
Obstruction or obstacle to cure means the factor that interferes to the line of cure. Suppose, a patient has been suffering from disease of kidney with severe L-S pain during five years. Taking the case history of the patient, the patient had had repeated attack of malaria in autumn and has taken a larger doses of quinine to palliate. Here the massive doses of quinine are the factor obstruction to the line of cure. Here, at first will have to administer the patient an anti-quinine drugs which is the most similar to that of the case. Here, I prescribed Nat. Mur.-30/2 doses in distilled water in the minutes form. To take the medicine, the old fever appeared at first, then a white calcium carbonate like sediment was visualized in the urine and L-S pain is decreased and the fever lasts for a weak and ultimately it disappeared and now the patient feels better. Here, the Nat. Mur.30 became well selected. So, it can cure the case. Here, Nat. Mur is not only the anti-quinine drug but also a suitable drug for malaria.
There are a larger number of obstructions in the line of cure. There are two types of obstructions:-
i)                    Acutely acquired obstruction
ii)                  Hereditarily acquired obstructions
i)                 Acutely acquired obstruction: Acutely acquired obstruction are abuse of different non healing drugs; e.g., sex stimulant drugs, excessive uses of mercury, quinine, pain clears, excessive inoculation of vaccinations(D.P.T, measles polio etc.)
ii)               Hereditarily acquired obstructions: Hereditarily acquired obstructions are carcinoma, T.B., Bronchitis, Chronic syphilis, Chronic Gonorrhoea, Skin disease, Hyper Thyroidism etc. in the family back ground. These interfere or block to the line cure.
Suppose,   a patient has been prolonged suffering from ulcerative colitis. He has been taken a good no. of drugs, but they have not resulted at all. During taking the case, his father died by blood cancer. i.e., carcinoma here blocks the case. Taking the case history of the patient, the following symptoms are collected:
The patient aged 37 years, male, slim figure, tall, slender,
i)                    Censorious, very unclean, intellectual keen
ii)                  Hot patient but during bath, he becomes chilly
iii)                Craving for sweets
iv)                Stool in the first morning
v)                  Background of ring-worm suppressed by allopathic drugs and ointments.
The patient is very similar to that of brim stone. He has been taken Sulphur-10M by another celebrated homoeopathic physician but no resulted at all, only palliated the case.
But, when the patient came to me, on further case taking, I knew that his father has died by blood cancer. Then, I prescribed Carcinosin-200(one dose in the minutest form) and waited for two months. Patient went into the line of cure. Then Sulphur-200(single dose) was given and the patient became cure with skin irruptions all over the body and cure completely after a few months. Here, carcinoma blocked the line of cure. Thus, we have to drive out at first the obstruction of cure.
Vital force becomes upset due to the obstruction that interferes to line of cure. The frequency of energy that has been lost will be same as the obstructions (or morbific influences). i.e., the similar medicine will be equal to the symptoms that the blocker has produced. So, similar frequency of energy of the blocker will be administered artificially in the form of medicine (as quantized particle) and it fills up the lost energy and disease will tend to cure. Now, the symptoms that appeared like Sulphur i.e., on administration a dose of Sulphur, the vital force becomes stronger and the disease will be annihilated from the living body and true cure takes place.
Now, we will have to know the incurable case: – Incurability means diseases that are not curable in nature. Where a gross pathological changes or organic changes are occurred, then the disease will be incurable one. Where gross tissue damage irreversible in character occurs, there, vital force cannot play to turn the disease back to the original state. Here, medicine has no roles to help the self-reappearing mechanism. Only it can palliate the case. Vital force has a limitation to cure a disease. Due to wrong selection of medicine, suppression of any skin disease by local ointment, palliative mode of treatment, allopathic treatment of non-healing arts, disease goes into deep; i.e., structural changes occur. Again, when psora, sycosis and syphilis act in a body, then due to complex miasm complexity of disease is ever increased. Consequently, it becomes almost incurable one.
From the Physico-dynamical concept, we know the same frequency of energy that has been lost from the total energy (Vital energy) is absorbed by the nerves or the tongue; then it transmits this energy to the C.N.S and fill up the lost energy from the vital energy. And then the vital force cures the disease in its self-acting process. But in the case of incurable disease, the symptoms become upset and we cannot find the medicine similar to that of the case. So, we often fail to select the proper medicine in this case. So, due to gross pathological changes the dynamicity of the disease becomes lost; thereby medicine which is dynamic in nature (morbific agent) cannot act on the disease plane due to irreversibility of the disease. In this case, only palliation can be done by the administration of the medicine similar to some extent and due to downfall of the susceptibility of the patient, lower potency in repeated doses can be administered.
Now, we will have to know which parts of the living body are susceptible to the medicinal actions.
