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The Hahnemannian way of Homeopathic Prescription

A more frank and weighty statement had never been made by anybody after Hahnemann than Dr. Kent when he said – “ Homeopathy is now extensively disseminated over the world, but, strange to say, by none are its doctrines so distorted as by many of its pretended devotees. Homeopathics treat of both science and art of healing by the law of similar and must be better understood than at present. To apply the art without the science is merely a pretension and such practice should be relegated to the domain of empiricism.” But a Judge of the Calcutta High Court remarked in a meeting at Protap Memorial College on Hahnemann’s birthday – “In Bengal every man is a born-homeopath”. On obtaining an Allopathic degree he is at once reborn, as we see, a qualified homeopath in many cities of protected areas under Government of India.
Homeopathic Prescription – A world of useful advice is in the above saying of Kent. But vices to young men as to all men” are seldom much valued, said Carlyle. Now-a-days world really and only delights in intolerable indifference to truth and; sensible advice. So it is desirable for old men not to speak.  Inspite of that I stand before you to say something, only because I could not say “no” to the earnest request of my friend, Dr. M. C. Laha.
Homeopathic Prescription Format – Hahnemann in his Organon has dealt with Homeopathy as a science. The metaphysical side has been discarded by him as transcendental speculation. The Vital Force has been taken by him as it is manifest by the phenomena it produces on our sense-experience. In the theoretical portion of Organon the definitions given by him are absolutely necessary for understanding his science. You cannot but read and re-read them if you want to understand the science thoroughly. The practical part of Organon should be read also very very carefully, if the students of Homeopathy want to practice Homeopathy successfully.
Many have failed to go through the whole of Organon because of long sentences and repetitions, or want of time or earnest desire. But, for that nothing should be rejected by good students. In Organon
Homeopathic Prescription – ocean of knowledge regarding the healing art. If you fail  to dive deep in to that ocean you are a failure in life. Examine every
word it says put the advices into -practice you shall gain immensely  as physicians. The moderners begin with critising
Hahnemann, finding fault with him, replacing their own  views instead of Hahnemann’s. Ifthey fail it is not the fault of our
master. No, you must act ‘faithfully, follow his advices carefully and in all sincerity, I am sure, you shall be successful physicians. Vererans have said, whenever they thought Hahnemann was wrong  in any point, after long experience, they discovered, Hahnemann was right and they were wrong. Lo ! Moderners.
In the practical part of Organon we find his labour in the building of Materia Medica Pura, his scientific
procedure regarding proving of medicines to know and record effects on healthy human beings, men and women,
and children etc. many things new and original. There are no suppositions, surmises, hap-hazard experiments or dogmatic
assertions.  Every statement is rational and reliable.
In the definition of a Homeopathic physician or a true practitioner of healing art, Hahnemann has laid stress on his
Homeopathic Prescription – knowledge of diseases, knowledge of powers of medicines and application of the knowledge of powers of medicines to diseases according to fixed principles in such a way that his first prescription will bring about beginning of cure Other wise he is not fit. for the honourable name of the true practitioner of healing art. Any amount of diagnosis of the disease and application of new and newer patent, specific medicines
is nothing, if cure is not conspicuous or healing does not ensue after a legitimate period of time. So we must know
thoroughly the disease manifestations i.e., their symptoms or unnatural affections or changes in the mind and body of persons as described by Hahnemann. We must read Materia Medica so thoroughly and carefully and we must know the fixed principles for the application of the medicines to the sick so exhaustively that beneficial results must  immediately be in sight, Otherwise, all your degrees, all your knowledge will not be worth being proud of.
Homeopathic Prescription – Allen said the life-work of the student of Materia Medica is one of constant comparison and differentiation. He must
compare the pathogenesis of a remedy with the recorded anamnesis of the patient. He must differentiate aparently similar symptoms of two or more medicinal agents in order to select the Similimum, To enable the student or practitioner to do this correctly and rapidly he must have basis for comparison some knowledge of individuality of the remedy, something that is peculiar uncommon .and sufficiently characteristic in the confirmed pathogenesis of a Polychrest remedy that may be used as a pivotal point of comparison, Here you see Allen follows the advice of Hahnemann given in Organon-in the search for homeopathic specific remedy the more striking
SINGULAR, UNCOMMON AND PECULIAR (CHARACTERISTIC) signs and symptoms  of the disease are chiefly or most solely to be kept in view-(Organon para 153, 6th Ed. )
Homeopathic Prescription – Dr. H.C.Allen was one of the most respected and most successful physicians. He was the principal of the celebrated Hering College of Chicago. This, therefore, should be the best principle of our practice and  and not the easiest empirical practice on looking into the Prescriber of Clarke or Gatchel.
Homeopathic Prescription – What this faithful following of Hahnemann and his best disciples will lead to? It will lead you to success. You know nothing succeeds like success. You must cure the patient according to fixed principles, not “any how” as many apparent friends of the patient are heard to say, in moments of excitements. For anyhow means sacrificing your own principles.No, rather give up the patient to be treated by others, but do
not sacrifice your own principles. If you give up your principls only once, you shall give them up forever. If a man  takes bribeonce, he will take it at every opportunity. Knowledge is power. Knowledge of the science of Homeopathy will give you power to stand on your own legs. This development
of power is its fullest has been expressed by Dr. Kent in the following bold language :
“Typhoid must be aborted in 10 days. Remittent fever in 2 or 3 days. Pneumonia in its first stage. Scarlet fever in 2 days. Influenza in 2 or 3 days. Whooping in 10 days.”
There can be no better test for our work and for our position than to announce to the world that we do this. If you do this, let all others compare their works. Let us stand or fall by this test of clinical experience.
