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How to reach a correct potency

 Homeopathy is a natural science. Nature herself is a universal truth just like our mother. Every principle of homeopathy depend on true scientific reason.There are no imaginations and no unnatural fact in classical homeopathy, It is blessings of almighty God.If you are material person, don’t drive in this holy subject. Come to homeopathy only for divine work for others. First of all you should have to percive all the basic principles of homeopathic laws then how to select remedy according to drug personality and patient personality. If they are similar you will be successful in curing the patient. When your remedy is ready then arises a question, the potency, what should you prescribe?
Vital force maintains our life. Actually it is a frequency that is autocratic that animates the material body and rules all the function of the living organism. The negative frequency disease force  deranges the functions of the vital force and inherent susceptibility of that disease is present in the individuals. This derangement happens according to disease susceptibility so if we can measure the disease susceptibility then we almost reach very close to the right potency.
Selection of the potency depend on following factors:
1.     Susceptibility.
Reaction of the living organisms to external and internal influences is called susceptibility of the individual. There are two type of susceptibility, morbid and natural. Natural susceptibility are those which are normal  desire for life but when disease force deranges the function of vital energy then gradually all the natural susceptibility turn into perversity like extreme hunger, violent anger, profuse perspiration, impatient, extreme sexual desire, great anticipation etc, these are called morbid susceptibility. These morbid susceptibility actually is the reflection of the internal disease by the help of vital force, so if vital force can produce more and more characteristic morbid symptoms then you go with high potency.
2. Constitution.
Condition of a person’s body and mind and how healthy is actually congenital characteristic that make our structural, mental condition and susceptibility of the disease. This congenital essence is called constitution of the individual. All the characteristics personality depend on it. There are many types of constitution like sanguinous, nervous, phlegmatic etc. Nervous and sanguinous constitution  are very excited ,very rapid  reaction. Every organic function run quickly so there vital force can produce more prominent characteristics disease symptom so you should go with high potency.
Those who are phlegmatic  their reaction power is very feeble, because of this, their vital force can’t produce more characteristic disease symptom so low potency is suitable. Actually they are affected by more and more complex disease.
3. Occupations.
Those who are intellectual, creative, very emotional their reaction capability is so  high , there vital energy is capable to produce clear disease symptom so you can prescribe high potency.
Low potency are perfect for those who are dull,  hard physical worker, strong muscle uncivilized, deaf and dumb and imbecile.
4. Age.
In general high potency for children and youth, gradually going low according to age.
5.Pathological condition.
When disease affect the Health of a individual due to disease susceptibility, it  causes derangement of vital function, then to its action, our vital force endeavours to oppose its own energy and try to produce exact opposite of health that was altered by disease force. The disease force is wiped out from the living organisms if vital force does its  work perfectly ,if not, vital force tries to save the life. If gradually physical plane is affected causing functional disorder and after long run worse pathological symptom appear then you should prescribe low potency.
6. Acute disease.
Acute disease causes organic functional disorder, that is why low potency is very useful in this condition.
7. Chronic disease.
Dynamic and mental planes are affected by chronic miasms in a long run causing complex disease. So high potency is very useful to penetrate the miasmatic layer to reach the vital force. When Chronic disease is treated by antipathy or untreated for long period of time, all the pathological symptoms goes to very worse condition. So, you should apply lower potency according to the condition of the patient.
8. Constitutional treatment.
When patient has susceptibility of many chronic miasmatic disease from heredity, they need to constitutional treatment early in life to be freed from complex chronic disease. It only happen in classical homeopathy. You’ll go always with very high potency in this condition.
9. Idiosyncratic condition.
Idiosyncratic condition is high sensitivity and reacting capability, so you never go with high potency with idiosyncratic patient. More and more complex miasmatic  effect causes that condition. They are very good prover, they are very sensitive to every internal and external influences, so they can easily produce prominently every detail of disease symptoms. This type of patient very difficult to cure, sometimes even impossible.
10. Congenital disease
You should always go with high potency when patient suffering from congenital disease.
11. Mental symptoms
When there are more and more characteristic mental symptoms then go with high potency.
12. Subjective and Objective symptom.
Subjective symptoms are based on your ideas and feelings.
Objective symptoms are that observed by others. When patient produces more and more characteristic subjective symptoms you can go with high, and when patient produces more objective symptoms then you prescribe low potency.
13. Suppressed disease.
When metastasis  causes more suffering due to suppressing any disease then you should go with  high potency to reopen the suppressed one.
14. Plane of the individuals.
There are three main planes, the dynamic, the mental and the physical plane. If any disease affects the dynamic level then you prescribe very high, when mental plane you go with high potency and when disease is only on physical plane you go with low potency.
15. Skin disease.
You should prescribe low when you will treat skin disease because high potency often aggravate the psoriatic condition very violently.
16. Intercurrent remedy.
When well selected remedy fail to react due to obstruction of many miasmatic layers, then you select a remedy according to miasmatic condition just before the superficial condition of the disease. That remedy is called Intercurrent remedy. You always go high with this remedy. Most useful Intercurrent remedies are Thuja, Tuberculinum, Sulphur, Psorinum, Merc,Syphilinum, Typhoidinum etc..
17. Constitution of remedy.
Like living organism, for different constitution there are different medicines. Some are very deep acting, some act superficially. Some has  very slow pace and some has very fast. In crude condition, some medicine causes destruction and some causes functional disorders. All low acting remedies are very useful in low potency and deep acting remedies are very useful in high potency. Remedy that no effect in crude condition that should be used in high, like Silica. The ones which is destructive in crude condition should be used in high potency, like Lach.
18. Nosode.
Every nosode should be prescribed in high potency.
All the above rules are in general.  Actually in our hand there are three primary colours red, green and yellow, and a brush. Now it is your talent to create different kinds of creative portrait according to your knowledge.

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