The see no. 289 and 290 of the Hahnemann’s organon states that the stomach, the tongue and the mouth are the parts susceptible to the medicinal influences. Besides these, the internal part of the nose, the rectum, the genitals as also as all sensitive parts of our body are almost equally capable of receiving the medicinal action. Even skin, ruptured skin, ulcerated skin and olfaction are also susceptible for medicinal actions in the living body. Again, the secNo.29 implies that those organs which have lost their senses, e.g., a tongue and palate that have lost their sense of testing or a nose that has lost its smelling property are also equal susceptible as other organs which are sensitive or active in nature. Here by the influence of the medicine the non-functioning nerves become activated, and then it goes to the disease plane. In a word, all the sensitive parts of a living organism are equaled susceptible for medicinal actions. so, it is clear that the medicine is at first absorbed via nerve , then the response goes through the nerves and acts on the vital force or energy e.g., a patient aged 32years (Male) became senseless by the influence of a thunderstorm. Being attacked by the electrical storm the patient became senseless with lock -jaw so, it was impossible to administer the medicine by month. I prepared a medicine by dissolving 3 globules of No 10 in 30 ml of aq. distilled and poured 10 drops of ethyl alcohol and shaken by 10 equal strokes and by smelling this medicine 2 times at the interval 10 minutes, the patient achieved the normal sense.
The name of the medicine is X-ray—0/ (in 50 milicimal potency).
Discussion with the physico-dynamical concept
Since the medicine is the form of an energy of a particular frequency, so at first it is absorbed by the nerves of the living body and the physical energy on absorption by the Na+, Ca++, K+, Clions ( neuro-ions ) already present in the sensitive nerves as a neuro chemicals transmit this energy to the central nervous system via this ionic conduction and thereby the physical energy will be converted into the electrical energy to turn the diminished vital energy back to the normal condition and thereby the diseases will be cured in automatic way. And it is the physico-dynamic concept regarding the above.
When the fifty milicimal potency will have to be used?
We know that there are three types of scales of potency:-
i)            centicimal
ii)            decimal
iii)        50 millicimal.
Among them, centicimal scale of the potency of medicine is in vogue. But when the susceptibility of a patent is very low, where vital force cannot take up the minimum amount of energy, say the sixth potency, here a vast aggravation will be occurred where the patient will not be able to bear this intensification of the disease. We know that the disease is nothing but a suffering. Due to prolong suffering from the different types of diseases a patient cannot bear the painfulness of the disease more. So, he wants comfortability. Besides this, where a large amount of pathological changes have occurred, there the susceptibility of the patient becomes low. So, minimum potency in minimum dose must be required in this condition. Here, 50 milicimal potency may be used to minimize the intensification of the disease. Here 0/1, 0/2, 0/3,…….., 0/32 may be applicable. So in order to reduce the unwanted aggravation of the medicine, Hahnemann introduced the doctrine of uses of the 50 milicimal potency of medicine.
Physico-dynamical concept: – Due to prolonged suffering from a disease, a gross pathological changes also an organic damages are taken place. So, the susceptibility of the patient becomes very low and also the vital force (vital energy) of the patient becomes very weak. Since a medicine of 50 milicimal potency contains minute amount of energy, so when administered to a patient it acts on the vital force, a minimum aggravation will come that the patient can easily digest. In this process, the repairing of cells and tissues slowly occurs and the patient will be cured without any trouble. Even in the acute case, a patient can be brought round very rapidly by means of the application of that potency of medicine. So, Master Hahnemann introduced the doctrine of the application of the 50 milicimal potency of medicine to minimize the unwanted aggravation and to cure the patient in the shortest and the most reliable way.
Now, we want to come into conclusion of the Hypothesis ‘Physico–dynamic theory in Homoeopathy’,
i)                 A homoeopathic medicine acts in the dynamic or energy level, not in the molecular level. So, a minute amount of medicine is effective to a patient, i.e., it follows the law of minima by our Master Hahnemann,e.g., when a drop of medicine is poured into 250 ml of water and a spoonful of water is administered to a patient of a particular case, the patient will be cured which is well proved practically by several times.
ii)               Theory of homoeopathy is based on the dilution theory which states that higher the dilution with succussion higher will be the dynamic energy and energy of medicine will be higher which is contra to that of allopathic medicine which states that higher the concentration of the drug, higher will be activity. Since, the homoeopathy is established on the basis of energy phenomena, so, a minimum amount of medicine (say a drop of medicine) effects on the vital force as well as the patient.
iii)             The definition of ‘Vital Force’ may be defined more scientifically rather than that of the philosophical definition which implies ‘a self-acting, automatic spiritual force which controls the bodily system in the living organism i.e., (vital force =body+mind+spirit).’
So, according to the physico-dynamic theory the definition of vital force or vital energy will be defined as the electro-chemical energy produced from the different types bio-chemical reactions due to metabolism different types of food intake from external (say, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins etc.) in cyclic process which organizes the bodily system in the living organism.