Homeopathic Prescription – If you are simple enough to ask me – can  you do this? My honest answer will be, If you or 1 follow Hahnemann carefully and correctly all of us will be able to do this. All successful and ambitious students of any department of science must have the best ideal before their minds eye as an incentive to their noble’ exertions.
Having obtained the ideal, let us search out means for realizing it. Hahnemann said-Treat the patient not the disease. What  is the meaning of’ this ? We should not confine our attention to the name of the disease-Asthma, Intermittent fever, Kala Azar, Dysentry, Diarrhooa, Pneumonia, Nephritis, Phthisis as is usually done. In practising Homeopathy with these names you cannot find the medicine, For every disease a large number of medicines are recommended. Which of them to select? Here comes the necessity of
the knowledge of Hahnemann’s definition of diaease. He says, “‘Abnormal changes in the mind and body of a person, constitute the symptoms and totality the most uncommon symptoms constitute the disease”. In the first, place it is the derangement of vital force which being invisible reflect the inward picture of the affection on the surface tor drawing the attention of the physicians for relief through his sense-experience; as
science requires the  phenomenal manifestations of those invisible changes. Now by modern instruments we can get the changes in the inside of human organisms. Here we see, we cannot neglect pathology or bacteriology, for understanding how far the changes in the invisible inside of the body, have progressed which also helps us in giving prognosis of the case. In this way symptoms.are compiled showing the full picture
of the patient.
If we give up any symptom without understanding its value, we cannot treat the patient. And if we cannot or do
not know how to evaluate symptoms to form a totality to see the full picture of sickness of the person we cannot treat the patient scientifically nor can we cure the disease.
Homeopathic Prescription – A lady, for instance, comes to you with Asthma from which she has been suffering for a long time. She has taken allopathic, homeopathic, kaviraji and quack remedies and of course has been “cured” from time to time. But the disease again relapsed some times in summer and .sbme times in winter, in fact now in all the seasons irregularly. Some medicines or some injections gave immediate relief  no doubt, but that is only for a few hours, days or months, It returned afterwards with greater violence. But this time it is very severe some of the best and reputed former physicians were sent for but they having failed recommended a change at puri but she had to be brough back on account of a violent aggravation.
Homeopathic Prescription – Clerk’s repertory gives you more than 150 medicines for asthma. Which one to prescribe? Here, the name of the  disease gives you no clue. As a matter of fact, I got a case like this where Arsenic, Phosphorus, Silicea, Sulphur, Lobelia etc had been already given by others to no effect. I noticed the following symptoms –
1.         Excessive sympathy, removing flies from spittoon because they were being choked to death, faints seeing an operation – CAUST, IGNATIA, NAT.MUR, NIT ACID, NUX V, PHOSPHORUS AND PULS.
2.         Hoarsenss aggravated in the evening – CARBO VEG, CAUST, PHOSPHORUS.
3.         Expectoration Viscid- CAUST, PHOS.
4.         Involuntary Urination during cough – CAUST,PHOS
5.         Coldness of the legs – CARBO VEG, CAUST, PHOS
6.         Cough relieved by drinking cold water – CAUST.
The peculiar and characteristic symptoms of the anamenesis of the patient with repertorisation show two remedies most prominently in the case PHOS AND CAUST for excessive sympathy for suffering of others. But though shown in bold type by KENT it is not confirmed by Hering, Allen or even Kent in their Materia Medica. So I selected CAUSTICUM as the remedy and administered the 200th potency in a dose of one globule as large as poppy seed as recommended by Hahnemann. There was marked improvement. Finally the case was cured with one smallest globule of CAUSTICUM 1000. There was complete  restoration of health.
You may ask me now we got a picture of the patient in a chronic disease but what about the picture of the patient in an acute disease ?
I may mention a case of cholera where an old Allopathic physician who used to practise Homeopathy also, wrote out the death certificate as he anticipated death in 2 or 3 hours. He prescribed Arsenic 30 and Cora 6 alternately.
Homeopathic Prescription – She had been attacked with Cholera in the early morning of the day previous to the day I was called. I was called at about 3a.m after the death certificate had been written. The patient I found was lying out of bed on the floor.
1.         She wanted cold floor to lie on, with aversion to covering.
2.         Pale and suncken face.
3.         Fear of death, says “ I won’t live, let me go.”
4.         Voice hoarse, hollow.
5.         Unquenchable thirst, catches the glass to drink more water.
6.         Violent empty retching.
7.         Icy coldness of the extremities.
8.         Cramp of fingers and toes spread apart or bent backwards.
Here you see, this patient is not one of Arsenic, which wants covering. There was no cadaveric odor nor drinking of small quantities of water followed by vomiting. Where were  symptoms of Naja, the choaking surging of blood to head, respiration becoming slower and slower, severe stitching pain in the cardiac region? The prescription of ARS and COBRA was empirical. Perhaps such a case which the physician had come across were reported treated with those medicines or he based his prescription on Pathology and tried to keep the heart from failing with COBRA or the name of Cholera to which Arsenic is also reported to be most similar. This is treating the disease.
Homeopathic Prescription – However the patient showed a picture of SECALE COR. Emaciated patient, aversion to heat, excessive thirst, pale and sunken features, hoarseness, fear of death and cramps spreading the fingers and toes of sunder and beiding them backward, the extensors and abductors were affected. I gave SECALE COR 30 4 doses 1 to 2 hours apart. The result was immediate and the patient fell asleep after taking 3 doses.
Homeopathic Prescription – In this we see the patient in acute disease. If I had the time and energy, I could have multiplied the examples. I gave several lectures in the college to explain the meaning of “ Treat the Patient And Not The Disease.” But in the D.M.S Examination one or two students only explained the saying correctly.
Source : The Homeopathic Bulletin, Aug 1950.

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