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The Totality of Symptoms

 These few words constitute the key, to open the magic PANDORA box, for the
selection of a homoeopathic remedy. In order to be a good prescriber, you must learn
how to use this key, as it is in conformity with the law of: Like cures Like, and with
Hahnemann’s teachings.
Lest some uninitiated person takes this too lightly, you should know that such
expertise may become very complicated. For in order to match the totality of the
symptoms of the disease to the totality of the symptoms of a remedy, can be a
monumental task. The recorded symptoms of sulfur are said to be over four thousand and
when you multiply this with only the hundred polycrest remedies, you have a bookful of
Symptoms. It opens a vast field and thereby leaves much room for variance of opinions,
in the selection of the correct remedy. In facing this situation, we can only approach it
with the greatest of humility and tolerance toward our fellow physicians.
As it is in all affairs of life: one man’s food is another man’s poison. To apply this to
the practice of medicine, we find one doctor interested in surgery, another in obstetrics,
while our love is medicine and particularly, homoeopathic medicine. There again we find
vast differences in application, one doctor may be more efficient in establishing, this
totality of symptoms, another makes a great deal of, which potency is the correct one,
another may be quite adept at making snap shot prescriptions. Yet each one of these
doctors may be an expert or even a genius along his own pattern, and may come up with
enviable results. Who are we to question his procedure, although these variances may
confuse us. But let us be assured that nature makes no mistakes, it guarantees to each
human, a broad approach, through many personalities and divergent procedures. As for
me and my opinion and method, I am but a small grain of sand in this universe! Humility
and brotherhood should go hand in hand with our service to humanity. We are truly
fortunate if we recognize and benefit by our fellow practitioners differing viewpoint, even
when it pertains to our therapy.
Homoeopathy has proven itself so far superior, fabulous results have been
documented. It has proved itself worthy and superior in the most desperate conditions,
including devastating epidemics, such as cholera, yellow fever and influenza. Yet we have
a desperate time to keep Homoeopathy before the public.
In reviewing the ancient history of medicine as Doctor Felix Ibenez frequently does in
his National Journal the M.D., I would venture to say that not another therapy ever
mentioned, has shown the potential and results of Homoeopathy! nor have these eras of
medicine ever had the continuous existence of nearly two centuries.
1: Homoeopathy has a rational philosophy. 2: It is based on a known and accepted
law in magnetism that, like repels like. 3:: It is a method that is simple to use, even
non-physicians can apply it. 4: It is the cheapest therapy, available to rich and poor alike.
Above all, 5: It creates no iatrogenic diseases. ”
So where is the hitch, why has it not been more generally adopted? Some reflective
thinking! Being that Homoeopathy has been so successfully used by lay prescribers, do
we physicians perhaps make too much about the symptom pictures ad nauseatum, and
become blinded with our rightful success? Or might it be that we have too much of an
opinionated and uncompromising attitude?
In the United States of America, many years ago, some universities had a full
compliment of homoeopathic therapy, and comparative statistics were kept. The
homoeopathic cures were always better, but even that did not reveal the entire picture.
One must also count the many cures that were effected, in cases where no follow-up
surgery or other therapy was needed. We not only cured these patients, but prevented
further complications that would require more medication and treatment. Figures can
hardly be obtained, of the thousands or millions who were helped, so that greater
suffering was averted. Whereas now we see the palliative and tranquilizer therapy,
complicated with the iatrogenic diseases, ruining millions of lives. Should we not as
humane doctors bring that information before the public? The ruination of lives with the
present therapy, pain killers, pepper uppers, pepper downers, and dope. Why? Because
they fail to threat the CAUSE, the whole person! Sweep it under the rug is better! Satisfy
the patient easily, out of sight out of mind! What Stupidity! What kind of therapy does
the “Educated” medical doctor use today?
The tragedy ahead of us is so frightening, the urgency so very great, we must unite to a
solid, cooperative and tolerant force, waging a defensive campaign for humanity.
Our homoeopathic group is the only medical body in existence, which teaches and
practices, what medical authorities have insisted, is the only correct way viz: Treat the
whole person, not a disease, or a single symptom.
This is where the totality of symptoms comes in.
When a homoeopathic doctor studies and questions his patient, he reviews the entire
body, in all of its manifestations such as the external, internal and even into the mentals.
He becomes aware of which metabolic and physiological functions are normal and he can
readily perceive that all is not functioning as it should. When the symptoms then manifest
a disease, let us say a cystitis, certain medicines come to mind, but then a real differential
questioning and observation begins, to find the particulars of a remedy. Hahnemann goes
into the method of selecting the remedy in the Organon, paragraphs 83-100. It is not as
easy as it may sound, there is frankly much guess-work involved, even when using the
repertory. Some of our brethren may seem more adept at making the correct
prescription, but lets each watch ourselves, that this be not egotism or over-confidence.
Those doctors who do not wish to recognize, or to be influenced by a diagnosis, will
yet continue to go into the specifics. Starting with the major complaint, a group of
remedies is set down, then he will carefully compare or fit the symptom picture he has
received of the patient, with this group of remedies. This study continues until he feels
that he has found the totality of symptoms in the remedy, which are presented in the
patient’s symptoms, in other words, when he feels that .his magic key will open the
Pandora box.
In our day and age, with all the instructions in medical schools geared to diagnosis, I
am sure the homoeopaths would receive much more sympathetic acceptance and
recognition, if they combined the totality of symptoms, with the diagnosis. Because,
having worked out the totality of symptoms, you should have the diagnosis. I want to
make this clear, while you are individualizing your symptoms for the remedy, you are
eliciting and analyzing the physiological functions and thereby quite likely pinpointing
the diagnosis.
You may well say, that you have no need for the diagnosis. But does it make a great
deal of difference? Homoeopaths have very stubbornly refused to recognize and accept
the value of a diagnosis, but would it not be possible to change our thinking and stand on
this issue? I am beginning to feel, that this has been the biggest stumbling block to the
general acceptance of Homoeopathy!
When you consider, that during one hundred and fifty years, a superior system of cure, which in the the influenza epidemic 1918 alone, saved over one hundred thousand lives, and elsewhere the same, all in documented evidence, and yet: A system now entirely discredited by general medicine!
After fifty years in Homoeopathy, always actively involved in teaching, editing and writing and attendance at conventions, I am willing to do some real soul searching. And I am herewith asking you to assist.
Over the years there have been many divergent opinions, so keep this effort constructive: in uniting, correlating, subordinating, even the far out contentions.
We must unite to one solid tolerant and cooperative force, waging a defensive campaign for humanity, not for our glory.
Anyone, who even uses some Homoeopathy must be welcomed in our organization. I plead and beg each one of you, who read these lines, put your shoulder to the wheel. Support you College, your Society, your Journal, your Pharmacy.
Donate time, money, do writing, lecturing etc. Give what your ability and talents permit. It will return to you, tenfold in mental and spiritual assurance.
Source: Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Vol 63, No.1, March,1970.

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