Vital force is fixed for a living body. It varies from different bodies. When vital force becomes zero, then the electro-chemical energy which operates the living body will also be zero. So, death of the living body will come. Constant supply of the energy comes from the constant intake of food from external. So, if we do not take any food during 5days, as the bio-chemical reactions in the living body will be stopped due to lack of metabolism of different types of foods, death will come. So, the living body is going on continuously under the electro-chemical energy in cyclic pathway.
Here, total energy of a particular living body becomes always constant. A slight deviation from the normal state leads to different types of diseases that will be outwardly manifested as signs and symptoms. When this energy become in normal condition then no diseases will be produced in the living organism and it will be in balanced state, i.e., in normal health.
iv)             The definition of homeopathy will be slightly changed. It will be more scientific definition rather than that of the aggregation of scientific and philosophical by Hahnemann.
The definition of Homoeopathy: ‘It is a science and arts that constitutes silmilia similibus curantur (i.e., like cures the like) (Old definition in Homoeopathy). Homoeopathy is a branch of Medical Science that constitutes the principle “similia similibus curantur (likes cures the like), i.e., it is a complete science not arts (Definition according to the physico-Dynamic theory).
Relevant causes for the application of different mathematical formulas for the establishment of the Physico-Dynamic Theory:
The whole theory is related to different energy terms that are closely related to wave mechanics, spectroscopy, Thermodynamics, Electro-physiology, Electro-magnetic wave theory etc. Since, the theory is an energy phenomena, So the different formulas related to different energy terms must be needed to calculate the energy released in the solution of drug with Ethyl alcohol and absorption of energy by the alcoholic bond as an internal energy.
In brief, it is shown the relevant causes of the uses of different formulas to explain the Physico-dynamic theory as follows:

This equation is applied here for the derivation of different energy terms as vibrational energy, rotional energy, translational energy, electro-magnetic energy etc and to calculate the amount of the different energy qualitatively.

This equation is used to calculate the amount of translational energy during drug dynamization.

This factor states that during drug dynamization the molecules of the drug and vehicle which collide the other molecules with high velocities help to vibrational and rotational changes. It also heps to find out the probability of rotational, vibratuional and translational changes of the drug and vehicle molecules. This factor is part and parcel of the well known Maxwell’s Velocity Distribution Law.


From the statistical average, we can evaluate the average velocity, energy, momenta etc. of drug and vehicle molecules from different condition.
So, in order to explain the whole theory the Physico-Dynamic Theory, the different formulas, expressions or equations are used. And it is relevant causes for the uses of different formulas for the establishment of the theory ‘Physico-Dynamic Theory’ in Homoeopathy.
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2.      Organon of Medicine (Hahnemann) etc.

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